The Best Golf Drivers


New golf driver releases are always a hot topic of discussion among golf enthusiasts, especially in 2018. Club manufacturers are all trying come up with the next best innovation to take the golf marketplace by storm.

In 2018 there has already been a couple of golf driver releases that have created a lot of buzz in the golf community, and especially among tour players. Instead of being left in the dark about the new technology that is available get all the information you need right here about the 3 of the best golf drivers of 2019.

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TaylorMade M3/M4 Golf Driver

Over the last decade TaylorMade has consistently been the number 1 driver on the PGA Tour as well as on numerous other professional tours around the world. The M3 and M4 drivers feature TaylorMade’s new Twist Face technology, in addition they also feature numerous other technological advances such as Hammerhead, Geocoustic and Y-track.

M3 / M4 Twist Face Technology

Twist face technology offers a different club face curvature in comparison to previous driver face designs. As a result the technology delivers a corrective face angle on off center strikes, producing straighter longer drives on miss hit shots.

In simple terms off center hits are normally either out of the toe or the heel of the club. With Twist Face technology those off center strikes will deliver results that are fairly similar in comparison to shots that came out the middle of the clubface.

Hammerhead technology produces enhanced ball speeds through a massive sweet spot on the clubface. This is achieved by reinforcing the outer portions of the clubface which in return produces a club face that is lighter and more flexible.


The differentiating factor between the M3 and the M4 is the implementation of Y-Track technology. The M3 features a Y-Track system that allows players the option to personalize ball flight to favor either a high/low or a draw/fade ball flight.


The differentiating factor included in the M4 is the addition of Geocoustic technology to the clubhead. The Geocoustic technology produces a driver design that is shaped with the goal to produce optimized speed, forgiveness and feel.

Both the M3 and M4 drivers are loaded with new technology that has gathered the interest of the best players in the world, many of them have added either one of these drivers to their bags over recent weeks. The M3 or M4 may very well be the answer to getting your ball into the fairway on a regular basis.

Callaway Rogue Golf Driver

Callaway had a tremendous amount of success with their Great Big Bertha Epic driver range, in 2017 the Epic was the best-selling driver in America. Instead of basking in the glory of the Epic Callaway are releasing a supercharged version of the Epic in 2018, meet the new and improved Callaway Rogue Driver. The Rogue’s new and improved design features enhanced jailbreak technology, a new head shape and an aerodynamic design.

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Jailbreak Technology

The Rogue features an enhanced version of Jailbreak technology that was first employed in the Epic. The new Jailbreak technology has hourglass-shaped titanium bars that are 25% lighter than the original bars.

The bars function as a stiffening mechanism between the crown and the sole of the clubhead. Having a stiffer body allows the clubface to take on an increased impact load resulting in faster ball speeds.

In addition the new Jailbreak technology also allows for the engineering of the X-Face VFT face architecture, another component that promotes higher ball speeds.

New Head Shape

Callaway are the leaders at using carbon composite materials in their drivers and fairway woods. With the Rogue driver Callaway have utilized their proprietary Triaxial Carbon Crown, this material is both extraordinarily light and very strong.

The weight that was saved through the use of this material has instead been redistributed into the perimeter of the clubhead. The redistribution of weight has led to more forgiveness and to a higher MOI (Moment of Inertia).

Aerodynamic Design

In order to maximize clubhead speed it is very important to have a driver with an aerodynamic design. Callaway collaborated with Boeing to formulate their Speed Step Technology.

For the Roque driver Callaway and Boeing worked together to redefine the geometry of the leading edge of the clubhead, this led to increased airflow which promotes higher club head speed.

The Rogue is packed with technology that will appeal to both professional and amateur golfers. The Rogue is available in a draw version for players that are constantly battling that dreaded fade, instead of fixing your swing rather buy a club that will cure your mistakes for you.

The Rogue Sub Zero version will appeal to both professionals and low handicap amateurs. The Sub Zero is a low spinning driver with a high MOI head shape. If you missed out on the epicness of the Epic, or if you are looking to take epic to the next level, then the Rogue might just be the way to go.

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Cobra King F8 Golf Driver

Cobra has made tremendous strides in the golf equipment industry over the last 5 years. Having Rickie Fowler as their poster child has certainly accelerated the process.

Cobra used to live in the shadow of all the major golf equipment manufacturers but in recent years they have become a big league player. The King F8 driver is without a doubt one of the best drivers on the market for 2018, it has a sleek look packed with technology.

The following technology is included in the F8: a precision milled face, E9 technology for an optimized sweet spot, 360 Aero technology for next level speed, Dual Roll technology for optimized trajectories, back and heel adjustable settings and the Cobra Connect System.

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Precision Milled Face

Cobra’s precision milled face technology delivers a face that produces maximum speed. CNC milling yields a more precise face thickness in comparison to hand polishing, this allows engineers to design a thinner faster face which produces maximum speed. In addition to being thin, CNC milling produces a face that is 10% lighter which increases deflection and delivers faster ball speeds.

E9 Technology

The engineers at Cobra analyzed over 25,000 shots during testing and discovered that 99% of golfers make contact with the face in an elliptical pattern ranging from the low heel to high toe areas of the clubface.

Cobra’s patented E9 Technology sweet spot is designed in an elliptical pattern to create a sweet zone that allows for hotspots in both the heel and toe areas of the clubface.

Dual Roll Technology

Cobra’s innovative Dual Roll technology utilizes different curvatures on the top and bottom of the clubface to optimize launch and spin for off center strikes.

The top half of the clubface features more curvature and the bottom half is flatter, this leads to optimal launch and spin for shots hit either high or low on the face.

Through the use of CNC milling engineers at Cobra were able to design a precise horizontal face curvature (bulge radius). This bulge radius compensates for gear effect and delivers more accuracy on both heel and toe strikes.

360 Aero Technology

360 Aero technology features the use of polymer crown trips to improve aerodynamic performance without raising the center of gravity.

Polymer trips are 10% lighter than titanium trips, titanium trips are used on the sole for increased durability, it also lowers the center of gravity for enhanced speed.

The streamlined shape of the F8 significantly reduces drag which produces more clubhead speed and ultimately more distance. This decrease in drag can be seen in the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) model below.

Adjustable Back and Heel

The F8 can be adjusted in numerous different ways. Ball flight can be tuned for a higher more towering flight by adjusting the back weight setting.

Adjusting the heel weight setting will in return promote a lower more draw biased ball flight. The F8 features Cobra’s signature Smart Pad technology in order to adjust the loft of the club.

By changing the loft of the club you are able to adjust both the launch and spin in order to produce maximum distance. Increasing or decreasing the loft will adjust the launch by +/- .5 degrees and the spin by +/- 400 rpms respectively.

Cobra Connect System

The Cobra Connect feature is unique to Cobra and golf geeks will love it. The Cobra Connect app powered by Arccos Golf allows players to get an inside look at how their F8 driver performs.

The data gathered in the app will allow players to adjust their drivers to the optimal setting identified by the app. This recommendation will be made through the data that gets collected each time you hit your driver.

In addition advanced GPS distance tracking is available at over 40,000 courses worldwide thus players can track their progress continuously.

The Cobra F8 is jam packed with state of the art technology. The F8 also features the Cobra Connect System that is unique to Cobra.

If you are on the lookout for a new driver in 2018 then look no further than the F8. Gone are the days where Cobra was just another club manufacturer, they have elevated themselves in recent years to a world class leading golf club manufacturer.

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