Reviewing the Best Cheap Golf Balls

In this guide we share some of the most affordable golf balls that are not only cheap but also provide good value for the price tag you’re paying.

Not every golfer wants to spend $50 for a dozen balls (cough cough..Titleist) but you also want to avoid paying for used golf balls and refurbished golf balls.

If this sounds like you, then we think you’ll enjoy these cheap golf balls:

Each of these golf balls fits the “distance” category meaning they are great at helping you hit the ball further. But these days ball manufacturers are also trying to design the covers and cores to also spin well off the wedges so you can gain control around the greens.

Let’s begin our review of the best cheap golf balls that provide max distance!

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

The Vice Pro are a great option if you’re looking for a cheaper golf ball but still has the performance capabilities similar to a tour level golf.

It’s a 4 piece golf ball with a cast urethane cover and a highly durable 336 dimple design cover. The dual casting gives you extra distance and a lower ball flight.

This performance golf ball is around half the thickness of a conventional DuPont Surlyn cover typically used in distance golf balls. The result is a superbly smooth and consistent feel around the greens.

Despite the thin cover, the VICE Pro Plus is exceptionally durable when compared to other urethane balls.

Conventional cast urethane golf balls are often susceptible to rapid yellowing due to a chemical reaction with sunlight.

The engineers for this Vice Golf Ball have slowed this process significantly using a special formula in the final urethane coating.

This ensures a pearly white ball that will stay that way for many rounds making it easy to track during flight and easy to find in the rough should you stray off of the fairway.

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Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

The Volvik Vivid golf ball is a three-piece, low compression golf ball that includes a new larger core to produce maximum distance on every shot.

You’ll also love the unique “matte” finish that makes the golf ball appear as if it doesn’t have any dimples. The yellow color also makes this incredibly noticeable on the golf course so it’s easy to spot. We rate the visibility an A+.

A new, larger core was inserted inside the golf ball to increase distance off the tee and with your longer clubs. It achieves this by producing less spin off the driver face, but without sacrificing spin on wedge shots so you still get control around the greens.

Ball flight is a mid to high flight and the cover is an ionomer cover with a 322 dimple pattern to help you achieve consistently stable flight.

This is one of the best options if you’re looking for an affordable golf ball.

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Callaway SuperHot Bold Matte Golf Balls

While Callaway has created one of the best tour level balls in their recent 2018 Callaway Chrome Soft, they also built a cheaper model designed specifically for distance to help average golfers achieve tour level distances!

The Superhot Bold Golf Ball is a super long distance ball that’s perfect for golfers who want to hit the ball a lot further with their drivers and irons.

To achieve further distances, the engineers at Callaway used proven aerodynamics that promote low drag and optimal lift for a strong flight that keeps the ball in the air longer for more distance.

Even though this ball is designed for hitting further, Callaway also focused in on the construction of the cover to create a soft, high spin golf shot around the greens to give more control over your short game shots.

The 3 piece construction is composed of a high energy core for max distance while also containing a thin cover to help you get more spin. Color options are available in matte (red, orange, yellow)

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Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Wilson designed the Fifty Elite Golf Ball for max distance making it one of the best distance golf balls while remaining at an affordable price.

It’s only a 50 compression, making it one of the softest “long distance” golf balls in the class.

Inside this golf ball you’ll find an advanced rubber core that produces farther distances on powerful shots with the driver and irons.

On the outside you’ll find a responsive cover producing low spin with the driver shots while still promoting soft feel around the greens for control.

You’ll also love the new 302 PhD aerodynamics feature unique flat bottomed, shallow dimples that rip through the air to create a more stable, penetrating ball flight.

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Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Balls

The first thing you’ll love about the Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Balls is that they are only $9 for a dozen balls. That’s less than $1 per ball!

This easily makes them the cheapest golf ball on the market while still producing maximum distance.

To achieve farther distances, the golf ball is designed with a Super Reactive Titanium Core that maximizes the energy transfer from club head to ball.

It also contains a symmetrical and aerodynamic dimple design which increases life while decreasing drag for high, longer golf shots.

If you’re looking for a golf ball that helps you hit bombs off the tee while not breaking the bank, then check out the Nitro Max Distance ball.

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