The Best Premium Golf Balls of 2018

Everyday thousands of golfers are searching google for reviews on golf balls as they wonder “what is the best golf ball for seniors” or “what is the best golf ball for women” or “best golf balls for distance.” Sound familiar to searches you’ve done?

If you are looking to improve your golf game it might be worth it to play a few rounds with a high quality premium golf ball. Using a high quality premium golf ball could completely change your golf game for the better.

And don’t worry, the ball options listed below are a perfect fit for all types of golfers including seniors, women, beginners, and kids.

Let’s take a look at some of the best premium golf balls currently available on the market which includes Titleist, Bridgestone, and Callaway golf balls.


Titleist Pro V1

 titleist golf ball review

The Titleist Pro V1 has been one of the best premium golf balls on the market for many years. Throughout the years Titleist have kept on improving their golf balls by using only the best technological advances.

The Pro V1 has a next generation 2.0 ZG Process Core that ensures maximum distance by delivering fast ball speeds.

The Pro V1 features a soft Urethane Elastomer cover. The Urethane Elastomer cover is durable and it delivers exceptional control and a soft feel at impact.

The Pro V1 features a spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design, this dimple design produces a consistently strong ball flight. The Pro V1 golf ball is one of the best on the market for all skill level of players.

For players with an average or even above average swing speed the Pro V1 will without a doubt bring change to their games. A golf ball that travels far is important but it is just as important to have a golf ball with great feel, which lucky for you, the Pro V1 golf ball does both.

If you are serious about becoming a scratch golfer, give the number 1 ball in golf a chance. It might just revolutionize your game.

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Bridgestone Tour B X

 bridgestone golf ball review

When you hear the word Bridgestone the first thing that comes to mind is high quality tires. But Bridgestone aren’t only great at making tires, they are also extremely good at producing high quality golf balls.

Bryson DeChambeau is a great example of a Tour Pro who plays with a Bridgestone golf ball. If he’s willing to put his reputation behind it, then you know that the product has gone through extensive reviewing and testing. DeChambeau only plays with clubs and golf balls that are custom fit to him personally and that has passed his rigorous personal testing process.

The Tour B X was designed with control and accuracy as the driving force. The Tour B X is packed with technology that ensures ultimate control and accuracy giving users a decisive competitive advantage.

The Tour B X has a Gradational Compression Core which ensures high ball speeds for maximum distance, and a decrease in side spin that leads to maximum control. The Tour B X has a urethane cover that also features Bridgestone’s proprietary SlipRes technology.

If you are seeking a high spinning golf ball with soft feel ten look no further than the Tour B X. In addition, the Tour B X also features a Dual Dimple design as well as a seamless cover. Both of these technological advances ensure a golf ball that delivers a strong controlled ball flight.

Bridgestone might not be the first golf ball that comes to mind, but give the Tour B X a try, it might just blow your mind with extreme distance and pinpoint accuracy. 

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Callaway Chrome Soft

 callaway golf ball review


Over the last decade Callaway has emerged as a leading manufacturer in all categories. All of their current products are industry leaders and their Chrome Soft golf ball is without a doubt a industry leading premium golf ball.

The Chrome Soft golf ball by Callaway is built with all the latest technology that one would expect from a premium golf ball and the results speak for themselves.

The Chrome Soft features a Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast Core with a larger inner core that delivers high balls speeds and low spin rates when hit with a driver, the perfect combination for finding fairways.

The Chrome Soft features a thin ultra-soft Tour-Urethane cover that doesn’t only feel fantastic but that also delivers spin and control and pitch shots around the greens.

It’s also known for its softness and great feel. Softer golf balls compress easier on off center hits, this ensures consistency even on your bad shots.

The Chrome Soft has everything that one would expect from a premium golf ball, give the Chrome Soft a chance, it could be the answer to your golfing woes.

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