14 Best Weight Loss Apps for Golfers

Are you looking to track calories, steps, and exercises / workouts each day? Do you want to get into better physical shape for golf season? If so, we recommend using a weight loss fitness app that can help you log daily fitness activities to keep a journal on what you’re doing so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.

Below I’ll share 14 different weight loss apps you can download on iPhone or Android to your smart phone and each is easy to use for logging food and workouts.

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14 Best Fitness Apps

#1: Fooducate

Click here to check out Fooducate.com. It has many traditional features but also the ability to scan foods at the grocery store to get information or build diet lists. It also lets you know nutritional grades by ingredient so you can add the right foods if your nutritional grade score is low.

#2: Fit Bit

Fit Bit is one of the most popular fitness and health brands which I’m sure you already recognize the name once reading it. FitBit is more affordable than the Apple Watch and it’s a device I’ve used to track my steps and calories during rounds of golf on the golf course.

The app is great also for seeing your sleep quality, setting goals, competing with friends, and more.

#3: Aaptiv

Learn more on the Aaptiv website. This app is a huge workout database app with hundreds of different exercises you can click on to try during your workouts. Each exercise comes with instructions and you can build your own workout plan with it. Yoga and 5K training are also included along with muscle building goals.

Aaptiv is not a free app and will cost you $9.99 per month.

#4: Nudge

Nudge is a more advanced app that also has features like tracking water intake and tracking sleep quality. You can also monitor your protein consumption, carbs, fats, etc to hit your macro goals. This app syncs with other weight loss apps to transfer data over and then it adds lots of powerful features and information.

The Nudge app is a paid service and you will need to pay $25 a month.

#5: Lose It!

Check out the Lose It! website. Step one after downloading the app is setting a weight loss goal. Input your daily caloric needs and how much weight you need to lose. It calculates a plan for you. When logging food, you can snap a photo and it will add the nutritional information.

#6: DietBet

Click here to learn about DietBet.com. Think of it like a betting app for weight loss. You can pool money with friends to have fun competitions of who can lose the most weight each week and winner gets the pot of money. It makes dieting and losing weight more fun by creating a game out of it with friends.

#7: MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary is a great calorie counter and diet app with thousands of foods in its database to help you track your daily eating. It also has a forum connected to it for learning anything you can think of to ask in the Q&A section.

MyNetDiary is the #1 paid diet app on the Google Play Store.

#8: HealthyOut

HealthyOut is great for people on the go a lot who don’t have time to buy groceries and cook at home. It’s a great tool for learning to eat healthy outside of home. It can pick restaurants based on your nutritional needs and weight loss goals.

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#9: Fat Secret

Fat Secret is another food diary app that also has exercise tracking features as well. You’ll also enjoy learning new healthy recipes for healthy eating as well as nutritional information on a variety of foods, food brands, and restaurants.

#10: Spark People

Spark People is another calorie counting app that comes with a large database of foods to track your daily eating and see macro information like how many calories, protein, fat, carbs you had throughout the day. It also has recipes, Q&A and other helpful resources to help you lose weight.

#11: PlateJoy

PlateJoy is a food and meal planning app. It will take down initial info about you by asking different questions to learn about your goals, lifestyle habits, and food preferences. Then PlateJoy creates a recommended meal plan for you.

Grocery shopping is also much easier with this app. It can remember your grocery shopping patterns based on previous grocery lists and even get those groceries delivered to your home.

#12: Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is loaded with different yoga poses and yoga routines if you’d like to build flexibility for your golf game and overall fitness. Yoga is a great way to relax and learn meditation while improving your body’s flexibility and strength.

#13: YouAte

Click here to learn more about YouAte.com. This weight loss app tracks your daily food intake to create a food journal and it’s also user friendly with other powerful data and statistics to help you on your weight loss journey.

#14: Charity Miles

Charity Miles is just as it sounds, an app where you can find fitness motivation by raising money for charities. Set calorie burn goals and then get donations and sponsors to pay to your charity when you reach those daily calorie goals. This app is free to use and there are 40 plus charities to choose from.

Thanks for reading today’s review of 14 fitness apps you can download to help you on your weight loss journey and getting into better shape for golf season.

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