Best Golf Chipping Nets Reviews (Training Aid Buying Guide)

In this chipping net review, we will share the 9 best golf practice nets to buy on Amazon if you want to build a strong short game from home.

These golf hitting nets can be set up easily indoors as well as outdoors and they’ll work perfectly with real golf balls or foam golf balls.

We also included a variety of options on the pricing spectrum so that you can find the right golf chipping net that fits your budget. Also, check out our guide on how to practice your chipping during the winter.

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Alright, let’s get into this guide and review the best golf chipping nets to buy.


podiumax golf hitting net (1)

Our first net review today is the PodiuMax Square.  PodiuMax has 3 targets in their net design to help with your short golf game. This pop-up net is great for golfers at all levels and makes practice chipping at home a breeze.

The PodiuMax comes packed in a storage/carrying bag for indoor and outdoor versatility, making it easy to set up anywhere.

The instant pop-up design gets you chipping in just seconds with no tools required; all you need is a small space for the 25”x25”x20” net.

Three targets are available in the net. Practice chipping to each target or set up a chipping contest with your friends or family!!

The Podiumax comes with a 45-day guarantee; we found it recently priced at for about $26.


golf chipster net

Next up, the GoSports chipping net is perfect for indoor and outdoor short game training. Set the net up anywhere; backyards, parks, driving ranges and more. This net is compact and versatile, constructed with a 3-pocket pyramid design.

To help refine your skills, included is their “Dynamic Target System”, to assist with lob, chip and run shots. Any missed shots are caught by the side net. Setup and takedown is in seconds, complete with a travel bag including handle.

GoSports is located in the USA and offers a lifetime warranty with the “Chipster”.

Head over to and pick one up today for just under $25, with free shipping included.

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indoor golf practice drills


Another good choice is this JEF chipping net. The net is oval in shape and is attached to a study metal frame. The frame is foldable, similar to a camp chair, for travel or storage.

The JEF is perfect for right or left handers and for any skill level.

Another nice feature is the target within a target. The smallest oval will catch your perfect chips, and the larger oval will catch the shots that just missed, keeping the balls in separate nets.

This chipping net compares exactly to the Maxfli 23” model, but for half the price of local retailers.

This indoor short game practice net comes in 23” and 30” diameter to assist your chipping practice drills. The netting material is 600 denier with 10% nylon.

The JEF chipping net is available at, priced between $24 and $39, depending on the size you select.


callaway chip shot net

Callaway makes our “Best Golf Training Aids” list today with a chipping net designed mainly as an indoor practice net. This golf chipping net can be used outdoors; just don’t leave it exposed to the elements of rain and heavy winds.

The Callaway Chip Shot is 26″x26” and folds to a compact 12” diameter for easy storage. Setup and takedown is quick and easy, but no storage bag is included here.

Callaway touts this chipping net as the ultimate tool for golfers at all levels making it perfect for beginners, mid handicappers, and seniors looking to practice their short game drills at home.

This is a nice-looking net. All black netting and borders with 3 white targets to help improve your close game. The famous Callaway name and logo is also in white.

As with most chipping nets we feature today, you can use real golf balls, plastic balls or foam golf balls; whatever meets the need where you practice.

Placing an order at for just over $21 will get it to you in just a few days, hopefully to use before your next round on the course.

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The Callaway Short Game Set is another good option for a chipping net. The size is small and compact making it easy to chip indoors in your living room or basement.

It’s a triple net design allowing you to flip the net around depending on what you want to practice that particular day.

In addition, this set comes with a chipping mat and orange Callaway foam golf balls giving you everything you need to practice your short game at home.

Check out this chipping net combo on Amazon


The Sklz chipping net comes with a solid black face and 3 different sized chipping targets.  The targets are marked with yellow flags and each has its own separate collecting net.

Set-up and break-down time is less than 30 seconds. This unit is portable and also includes a nylon carry bag.

Practice your short game anytime, anywhere with this lightweight, flexible design.

The “tension-tite” frame keeps your targets in place for precise shots and the black face with yellow flags gives a nice contrast to your surroundings, inside and out.

For missed shots, the Quickster has a net trough along the bottom front edge to keep all your golf balls in one location.

On-line reviews for the Quickster are good.  Purchases for friends, parents and kids received positive feedback.  Pick yours up today at for less than $30.

All of the nets we’ve reviewed so far are for greenside short game practice, around green fringes and greenside sand traps.

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Golf Swing Hitting Nets to Practice at Home

Next, we’ll look at a few large golf practice nets since many golfers use various wedges from 100+ yards out. These golf nets make our “Best Golf Training Aids” list since they can serve mutli-purpose as a full swing hitting net and a golf chipping net.

You’ll want to add a chipping mat for indoor use and to preserve your lawn when using these in the backyard, but they are easy to find and can be quite inexpensive. Here’s one example of an indoor chipping mat with synthetic turf to chip off of into your practice nets.

Rukket 10x7ft Pop Up Golf Net

Here’s a nice sized net that incorporates the pop-up design of smaller examples we featured earlier. This Rukket practice net was built for portability and ease-of-use.

Never before has it been so easy to move an entire golf net set-up. You can easily pack up this net and move it anywhere you want.

There is no hard construction or set up time required. Forget about disassembly or losing pieces, because this net goes up and comes down in an easy, quick manner.

The Rukket includes a chipping mat and carrying case with double zippers for long life, capable of carrying the tri fold hitting mat, golf balls, chipping attachment and a golf club.

The entire set-up is very portable at 16 lbs., folding flat into a 32” case.

An easy fold system with a super tough mat and chipping attachment makes this a very versatile practice sports net to practice chipping from home.

Click here to see reviews and pricing on Amazon


golf chipping net sklz

The SKLZ Quickster golf net is the big brother of a chipping net we reviewed earlier in this article.

This net takes a totally different approach with the design of golf nets. The flat square design absorbs the impact of the golf ball rather than catching it like a baseball glove.

Good golf nets do one thing very well; they control and catch speeding golf balls. As far as that goes, this net does an excellent job.

Even though this net does not have a ball return feature, it still is a great choice because it does the task of catching golf balls very well.

The quality of build for this net is not as superior as some other top products.

However, this net is much more affordable and could be great for any golfer. You can use this net at home for your short game, especially when combining it with the included target.

The SKLZ net is ideal for aspiring golfers who want a simple set up at an affordable price. If you’re shopping on a budget, then this might be the net for you.

This net may not have some of the fancy technology and configurations that other nets have, but at the end of the day it gets the job done.

The SKLZ Quickster Net could be the perfect solution for anyone who wants the ability to work on their chipping at home.

Find it here on in the $75 price range with free shipping.

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callaway golf net

Callaway makes our list again with the 8ft. Quad Golf Net.

This hitting net was made with design in mind. The net has four horizontal stability supports for handling the golf shot impacts.

This golf practice net sets up in under three minutes and can be taken down in half that time. Golfers can enjoy the ease at which this net handles wedge shots from all ranges.

The Quad Net is a new approach to a traditional golf net that is keeping with the traditional square net shape.

Callaway has an added third dimensional depth to the base of the net. This increased depth gives the Callaway net the ability to safely and efficiently catch all golf balls.

This practice net is built by a trusted brand that is a large player in the golf industry. The Callaway Quad net is for people who want to make the correct decision the first time.

You can find yours at in the $150 price range.

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