Best Golf Balls for Seniors

In this guide, we will cover the best golf balls for seniors to help you avoid loss of distance in your golf game. Using the correct type of golf ball (that matches up with your swing) can help you to maximize flight trajectory and roll on your golf shots, which impact total distance.

Before we review the best golf balls to buy, first understand the components of the swing and how the right golf ball can aid you in each of these areas.

  • Slower Swing Speed
  • Average Swing Speed Data
  • Low Compression Golf Balls
  • Maximum Distance Golf Balls
  • Soft Feel Golf Balls
  • Color of the Ball

Slower Swing Speed

Getting old isn’t for the faint at heart, and it is even harder for golfers that use to be able to swing the golf club fast, making powerful, hard hitting contact with the ball.

Senior players lose strength and flexibility with age and the result is a loss in clubhead speed.

Slower swing speeds result in less distance, a weaker ball flight, and a loss in spin and control on iron shots.

For many seniors it sounds like the days of scoring lower are over, but by using the correct golf ball these negative effects can be alleviated to some extent, helping you maintain a solid scoring average.

 Average Swing Speed Data

Data collected by Trackman indicates that the average male amateur golfer has an average driver swing speed of approximately 95 mph.

With age, senior amateurs can expect their swing speeds to go down by about 10 mph. Senior players that play past the age of 70 will feel these effects even more.

Low Compression Golf Ball

The compression of the golf ball is determined by how much force is required at impact in order to ensure maximum energy transfer.

Slower swinging players, like senior golfers, can’t exhilarate enough force onto the golf ball to compress a high compression golf ball. The result is low energy transfer and a loss in distance.

Low compression golf balls require less force to compress and transfer energy, so as a slow swinging golfer, you benefit greatly by using a low compression golf ball.

Here are several options to check out on Amazon:

Maximum Distance

Modern golf balls are designed to maximize distance without sacrificing feel and control around the greens.

Distance is maximized by a combination of design features of the core and cover designs.

A low compression core increases ball speed which in return maximizes distance, and an aerodynamic cover design and dimple pattern also enhances distance.

Max Distance Ball Options:

Soft Feel

While many senior golfers will focus on a golf ball they can hit further off the tee to maximize driving distance, you must also consider your ball’s ability around the greens.

Being able to hit the ball long is an advantage, but that advantage is worth nothing if you can’t get the ball to stop on the green.

You want a golf ball that maintains control and feels good when hitting with wedges and short irons.

The modern golf ball design ensures that golf balls that are designed for distance but still have good soft feel and control.

Soft feel is normally ensured through the use of a soft cover that is forgiving off of the clubface and that lands softly on the green on chip and approach shots.

The Best Soft Feel Golf Ball:

Color of Golf Ball

Bright color golf balls have become somewhat of a fashion statement, but they are good for other reasons as well.

During dry winter months it can be difficult to spot a white golf ball on dormant grass, spotting a bright yellow or pink one is a lot easier.

Additionally, senior golfers tend to struggle with their vision. It might be easier to follow a bright colored golf ball during flight.

Top Golf Ball Options for Senior Golfers

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

callaway chrome soft balls review

Callaway currently offer a wide range of quality golf balls and one of their best designs is the Supersoft golf ball.

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is a high quality, high performing, affordable, 2-piece golf ball that is set to make an immediate impact to any golfer’s game regardless of their skill level.

The Supersoft got its name from the Tri-onomer cover formulation used in the design, this feature increases softness to ensure maximum spin and feel on wedge and chip shots around the green.

Callaway’s SuperSoft golf ball isn’t only good for greenside control, the design also features a brand new and improved ultra-low compression core. This new core design produces high ball speeds that in return delivers extra distance.

The new core design also reduces spin, less spin equates to a straighter more penetrating ball flight.

In addition, the Supersoft also has low drag aerodynamic HEX dimples that further promote a longer more penetrating ball flight.

All of these design features are great for senior players that want to add some distance back into their games.

The SuperSoft design is packed with technology; it has distance, it has control, and it has soft feel around the greens for delicate short game shots.

The SuperSoft might not be the flagship Callaway golf ball, but it can compete with the best of the best on any given day.

Click here to learn more about this golf ball

Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Ball

titleist dt trusoft golf ball review

Titleist recently released their new and improved DT TruSoft golf ball. The new DT TruSoft features a brand-new core and cover design.

The DT TruSoft is a great ball choice for seniors because of its soft compression, longer distance ability, and increased short game control.

Senior players with slower swing speeds benefit greatly from golf balls with a soft compression like the core featured in the DT TruSoft.

The new truTouch core is bigger than the core used in previous models and you are able to compress this golf ball with ease.

Another great feature is the TruFlex cover that is designed with proprietary Titleist technology. This new extra soft cover ensures great feel and spin around the greens.

The DT TruSoft golf ball also features an advanced aerodynamic design that maximizes distance and it also promotes a piercing ball flight.

Lastly, the DT TruSoft golf ball is available in both a normal white and an optic yellow option.

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