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Play the Best Golf of Your Life with This Practice Guide

Grab your practice plan today and discover how you can:

  • Instantly shave strokes from your golf score
  • Sink more putts inside 6 feet to save par
  • Stop 3 putting (and hating yourself for the rest of the round)
  • Get up and down from anywhere around the green
  • Dial in your club distances to make better club selection choices
  • Track your stats to see your improvement
  • Increase mental toughness to begin and close out a golf round
  • And much much more!

Check out our short video below walking you through everything you receive plus bonus content! If you’re ready to start taking your practice and improvement serious, let’s get to work! Complete these step by step practice plans and track your results via our custom worksheets.


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Give Me 36 Practices & I Will Lower Your Golf Scores Guaranteed

I know what it’s like to struggle at golf. When I first started playing at age 16 I shot scores above 110 for 18 holes. I had a mean slice that would often find the pond or someone’s back yard and occasionally a window (thank you insurance). I was a hack.

Fast forward 3 years later and I was a scratch golfer shooting scores around par and under par. I won several tournaments over 2 summers on junior golf tours I had joined. My favorite accomplishment though was winning a golf tournament and shooting 2 under par all in the same day.

So believe me, I know where you’re coming from. I’ve been through all stages of the game during my journey to scratch golf.

Do you want to know the one thing that didn’t really matter?

My golf swing.

People spend so much time, effort, and stress trying to get the perfect golf swing. Truth is, you don’t need a perfect golf swing to shoot scratch.

The key is keeping your swing under control and not letting it do damage to your round of golf such as hitting out of bounds, into water, or 10 yards in front of you.

As a result, my 12 week practice program does not put much emphasis on the golf swing. Sorry. You can’t learn the golf swing over the internet so I get tired of seeing every golf website I go to being all about the golf swing. You’ll learn your swing by self-practice at the course, driving range, and most important from working with a certified swing instructor.

How Did I Go From 100+ Scores to Par Golf?

The truth to my success is practice and short game. I was a practice junkie at the course 6-7 days per week putting in long days and hours over the course of 3 years. All that hard work paid off.

But I’m sure you are someone who has a life and can’t make it to the course that much. This was me when I went off to college finally and was in school for business classes and not golf. I hung the clubs up and saw my skills digress.

I had to come up with a practice plan that could fit the average person who has a busy life and not enough time to be at the course 7 days per week.

The solution?

I created my 12 week practice plan that involves just 3 practices per week. Over 12 weeks, you’ll complete a total of 36 practices and your game will have drastically improved. If you can’t do 3 practices per week, no worries you can complete these 36 practices as fast or slow as you want but 12 weeks is the recommended time frame to make sure your skills are improving from one practice to the next without long layoffs.

There are 3 different practice plans, one for people trying to break 90, people trying to break 80, and people trying to break 70. You’ll want the plan that is closest to your current handicap because the drills expect you to do certain tasks to complete them based on current skill.

For example, in the breaking 90 plan you might be asked to make 10 putts in a row from 3 feet away from the hole. Not too hard for most people but it can be challenging for people with high handicaps and new to golf. In the breaking 70 plan this same drill might be make 10 putts in a row from 6 feet.

As you can see it’s a harder drill for the breaking 70 plan than the breaking 90 plan. You can start with the plan closest to your skill level and after completing it your skills will be ready for the next practice plan. Each plan builds off the previous.

These practice plans are short game intensive meaning you’ll be spending most of the practice time working on your chipping, your putting, and a combo of the two by doing up and down drills.

Shooting par golf is all about the short game. You are guaranteed to miss the green during your round. Your short game will help you save par, bogey, or even make birdies to help cut down your score.

Are you ready to learn what awesome things I have for you when you join the Golf Practice Guides Online Academy?

The one-of-a-kind golf improvement plan designed specifically for all levels of golfers: competitive players, weekend warriors, and beginners.

The Academy is an 12-week online course that distills everything I’ve learned about lowering golf scores in the 6 years and thousands of hours of practice. Each week you move on to the next level of practice that builds off the skills developed the previous week and decodes a specific piece of our improvement system.

Everything from the driving range — to detailed breakdowns of statistics for putting, chipping, and on course play. You work hard, get good at the current level, and move on to the next week’s challenges to constantly improve and go next level.

What Will I Be Getting Inside This Course?

An Educational Book on Short Game & Statistics Based Improvement

Explore 35+ pages of content that teaches you important lessons on short game as well as statistic based performance improvement. We’ve designed countless charts and diagrams to show you where you stack up against fellow golfers in your handicap range. You’ll learn exactly what you need to achieve statistically in different categories of the golf game to lower your golf score to a level you’ve been striving for.

12 Weeks of Practice Plans with Worksheets to Fill Out

We’ve created 3 different 12 week improvement programs because there are 3 major groups of golfers.

  • Group 1 – Golfers attempting to break 90 consistently
  • Group 2 – Golfers attempting to break 80 consistently
  • Group 3 – Golfers attempting to reach par or below

Each program includes 12 weeks of practices that build off of each other each week getting more challenging. This ensures you are improving and keeping up with the program.  We’ve included worksheets that go with each and every practice so that you can show up to the course with your workbook and fill out the practice sheets as you complete drills. Tracking your results will be vital to your improvement.

On-Course Worksheets to Track Improvement

Along with the 12 weeks of practices you’ll be completing for us, we also expect you to get out on the course to play 9 or 18 holes over the 12 week span. We created worksheets for different areas of your game that you’ll fill in as you turn in rounds of golf over time.

You’ll be given our customized scorecard to take with you to the course that tracks several statistics outside of score. Then you can transfer your results from the scorecard to these individual worksheets. I’ll be holding you accountable along the way through email so don’t let me down and forget to utilize these!

Other worksheets: FIR, GIR, Scrambling, Putts Per Round, Putts Per Green, and More!

Fitness Zone

Download our various fitness PDF manuals covering different topics such as golf exercises to perform, golf stretches to perform, nutrition tips, and workout meal plans to build lean muscle.

Bonus Practice Drills

We also included 5 different PDF files to download that give you bonus drills to help you with putting, chipping, and your mental game. On top of those 3 skill sets, we included bonus drills for at the driving range and for practicing at home in the comfort of your own house in case you can’t make it to the golf course due to time or weather.

Overall, this practice plan and all the accompanying bonuses will be like no other program out there. If you stick to the plan, read all the material, and apply everything you’re learning to your practices, then I have no doubt you will be an improved golfer and shoot lower scores. Following the 12 week plan alone will be great but I highly recommend consuming all of the bonus we added into this 12 week program. Best of luck! You’ll do great!

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30 Day Money Guarantee!

You have 30 days (more than enough time to take a look through all the content and begin implementing it to see if The Practice Plan to Breaking 70 is the real deal or not. If you ever feel it isn’t worth your money, let me know and I will issue you a full refund. To date we’ve had 100+ satisfied members and I’m sure you will be too!


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