Best Backyard Golf Practice Net Review

Practicing golf in the backyard is not only a smart move to help you improve but it also saves you money and offers entertainment for the family & friends who want to take swings on the practice training aids.

Today we review one of the best golf swing nets to hit into in the backyard.

The Galileo Golf Practice Net Review

The Galileo golf practice net is a great option for practicing your golf swing in the backyard. The first thing you’ll enjoy is the size.

It’s 7 feet tall and 8 feet wide offering a large target to swing into and catching your golf balls so you don’t accidentally send one into the neighborhood.

With that in mind, disclaimer here is to set this up so you’re swinging away from houses. Set the net up towards woods or a field or water so if you do happen to mishit during your back yard golf swing practice session, the ball won’t be causing damaging to anything.

In addition to the large size of the Galileo practice net, it also offers a large dropdown target that hangs, giving you something to aim your golf shots at.

Assembly is simple and easy. The Rods fit easily through the sleeves and hook into the base. It’s fast to set up and can fold away in 2 minutes if you want to mow the lawn.

Galileo offers 60 days return and offers lifetime guarantee of new replacement parts.

The Galileo golf practice net is made of quality material that does not break down easily, so you can hit hundreds of shots into the net without fear of the net ripping apart.

However, if you hit into the nylon target that hangs down, you’ll help preserve the lifetime durability of the net since that will be taking the golf ball impact as opposed to the net material taking the blow.

Other uses for this backyard golf practice net include short game. You can set up and hit pitch shots and wedge shots into the net to work on ball striking with these clubs.

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