Average Golfer Statistics – How to Be Above Average at Golf

If you’ve played golf for long, you probably realize it’s a very challenging sport to play and for many of you, becoming average would seem like a huge accomplishment. Right? Haha.

Today we’ve done some digging and researched the internet for average golfer statistics to determine how far the average male hits a golf ball, how far females drive the golf ball, average putting statistics for amateurs, and many other key statistics you should track if you want to become an above average golfer.

If you’re ready let’s dive in to the article and at the end I’ve got a list of resources to help your golf game including our golf practice routines that have helped thousands of golfers worldwide.

Also, here is a Golf Skills Assessment you can download and complete to see what areas of your game are strongest and weakest.

The Average Golf Drive Distance

The following chart breaks down your driver distance based on handicap and age.

The results show that hitting 300 yard drives is unfortunately an unattainable goal for most golfers. Instead, simply hitting straighter will likely reduce your score and help you be above average golfer more than improving your distance off the tee will.

golf data driving distance

Average Fairways Hit Per Round

How many fairways in regulation do you need to hit to be considered above average statistically? Here are the results..

  • Score in the 70’s = 61% to 81%
  • Score in the 80’s = 36% to 56%
  • Score 90 and Above = 5% to 31%

Average Greens Hit Per Round

While fairways are important to hit for starting off the hole with confidence and in good position to score a GIR on the stat sheet… if you don’t hit the green on the next shot, your fairway means little to nothing frankly.

This is where practicing your irons on the range can pay off more than practicing driver. Here are the green in regulation statistics to help you become an above average golfer.

  • Score in the 70’s = 8 to 12 Greens
  • Score in the 80’s = 3 to 7 Greens
  • Score 90 and Above = 0 to 2 Greens

Average Putts Per Round

Once you’re on the green, you could gain or lose strokes depending on how solid your putting skills are. I love the training routines and drills we’ve added to our step by step practice system, if you need help.

Every green you land on, you should expect 2 putts to get the ball in the hole. For 18 holes, you should average 36 putts or better so if you struggle with 3 putting, you’re wasting strokes! But the good news is you could drop your score by making some changes to your putting.

Here are your putting stats to beat to become above average for your scoring group:

  • Score in the 70’s = 29 to 31
  • Score in the 80’s = 32 to35
  • Score 90 and Above = 36+

Birdies Made Per Round

One golf statistic that is fun to succeed at is birdies per round. The more birdies you make, the better your chance is of shooting a par or better score. For some of you, this could mean breaking 80 for the first time!

  • Score in the 70’s = 1.8 to 3.2 birdies
  • Score in the 80’s = 0.1 to 1.5 birdies
  • Score 90 and Above = 0 birdies

Average Golfer Statistics – The Chart

So where are these numbers coming from you ask? Dr. L.J. Riccio did an analysis and here is his findings.

Study this chart and use it as a motivational tool to help you improve your golf statistics and become an above average golfer.

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