Best Fairway Woods 2023 Review

Fairway woods are hands down the best golf clubs to carry in your golf bag, serving multiple purposes like tee shots, long fairway shots on par 5’s, and even bump & run chipping around the greens.

Today we will give fairway woods the attention they deserve by reviewing the best woods to buy in 2023 for performance and affordability. Some of these fairway woods that make our 2023 List come from 2018 and 2019 because they were that good of equipment!

When club manufacturers launch a new series of woods, the drivers normally receive all of the attention, more often than not, compared to the fairway woods. But Henrik Stenson proved at the 2016 Open Championship that a 3 wood off the tee can be just as efficient as a driver.

Fairway woods don’t only serve as a great alternate off the tee for players that aren’t very confident with their drivers, they also feature heavily in the bags of shorter hitting amateurs.

Instead of only focusing on buying the best driver on the market, spend some time getting a fairway wood or woods that compliment that new driver.

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Top 3 Fairway Woods

best fairway woods golf clubs to buy

1. Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood

Callaway had tremendous success with their Epic fairway woods, Rogue promises to be all that Epic offered and more.

The unveiling of Jailbreak technology in the Epic driver was what gave the driver it’s edge, the Epic driver in particular was a huge hit among golfers of all different levels.

The Rogue fairway woods feature this groundbreaking Jailbreak technology, it is the first time that it is utilized in a fairway wood design.

In addition to Jailbreak the Rogue fairway woods also feature face cup technology, internal standing wave technology and a industry leading aerodynamic design.

The Rogue line of fairway woods are packed with technology, has a sleek design and promises to be a great addition to the bag of players at all different levels.

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Jailbreak Technology
Jailbreak technology refers to the addition of two steel bars within the clubhead in order to stiffen the body of the club. The stiffening of the body places more impact load on the face and as a result higher ball speeds are produced that leads to more distance.

Face Cup Technology

The Rogue fairway woods feature an extremely thin Carpenter 455 steel face, in combination with Jailbreak the face produces very high ball speeds.

In addition to Jailbreak and a thin face all Rogue fairway woods also feature Callaway’s Face Cup technology, this technology produces additional speed on both center and off center strikes.

Regardless if you find the middle of the clubface or not, with a Rogue fairway wood in hand you will always be able to generate high ball speeds for maximum distance.

Internal Standing Wave Technology

Included in all Rogue fairway woods is Callaway’s Internal Standing Wave technology. This technology was pioneered in their irons in order to position the centre of gravity with extreme precision. The centre of gravity in all Rogue fairway woods is positioned low and forward in the clubhead in order to promote a distance enhancing combination of high-launch and low spin.

The Rogue features an aerodynamic design that promotes speed. Not only is the Rogue packed with technology and has a great design, but it is also available in an industry leading selection of lofts. These loft options include a 13.5, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, and 25 degree option. If technology is what you are looking for then you can’t go wrong with purchasing a Rogue fairway wood, and a added bonus is the 7 different loft options that are available to choose from.

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2. Ping G400 Fairway Wood

Ping are renowned for making some of the best golf clubs on the market, their G400 series of fairway woods are definitely some of the best fairway woods currently available.

The G400 fairway woods feature a sleek design, are packed with technology and they are available in 4 different loft options. If you are seeking quality, technology, and variety then you will have to look no further than the G400 series from Ping.

Maraging Steel Face

All G400 fairway woods feature Ping’s Maraging Steel Face technology. The face on the G400 fairway woods are extremely thin, strong and flexible. The face which is made from maraging steel (commonly used in the aerospace industry), generates faster ball speeds thus resulting in higher, longer, straight launching shots.

Thinnest Crown

G400 fairway woods also feature the thinnest crown that Ping has ever designed. The 17 – 4 SS crown’s thin design saves weight, resulting in a low centre of gravity and increased total MOI (Moment of Inertia). In addition turbulators increase ball speed and provides a club head with a captured look.

Machined Back Weight

The machined back weight in the head of the G400 is more dense in order to increase total MOI for excellent forgiveness. The weight is also adjustable thus users are able to customise their swing weight to fit their needs.

The G400 is one of the best fairway woods currently available on the market. Ping produce high quality golf clubs packed with technology and the G400 follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. If you are looking for new fairway woods then you can’t go wrong with the G400 range.

3. PXG 0341X Fairway Wood

PXG has created quit the buzz over the last two years, initially they signed a lot of top professionals as ambassadors and many people were sceptical that they were going too big too soon.

That hasn’t been the case though and they have since emerged as a leading golf club manufacturer.

PXG’s 0341X fairway woods are some of the best fairway woods currently on the market. They retail at a pretty hefty price but they are well designed high quality golf clubs packed with technology.

Some of their most renowned technological advances is included in the 0341X’s design namely: TPE Insert and precision fit technology. A carbon fibre crown, and constant face design also form part of the design of these fairway woods.

TPE Insert

PXG’s honeycomb TPE insert produces ultimate sound and feel, it is a patented insert uniquely used by PXG. The TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is the same material that is used in their putters and irons.

This groundbreaking material is constructed in the shape of a honeycomb in order to create a more efficient dampening structures and to reduce the overall weight of the clubhead.

Precision Fit

PXG clubs are renowned for the use of unique weight ports in the design of all of their clubs.

The 0341X fairway woods have 9 different weight ports. Platinum coloured weights are made of high-density tungsten and weigh 2.5g per weight, and the black weights are made of low density titanium that weight .5g per weight.

Due to the fact that there is a significant amount of movable mass the club can be set up exactly to the specifications of the player to ensure the best results for every unique individual.

The 0341X also comes standard with PXG’s adjustable hosel thus the loft of the club can be adjusted with +/- 1.5 degrees in order to optimize the trajectory for players based on their own unique swing.

Carbon Fibre Crown

The 0341X features a 3.8 gram ultra lightweight carbon fiber crown. The use of a lightweight crown allows for mass to be redistributed in a forward position on the sole of the club. The result is ultimate forgiveness and feel.

Constant Face Design

The face of the 0341X fairway woods are made of a high strength ultra thin steel that is only .075” thick. This face design maximizes ball speed and this extra speeds leads to an increase in distance.

The PXG 0341X is packed with technology, features all of PXG’s design signatures and has a great look. The 0341X is available in a 2, 3, 5 and 7 wood option.

The addition of the 2 wood with 13 degrees of loft on it will be very appealing to players who prefer hitting a fairway wood off the tee. If you don’t mind paying a little more than average then you can’t go wrong with any one of these state of the art fairway woods.

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Thanks for reading our blog post today on the best golf fairway woods to buy in 2023. We hope this review helped you make a decision on which fairway club to check out.

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