How to Hit 3 Types of Chip Shots with One Wedge

Start off setting some golf balls down on the fringe of the practice green.

We will start off with the simple, basic trajectory chip shot that flies mid-level. Next we will show you how to hit the high flop shot and the low bump and run chip shot.

Check out the full video for each chipping technique set up to adjust the club face loft and trajectory of the ball flight.

Mid-Trajectory Pitch Shot

For this chip shot we need the club face to have some loft on it but not too much that the ball flies high like a flop shot. If you’re using a 60 degree wedge, you’ll want to deloft the face slightly by getting the shaft to lean forward slightly.

Or you can use a lower lofted club like a pitching wedge or 9 iron.

  1. Ball middle of stance
  2. Weight 60% front foot, 40% back foot
  3. Hands follow through mid level height, don’t raise the wedge too high into the air
  4. Slight forward shaft lean but not too much to keep some loft on the face for mid-level height ball flight

Low Bump and Run Pitch Shot

For this type of chip shot, we can cheat by using a low lofted club such as a 7 iron compared to normally using a wedge.

If you plan to use your 60 degree wedge however, then you need to deloft the face to keep the ball trajectory low to the ground. The loft on the wedge is what naturally lifts it higher into the air.

  1. Feet shoulder width apart
  2. Weight more forward on the lead leg
  3. Ball position back in your stance
  4. Hands forward to get the club shaft leaning forward (delofts face)
  5. Swing keeping the hands low throughout the chip shot, don’t have a high hands follow through

Flop Shot Technique for High Pitch Shots

Lastly, the flop shot. This is a beautiful golf shot when pulled off correctly. I can instantly think of a few memories of Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Phil Mickelson pulling off beautiful flop shots and it makes you want to master the pitch shot to use in certain scenarios of trouble on the golf course.

The key ingredient to hitting flop shots is high loft on the club face. More loft means more height and trajectory.

Find the highest lofted club in your bag which may be the 60 or 64 degree wedge, for example.

  1. Feet shoulder width apart
  2. Weight more center of stance for good contact, don’t lean back
  3. Ball position more forward of stance
  4. Hands more neutral in stance (belt buckle)
  5. Club shaft shouldn’t be leaning forward, but instead more vertical
  6. During the chip shot, think high hands. Keep hands high during the swing and follow through to promote a steeper angle of attack

The golf club will swing underneath the ball with good speed and this will combine with the club face having lots of loft to where the club face is almost pointing up vertically at the sky, to create a higher trajectory pitch shot with lots of backspin.

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