3 of the Best Golf Putting Drills for Beginners

When you’re new to golf, it’s hard to shoot scores that you’re happy with. I always recommend to newbie golfers to start working on their putting right away. Putting is one of the best ways to reduce your scores initially until you start straightening out your golf swing.

Therefore, I present to you today 3 of the best golf putting drills for beginners so that you can get to work building a fundamental putting stroke that can knock in short putts and nestle long putts close to the hole.

Beginner Golf Putting Drill #1: The Gate Drill

This first putting drill for beginners will hone in on your putting stroke swing path to ensure you build a straight stroke that makes solid contact with the golf ball and starts it out on the intended line.

best golf putting drills for beginners

To set up the gate drill, you will need two books or two golf clubs. Lay the butt end of the clubs down on each side of the hole forming bumper rails for the golf ball to ensure it goes into the hole.

Make sure to space the shafts of the clubs wide enough apart for your putter to make a stroke. Use these two clubs as guide rails, attempting to swing the putter straight back and straight forward. If you don’t, you’ll end up bumping into the club shafts which indicates your stroke wasn’t straight.

This beginner putting drill will help you keep the club face square at impact.

Beginner Golf Putting Drill #2: Make 100 ‘2 Foot’ Putts in a Row

Once you’ve mastered the fundamental putting stroke and can control your putter face, it’s time to start sinking putts and improving your range with this second best golf putting drill for beginners.

I approached golf practice when I was a beginner the same as I did basketball practice.

In basketball, I started shooting jump shots from 5 feet away from the hoop. I would shoot and make 100 shots per day until I could make 10 in a row. Then I moved back to 10 feet and worked on this distance. Then 15 feet. Until finally, I was shooting 3 pointers and had an amazing mid range game as well.

When I started training myself in golf at age 16 for the very first time, I used this same approach of starting in close at 2 feet and sinking hundreds of putts. Then I moved back to 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, and so on until I had gotten really good at sinking putts from each distance.

When I reached par golf and was shooting scores in the low 70’s, it was mainly a result of my putting skills being very strong. I could sink putts all day from inside 6 feet while competitors missed these putts often. I was able to extend my range out to where I could make 7 and 8 foot putts 50-60% of the time which is close to the level of PGA Tour Pros except they play tougher courses.

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Now that you see the importance of this golf putting drill for beginners to complete, you should make it a habit to sink at least 100 putts from 2 feet away from the hole every day on the practice green before heading home.

Then work on making 100 in a row. Make sure to move around the hole so you get different breaks, but from this close you won’t notice much of a break in your putt.

Once you master this golf putting drill for beginners, then move back in one foot increments and extend your range like I did until you can comfortably sink five and six foot putts. It will take thousands of reps and hours of golf practice but you’ll go from beginner golf skills to advanced!

Beginner Golf Putting Drill #3: One Handed Lag Putts

Now that you have a solid putting stroke and you’re sinking putts from close range, we need to get your lag putting skills improved so you cut out the 3 putts and 4 putts.

A three putt is the term for someone who has to putt 3 times to get the ball in the hole. Ideally, once you’re on the green it should only take two putts or even a one putt! However, three putting is very common especially with beginner golfers.

To stop three putting, you need to work on your ability to putt the ball close to the hole from far away. This is called “lag putting.”

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I developed strong lag putting skills by taking the same approach as the short range putts. Lots of repetitions!

Everyday I would lag putt at least 100 reps within a few feet of the hole. If I left the putt well short or way long, I didn’t count it as a success.

Only putts that finished really close to the hole. This leaves you a short two or three foot putt to finish off the hole which you can easily make after working on the beginner golf putting drill #2 from above.

To get good at lag putting, I also spent time doing it one handed. This developed my control skills because putting with two hands on the putter is challenging enough, and now you’re trying to do it one handed!

Overall, try out these three top golf putting drills for beginners and build up your core fundamental putting skills that you’ll need to shoot low golf scores!

If you found these beginner putting drills helpful, please be sure to share this by clicking the share buttons below! I’d greatly appreciate the help getting these beginner golf putting drills out there for other newbies to use and improve their skills with.

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