5 Awesome Golf Training Aids for Your Putting

Below is our 2021 review of some awesome golf training aids aimed at improving your putting. These can be great additions to your putting mat and golf simulator so you can continue to practice and work on golf from home / indoors.

Check your aim for free by doing the coin drill. This putting drill tests your ability to hit the ball straight the first few feet after it comes off the putter face. If the ball stays straight, then it should hit the coin. It’s a free training aid.

Now let’s get into additional training aids you can purchase to practice your putting aim.

#1: Mark-Tech Rechargeable Red Laser Putter Pro

golf putting aid

This might be one of the more innovative putting aids I’ve seen available to golfers. This laser puts off a straight red line from your putter to the hole so you can make sure your putter face is lined up to the hole.

If the angle of your face is off by any degrees, you’ll be able to clearly see this as the laser will be pointing off center of the cup.

It’s best to practice with this putting training aid nearby a wall so the laser has the wall or floor trim to run into for better visual reference.

Check out this putter laser on Amazon

#2: Wood Golf Putting Green with Auto Ball Return

golf putting mat

This golf putting mat is newer to Amazon and brings a lot of features you won’t find on a typical indoor putting mat.

For starters, it’s portable. You can easily roll up the green and pack it away to take with you or to clear space in your home if you don’t want it out 24/7.

It has alignment lines that run the entire length of the putting mat so you can practice aiming your putts on line with the hole and track if the ball veers off to the side.

Upon making putts, this putting green has an auto ball return feature so your ball comes back to you, saving time and helping you get more putting reps in during your practice sessions.

Click here to see more details on Amazon

#3: PuttOut Putting Mirror & Alignment Gate

golf alignment training aid

One of the best features about this putting aid is the “putting gate” that comes with it. This little device allows you to work on hitting straight putts in order for the ball to successfully make it through the gate.

To help you hit straighter putts on line to the hole, you can start by using the alignment mirror. Adjust the magnetic guides to the proper width for your putter to fit between them.

Then use the lines on the putting mirror to help aid your aim and alignment throughout the set up and putting stroke.

As you improve, move the putting gate further and further away from the mirror to challenge yourself and see if you can hit straight putts that still continue to pass through the gate successfully.

Check out this alignment aid on Amazon

#4: Sure Putt Pro Green Reader

green reader training aid golf

This small device is easy to carry with you in your pocket on the golf course during practice rounds. It’s made from high quality aluminum and has been electronically anodized so the paint will seal and not chip away over time.

The vial inside the center of this training aid is used to read slope so you can understand any slopes and breaks in the green to improve your green reading skills.

The more you use this device, the better you’ll train your eyes to see breaks and contours in the green. It truly is worth the investment to help improve your putting!

Check out this green reader training aid on Amazon

#5: GoSports Lag Putting Circle

golf lag putting

One of my favorite golf putting drills is practicing lag putts from 30 feet away, 40 feet away, and even up to 70 or 80 feet! This is super important because hitting long putts close to the hole, sets you up for making an easy second putt to finish off the hole, and avoid 3 putting.

This circle ring training aid, gives you targets to aim for when practicing your long distance putting. The goal is to putt the ball inside the small circle, but if not, then at least make it inside the larger circle.

The small circle acts as a 3 foot radius around the hole, so if you get your putt within this circle, you know you have done really well and only have a short 3 foot or less putt left. The larger circle is 6 feet.

A great putting drill to do indoors is set this circle about 30 feet from you, if you have that much distance in your home (maybe the widest part of your basement or living room / kitchen or hallway.

Then practice hitting 100 putts in sets of 10 and see how many you can get inside the circle out of 100. Beat that score each week until you can get 100/100.

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