Best Golf Exercises from at Home

Many golfers show up at the course, take a few practice swings, and play a round of golf. Sound familiar?

Imagine how much more enjoyable your round of golf would be if your golf fitness was at a high level.

You could avoid those late round break downs. You could feel more control in your golf swing. And the most important factor for most golfers is you’d be able to hit the ball further like the pro’s.

I mean, just look at the pro’s..

Guys like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy took fitness serious in addition to practicing golf and they both can rocket drives 330+ yards when they need to.

So, what exercises are important for golf fitness?

There are some basic exercises everyone can benefit from like squats and cardio and then there are more advanced exercises for specific purposes like weighted golf swing drills.

A simple golf fitness training program should incorporate both to help you score better and enjoy golf more.

Give yourself a 3 to 6 month window to improve your golf fitness and see how better you are as a player 1 year from now. Golf is a long term game, so set goals for the long term and work towards them!

How Golf Impacts Your Body

Think about the body parts that most people complain about when on the golf course. Most golf injuries have to do with the lower back and hips followed by the knees.

If you normally shoot a 90 that means around 50 non-putting stokes with some semblance of a full swing and another 50 – 100 practice swings (if you take more than that you should really think about your speed of play).

That is a lot of twisting and force put on the back, hips, and knees. Following a sound exercise plan can help reduce the soreness you feel from a golf round and help prevent injuries.

Basic Golf Exercises

We will build the exercises here kind of like a pyramid. You need a strong base for a pyramid so we will start with a few exercises that can be done at home easily.

They’ll give you the foundation that you need for a solid golf game and even help your distance at the same time.

In the following set of exercises you will see that your core and legs are emphasized. These are your two power generators in the golf swing that help you maximize your distance you hit your golf clubs.

Exercise #1: Stand as if addressing a golf ball but hold two 32 oz. containers full of liquid in each hand, tighten your stomach and alternately punch across your body. This works your core and helps loosen your back.

Exercise #2: Work toward standing on one foot with a club in your hand and make a smooth golf swing. Do this on either foot.  Balance is something that many people forget.  Being consistent in golf is based upon being able to get the club head in the same position every time.  This has a lot to do with balance.  Yet, how often do you work on your balance?

Exercise #3: Take your normal golf stance with a heavy object like a dictionary between the palms of your two hands.  Make slow golf swings in either direction.  This helps improve stamina.

Exercise #4: Stand in your golf stance and put your arms straight out in front of you. Squat to a point where you are not all the way to 90 degrees and hold this for 20-30 seconds, 5 times.  This can help your swing stability.

Key Takeaway:

By becoming great at swinging a golf club on one foot will really help your balance improve.  In addition, working on your balance slows down the aging process, a nice side benefit.  If you want to really push yourself, learn to do this exercise with your eyes closed.  All of the little muscles that work together to keep you balanced will get a real work out.

Endurance Exercises

If you built up your foundation/balance, the next step is endurance.  Walking 18 holes (and if at all possible you should) is a five to six mile hike while carrying a pack/your bag.

Many people have problems starting somewhere  around the 15th hole.

When your endurance goes your swing tends to go with it.  When you are fit you will have fewer “I would have shot a 79 if I didn’t bogey 3 of the last four holes” stories.

What can you do?

Throw in some exercises for cardio.  You will not be running on the golf course too often (except maybe your victory jog after sinking a 45 foot putt on 18) so you don’t have to train for a marathon.

How to Practice Cardio for Your Golf Game

Cardio Exercise #1: The first thing to do is take a walk.  There are so many benefits to walking and you can do it anywhere almost all the time.  Take time during your lunch break, walk to a bus stop further from your usually stop, take the stairs at work.  All of this are simple ways to train your cardio.

When you want to add in a little more, consider the following set of exercises.

Cardio Exercise #2: Start by skipping and raising your knees high. This will help your hips loosen as well as your cardio.  Do 3 sets of 30 seconds if possible, always keep in mind your level of fitness with all exercises.

Cardio Option #3: Add some gentle running in to your walking. This will add to your stamina. Walk for a minute, then run for a minute and keep alternating.

You’ll be surprised that walking 1 hour every day can greatly improve your endurance on the golf course where you’ll be walking for 4-5 hours potentially.

Power Golf Exercises

Now that you are stable and have endurance it is time to add in strength and speed.  Anybody can swing a golf club fast but can you do it under control and consistently?  Remember, most pro golfers are not giant body builders.

Golf Swing Speed Exercises

It seems that club head speed can be improved by adding very little resistance to your golf club.  By adding gentle resistance to a club, a few ounces of weight, you can improve your swing speed.

It has been found that you should not add more than 105 to the club weight if you want speed improvements.  Any extra weight tends to start throwing your swing off.  Remember, with more speed you get more distance.

One caveat, try to do this with different golf clubs.

Most teachers suggest that you try not to practice too much with one club as you don’t normally hit 10-15 drivers in a row on the course.  Switch the weight device to other clubs so that you build up speed across your entire range of golf clubs.

You can also buy this golf swing training aid that improves your clubhead speed. Check it out.

golf workouts

Golf Strength Training Tips

A golf strength training program is best to undertake in the off-season. For most golfers this is between the months of November and March leaving you a solid 4 months or 120 days roughly to build muscle and increase your strength.

In the off-season work with heavier weights and lower repetitions to build power and during the golf season switch to lighter weights for tone and speed.

If you have not had much experience using free weights try to stick with the machines that control the range of motion as you do not want to injure yourself.

Some people find that using a medicine ball to replicate the golf swing can be helpful.  Adding these strength exercises will help all areas of your golf game.

If you want to go beyond these sets of simple exercises for your golf fitness there are scores of golf training aids, lots of different golf gym equipment, and even golf personal trainers available.

The most important thing is that you just do something physically active.

If you build your golf fitness you should enjoy each round more and even help lower your score.  So, take 15 minutes a few times a week and get ready for your next round of golf!

Golf Practice Plan to Follow to Improve Golf Scores

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