The Best “Budget Friendly” Face Balanced Putter

If you haven’t seen our previous article highlighting the Best Face Balanced Putters to buy check it out after reading today’s guide on the best budget friendly face balanced putter.

A face balanced putter is simply a putter that distributes weight evenly across the face to make it swing straight for golfers who prefer the straight back putting stroke.

The opposite of the face balanced putter is the toe weighted putter which is heaviest in the toe from a weight insert that helps the face open and shut for golfers with arcing putting strokes.

We prefer the face balanced putter for beginners because it helps reduce twisting so the face is easier to control and keep straight when hitting the ball. This results in more putts starting on line which means more chances to makes putts for beginners.

While face balanced putters sound great, they can be quite expensive. Not every golfer has the money to afford the best face balanced putter on the market; the TaylorMade Spider.

Instead, we present you with a similar option that almost looks identical as well, but at a far more affordable price tag. This budget friendly face balanced putter is made by Ray Cook which is a popular beginner golf brand that makes golf clubs cheap in price.

Ray Cook Face Balanced Putter

The Ray Cook Silver Ray 500 is smooth feeling and durable. It features a black finish with white and red detailing on parts of the club face to add professional stylish appearance.

It comes with a mid-size grip and you can also choose oversized grip if you’d like to take your hands out of the putting motion.

As mentioned earlier, it’s head shape design rivals that of the TaylorMade Spider, so it still feels like you’re putting with one of the hottest putters in the game, but for a fraction of the cost.

Ray Cook Putters have history winning PGA Tour events, so don’t view it as a knock off brand either. These are premium made cast putters that are precisely tour weighted and balanced to help you control your putting stroke with ease.

You’ll find much more consistency on your putts after getting used to a face balanced putter and find your putting stroke holds up better under pressure.


  • Loft: 3*
  • Lie: 70*
  • Offset: Double Bend Full Shaft Offset
  • Head weight: 360 Grams

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