Best Face Balanced Putters 2023

Today we are talking putters and more specifically, Face Balanced Putters, which we’ve included both Face Balanced Mallet Putters and Face Balanced Blade Putters in this review.

In the fast moving world of golf equipment nothing has changed more than the putter. We’ve seen golf transition from blade putters to mallet putters as well as toe balanced and face balanced putters. Shaft lengths also vary widely on putters with standard being 34 inches tall.

In this guide, you’ll learn what it means for a putter to be face balanced, and why golfers choose to use this specific type of putter. We also will cover the different putter models and options available from putter manufacturers like TaylorMade, Odyssey, Scotty Cameron, Ping, and more.

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Why Do Golfer’s Choose to Play with Face Balanced Putters?

Swinging the putter head is no easy task and keeping it straight is even more difficult. The face balanced putter features more control so the face isn’t jerky and moving all over during the putting stroke. The weight is more evenly distributed in the head to help you hold your putter steady!

After trying out both toe-weighted and face balanced putters, I’ve found that it’s much easier to use and hit great putts with a face balanced putter on the golf course.

But try for yourself and see what you feels best! Without a good putter in your bag, how do you expect to score well during your 18 hole round of golf?

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Types of Golf Strokes Putter’s Work Best With

For those that like an inside-out stroke, meaning a stroke that is in slight arch that takes the putter inside the putt line, a “toe-balanced” putter is what you are looking for when you visit your local pro shop.

But to the mid-to-high handicapper many instructors suggest using the straight back-straight through approach.  This minimizes a golfer’s opportunity to leave the putter face open or closed when striking the putt.

The hope is that by reducing the chance of mis-hitting the putt, you will have a better chance to keep a putt on-line, thereby making more putts.  And who doesn’t want that?

Here’s a video on how to develop a straight putting path using a face balanced putter.

For those looking to make this type of putting stroke change, the putter suggested for this straight back-straight through approach is known as “face-balanced.”

The face balanced putter keeps the weight centered throughout the putter face allowing for easy execution of the straight back-and-through stroke.  But as I stated before, not all putters are designed for this type of approach.

You specifically need to find one that states it is “face-balanced.”  With hundreds of face-balanced putters to choose from, we’ve weeded out the pretenders and found solid choices that can have you lowering your score by the end of your next round.

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List of the Best Face Balanced Putters

TaylorMade Spider X (Rory McIlroy)

taylormade x putter

One of the best putters in golf, the TaylorMade Spider X is a newer model currently used on PGA Tour by many high profile players like Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson to name a few.

The X in the name stems from the X Philosophy design that engineers weight around the putter face optimally for better stability and control of the putter head.

The steel frame is 30% heavier to minimize twisting and give you more stability control compared to prior generations of the Spider putter. It has a 320g frame with extreme perimeter weighting.

Design and paint marks help you better align to putts and better visualize your intended putting line which will improve your accuracy.

Also notice the redesigned weight ports which come with 2g, 6g, or 12g options so you can customize for personalization and feel that fits your putting stroke best to take even more advantage of the face balanced properties in the Spider X Putter.

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Callaway Golf O-Works Series Face Balance Putter

best face balanced putter straight putting stroke

Callaway has created the O-Works series for those looking to lower their strokes on the green and my favorite of the O-Works series is the face balanced #1 Blade model.

Out of all blade putters, this is definitely one of the best options on the market.

It features a new insert technology that promotes forward roll when striking the ball.

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Most amateurs use a putting stroke that creates backspin on the golf ball which creates instability with each roll.  By introducing backspin, the ball is forced to skid along the green’s surface causing the ball to veer offline.

With the weight evenly distributed, the O-Works blade gives a consistent feel on putts that allows for closer lag putts from great distances and a greater feel for those ten-foot birdies.  Highly recommended.

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Odyssey Men’s Works 7 Versa Putter

face balanced putter oddysey

From the leading putter maker Odyssey comes one of their best creations, the Works 7 Versa Putter. This Odyssey face balanced putter is a great addition to any mid handicapper’s golf bag as well as golfers looking for a beginner friendly putter.

With a unique design the Versa checks all the boxes for those looking to make the straight back-to-forward stroke change.

What I love about this face balanced putter is when you are addressing the ball, Odyssey has created a high contrast alignment feature that ensures solid contact with the center of the putter face.

The sturdy construction of the club forces it to stay low to the ground during the putting stroke, perfect for new adopters of the straight back-straight through approach.

A must own for those who like the weight of a mallet putter but want more of a blade feel at address. I also think it’s one of the best putters for mid handicappers.

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TaylorMade Spider Face Balanced Putter (Jason Day Putter)

face balanced putter

The final face balanced putter on our list is one that is surging in popularity.  From Taylor Made comes the Spider Tour putter.

It is the same model used by two of the world’s top players, Jason Day and Dustin Johnson.  Featuring the “Pure Roll” insert, the Spider has adjustable weights that allow for precise balance on the putter’s face.

With the face balanced, the Spider promotes a significant reduction in backspin, giving the golfer a truer roll on putts.

What I love about the Spider is that it is lightweight yet the face stays centered throughout the stroke due to the style and construction of the putter’s head.

It’s a great putter for high handicap golfers, mid handicap golfers, and one of the best putters for scratch golfers.

For those serious about making strides in reducing their handicap this is the putter to purchase.

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