Best Cheap Golf Balls Reviewed

New golf balls are expensive, and if you are one of those golfers that lose a handful of golf balls during every round that you play then they become even more expensive.

Instead of breaking the bank to buy new expensive golf balls, consider buying a more affordable yet high quality golf ball that will offer similar results without costing you a fortune.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the best golf balls on the market that won’t cost you an arm and a leg every time one of your shots end up in either the water or in the long grass.

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Callaway Super Soft

callaway super soft golf bal

If you need to find a cheap golf ball, look no further than Callaway.

Callaway has made major strides in the design of their golf balls over recent years. Currently they offer a wide range of high quality affordable golf balls.

The Callaway Super Soft golf ball is a high quality, high performing, affordable, 2 piece golf ball that will make a difference in the game of any golfer.

The Super Soft features a brand new and improved ultra low compression core design. This new core produces high ball speeds that leads to extra distance, and a reduction in spin that guarantees a straighter more penetrating ball flight.

To further enhance distance, the Super Soft has low drag aerodynamic HEX dimples that promotes a longer more penetrating ball flight.

The Super Soft doesn’t only go long, it offers exceptional feel around the greens as well. The Super Soft features a Tri-onomer cover formulation that increases softness to ensure maximum spin and feel on wedge and chip shots around the green.

The Super Soft golf ball will make a difference in the bag of any golfer. It is packed with technology that enhances both distance and feel, the perfect combo for any golfer. If you are looking to add a few affordable new golf balls to your bag then look no further than the Super Soft. 

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Srixon Q-Star

srixon golf ball

Srixon are renowned for making some of the best golf balls on the market. The Srixon range of golf balls has a variety of offerings, but one of the best and most affordable options is the Srixon Q-Star premium low compression 2 piece golf ball.

The Q-Star golf ball is packed with technology that promotes both exceptional feel and distance. The design of the Q-Star was driven by golfers that demanded a premium high performing golf ball with improved durability.

The Q-Star features a third generation Spin Skin cover that delivers exceptional greenside feel and control. The Spin Skin also ensures ultimate control when hitting shots out of tricky lies in the rough.

The Q-Star golf ball has a 338 speed dimple pattern that promotes a penetrating ball flight that produces distance and unprecedented control in windy conditions. The Q-Star has a low compression energetic gradient growth core that promotes accurate flight and consistent distance.

The Q-Star has all the qualities that any golfer could ever dream off in a premium golf ball. Durability, affordability and performance, Srixon hit the nail on the head when they engineered this affordable golf ball. Give the Q-Star a go for a few rounds, it might just become your golf ball of choice.

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Titleist DT TruSoft

titleist dt golf ball review

When Titleist golf balls are discussed, the Pro V1 and Pro V1X are normally the topic of conversation. But don’t be fooled into thinking that those are the only high quality Titleist golf balls available on the market.

The Titleist DT TruSoft is a high quality, affordable golf ball that is worthy of having the Titleist logo on it. The number one golf ball manufacturer in the world will only add their name onto high quality worthy products.

The DT TruSoft is the softest golf ball that Titleist has ever designed. As a result, the DT TruSoft offers phenomenal feel around the greens. The DT TruSoft has a new TruFlex cover that produces a high spinning golf ball that is easy to control.

But the DT TruSoft also produces extreme distance. The new TruTouch low compression core in the DT TruSoft along with its aerodynamic design ensures maximum distance.

If the Pro V and Pro V1X is out of your price range then look no further than the DT TruSoft. The DT TruSoft might not be as famous as its counterparts but it is a high performing golf ball that will fit perfectly into the bag of any golfer while remaining cheap enough and affordable enough to not break the bank.

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