Golf Pitching Drills for Distance Control

Today I’m excited to share some great golf practice drills to work on distance control for your pitch shots. Having distance control is the best skill you could develop but it takes lots of practice to gain feel.

The following 5 drills will make golf pitching practice fun. They are golf practice drills even the pro golfers use to work on pitch shot distance control, so if they are good enough for the pros they will most definitely be good enough for you and I.

You’ll start off with a basic pitch shot alignment practice drill to make sure you hit your pitch shots on target. Once you can master hitting straight shots at your intended target, the rest of your short game practice time can be focused on mastering pitching distance control and feel.

  • Alignment stick technique drill
  • Hit 5 balls to a pin from 40,50,60 and 70 yards
  • Play 9 short par 3 holes out on the golf course
  • Distance control cone drill
  • Leapfrog drill

5 Golf Pitching Drills to Practice

Alignment stick technique drill

Good technique is very important in order to hit consistent well struck pitch shots. A common mistake that a lot of players make when hitting a pitch shot is to have an overactive lower body.

If you were to observe some of the best players in the world when they hit pitch shots you will notice that they use a good shoulder turn to move the club back and through impact.

An easy way to practice this feeling of a quiet lower body is to loop an alignment stick through the 3 front belt loops on your shorts or pants.

The goal is the avoid hitting the alignment stick at any point during the shot.

This golf practice drill will give you the feeling that your shoulders are doing most of the work, and that the club is out in front of your body at all times.

Pitch 5 balls to a pin from 30, 40,50,60 and 70 yards

Distance control is one of the most important pitching factors. Since a pitch shot isn’t a standard full swing shot it requires feel and practice to be able to hit every shot exactly how far you want to hit it.

One of the best ways to practice pitching for both distance control and to simulate the reality of hitting a pitch shot out on the course is to do the following drill…

If there is enough space at the chipping green practice area, drop 5 golf balls at 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 yards away from a hole, hit every shot with a full pre shot routine and imagine that you are out playing on the course.

By doing this drill your feel for distance control will improve, and you will also improve at visualizing pitch shots.

Mix up the distances every time you practice, sometimes drop the balls down in increments of 10 starting at either 30, 35 or 45.

Play 9 short par 3 holes out on the golf course

This is a super fun golf game to play by yourself or with playing partners. Adding in extra pitch shots during your round of 9 holes can get you extra practice at controlling your pitch shots from various distances in real situations on the golf course.

For this golf pitching drill, you are going to drop a second ball when you get between 30-80 yards away from the green and play it as a par 3 in addition to still playing your normal ball.

Keep track of your score and compete against yourself each week or if you have playing partners to compete against.

Once you consistently can hit these pitch shots onto the green and 2 putt for an easy par 3, switch the golf drill up by making it par 2.

It will simulate situations you may face where you have to get up and down from 30-80 yards using pitching distance control skills to stick the ball close to the hole for one putt par saves or birdies.

Golf pitching distance control cone drill

Majority of the time it is difficult to practice your pitching out on the golf course. Don’t let that stop you from working on your short game though.

The cone distance control drill is perfect for golfers that only have access to the driving range as means for practicing their pitch shots. Or if your golf course has lots of dead space you can freely use to pace of distances for pitch shots if the driving range isn’t safe for walking out onto.

Cones are great targets to hit at, but if you don’t have cones use anything to make a small target, even a headcover will do.

Place the cones/targets in line starting at roughly 30 yards away from you, continue in increments of 10 yards up to about 70 or 80 yards.

If you have 4 different distance markers hit one ball at each starting at the shortest one, once you get to the longest one work your way back down to the shortest one again.

It is important to alternate distances for every shot, this will help with creating a feel for each different distance.

Leapfrog drill

At this point anyone reading this article will realize that distance control is a key component of pitching.

The leapfrog drill is a great golf practice pitching drill to do when warming up for your round. Instead of just hitting golf balls aimlessly this will help to give you good feel when going to the first tee.

Hit a ball about 30 feet out onto the range, with the next shot try to land that ball on top of where the previous shot came to a stop.

Continue this process until you have worked yourself all the way up to a full shot. You never know when you will have to hit a pitch shot out on the course, make sure to be ready for that moment when it arises.

Overall, that concludes are 5 golf pitching drills to improve your distance control. I hope these were new golf practice drills you haven’t heard of before so you can mix them into your practice routine with other drills.

If you want more tips and golf drills, check out the various practice plans below.

Thanks for reading our blog post today on the 5 pitching drills to help your golf short game skills.

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