Best Golf Blogs Websites to Read

Here at we like to read and follow lots of different golf blogs to expand our knowledge of the game and find helpful information to share with our followers on social media. Today we bring you the best golf blogs to read!

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Best Golf Blogs to Read – The List

#1: Wei Under Par by Steph Wei

best golf blogs to follow 2017

Keep up to date with the latest PGA Tour news by following Steph’s blog as she travels around from tournament to tournament. Her blog is updated weekly with entertaining content that’s great to read and she even has a section called “Where’s Wei” so you can track which tournament she is at.

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best golf blogs geoffshackelford

Geoff Shackelford is a Contributing Writer to Golf World magazine, a Contributing Editor to Golf Digest, a weekly contributor to Golf Channel’s Morning Drive and is the author of eleven books.

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#3: Three Guys Golf Blog

top golf blogs to follow

A great blog and resource to follow for the latest golf reviews! They review companies, products, apparel, and more!

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#4: Golf Practice Guides Golf Blog

golf blogs to read

Last but not least, I had to include our own golf blog in the list of course! Every month we publish helpful instructional golf articles answering different questions we get on our Instagram page and Facebook group.

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