Best Exercises for the Golf Swing

Golf is the most popular game for people all over the world. This game is exhilarating as well as it also helps people to keep their body and mind fit. Golf games play an essential role in the physical fitness of people. There are several types of exercise related to Golf. Now I will discuss all of them in steps.

#1: Pelvic Rotations

Most golfers face a problem of internal and external hip rotation. Pelvic Rotations is such an exercise that helps the golfer so that they can correct the hip rotation. The golfer can use Pelvic Rotation to warm up their body to help the golfer balance their body.

Different steps to perform Pelvic Rotation

  • Firstly, you must hold the golf club, or there is an available broomstick around you on the Ground.
  • When you are ready, you must be stable, and you have to rotate your pelvis as far as you can in the direction of slow and controlled motion around your leg.
  • You must perform 20 to 30 rotations if you want to get a good result from this exercise. It would help if you repeated spin standing on the other leg.

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#2: Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers are a kind of golf swing exercise that is important to correct the limited internal hip rotation of the individual. The practice is essential to drive the forward portion of the swing while doing this exercise.

Different steps to perform Windshield Wipers

  • At first, you must lay down in a way so that your back lies down with your hip at a time. You also need to bend your knees at 90 degrees at the same time while starting this exercise.
  • It will help if you keep your leg up. You will also require to place both clenched fists between your knees that are bent at 90 degrees.
  • It’s time to separate your feet as much as possible. It would help if you did not allow your knees and hand to lose contact, which is very important during the exercise.
  • It’s better to repeat this exercise 15 times. You can also do it in 3 sets to get a good result.

#3: Shoulder Wall Slides

This shoulder wall slide exercise is vital for golfers to correct the upper back and shoulder mobility restriction.

Different steps to perform Shoulder Wall Slides

  • Firstly, you must stand in the way so that the wall is 6 to 12 inches away from the back.
  • Now you have to put your head, shoulders, and butt against the thaw wall in a way so that your back is not arched.
  • It’s time now to place your forearms and elbows against the wall. It is to rotate them toward the wall.
  • You have to slide your arms up and down the wall and ensure that you are doing this in a slow controlled motion.
  • Now pinch your shoulder blades together on the downward movement.
  • It is needed to be performed in 3 sets and 15 repetitions of each time.

#4: Anti-Rotation Band/Tube Walk

Anti-Rotation Band is excellent for stabilizing the core. This exercise is vital for golfers and helps them to perform well.

Different steps to perform Anti-Rotation Band/Tube Walk

  • To accomplish this exercise, you have to hold the handle of an anchored piece of tubing with the wall side.
  • It would help if you held straightened arms out in the front side of the body at chest height.
  • Keep your torso and your arms from moving while you must begin to walk out by keeping the wall away one foot during this time.
  • You must continue until you can maintain the tension of the band. After that, you have to walk toward the wall and maintain the same posture.
  • Repeat this exercise on both sides.

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#5: Stability Ball Jackknife

To make the core, hip flexors, shoulders, and back more muscular, a stability ball jackknife can be the best exercise for golfers.

Different steps to perform Stability Ball Jackknife

  • When you are in the push-up position, you must put a stable ball under your feet and ankles and ensure ankles with feet are slightly parted.
  • In the next step of this exercise, you should maintain a stable core and pull knees toward the chest in a controlled motion and slowly.
  • It would help if you angled knees out to these sides while pulling the stability ball in.
  • It is needed to be performed in 3 sets and 15 repetitions.

#6: Sword Pulls

Sword pulls are the most essential and essential exercise for golfers. The practice helps them with shoulders external rotation and keeps the club on the correct plane at the top of the backswing.

Different steps to perform Sword Pulls

  • The individual requires to start this exercise in golf posture, then hold a dumbbell in the right hand, and you require to place your hand in the back.
  • You should rotate your shoulder internally.
  • After that, you need to extend the weight away from the body and rotate externally at your shoulder. So, your thumbs are behind you.
  • To get a better result, you can do it in three-set with 15 repetitions.

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#7: Single-Leg Squat with Rotation

It is the most favorite and essential exercise for golfers. You can do it with a golf club. Practice is about improving the balance of body weight and external weight.

Different steps to perform Single-Leg Squat with Rotation

  • You must stand on one leg and ensure squat down
  • At the same time, you must rotate your torso to your standing leg.
  • Three sets of 10 repetitions are highly recommended to get a good result.

#8: Medicine Ball Multi-Directional Step

This exercise is essential to simulate the golf swing with added weight so that the golfer can improve strength and rotation power that is very important for the golfer.

Different steps to perform Medicine Ball Multi-Directional Step

  • It would help if you stood holding a medicine ball in front of you at the same time to ensure your feet are close together.
  • Start the motion by swinging the ball back as well as immediately stepping forward is also required.
  • It would help if you keep your front foot down, and weight also should be transferred to that side. During the backswing movement, the ball finishes.
  • You are required to throw the ball as hard as possible.
  • You can perform three sets with ten repetitions.

#9: Cable Lawn Mower Pulls

Cable lawnmower pulls a great exercise that helps to learn the way to create torque from the Ground.

Different steps to perform Cable Lawn Mower Pulls

  • At first, you are required to stand facing a weight stake in the golf posture.
  • Now you have to grab the handle of the low cable; you must use your right hand.
  • You should start the motion by pushing the floor and creating a hip rotation to the right.
  • Immediately you must follow a pulling and rotating motion of the upper body and the arm.
  • Three sets with ten repetitions are better.

#10: Cable Wood Chops

For strength and mobility of the shoulders, and back the wood chops mimic the motion of a golfer’s swing is very important.

Different steps to perform Cable Wood Chops

  • At first, you are required to attach the handle to the top setting of an adjustable cable machine.
  • Then stand next to the device with your feet shoulder-width apart; this is a significant step of this exercise.
  • After that, extend your arms up while you must grab the handle with both hands.
  • With extended arms, you must pull the handle down.
  • You should perform three sets with ten repetitions.

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Benefits of Doing Exercise & Combining it with Golf

Live a long life

Playing Golf helps people to maintain good health. As a result, we can easily understand the importance of playing Golf for living a long life.

Good for your heart

Playing Golf is very important to keep the heart excellent and sound. It reduces the chances of a heart attack.

Exercise freshens your mind

To live a long life and have good health and a fresh mind, there is no alternative option of playing the game. Golf is such a game that can be a good exercise.

Reduces anxiety

Golf is played in a natural environment and open place. As a result, it helps us to keep our minds fresher and keep ourselves away from anxiety.


When people are playing Golf, they can meet with people from different backgrounds and classes.

Give these Exercises a Try

In the above, I describe different kinds of exercise of the Golf swing. All these exercises are essential for people, especially people who play Golf. All these exercises can help them to be perfect for playing this game.

I also described different benefits and steps related to these steps. So now it’s up to you to give them a try and reap the benefits from them! Thanks for reading today’s guide on the best exercises for the golf swing. Below are important golf practice routines to follow to get better scores fast!

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