Best Golf Push Carts – Buying Guide + Reviews

Welcome to our ultimate buying guide on golf push carts. Below you’ll find lots of helpful information to educate you about golf push carts, features, accessories, etc. to help you make the right choice when purchasing your push cart.

We’ll get started covering what makes a great push cart, followed by reasons to buy one, types of push carts, and then hop into reviewing the 7 best golf push carts at the second half of this guide.

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Let’s get started with today’s golf push cart buying guide for beginners!

What makes a great push cart?

Storage space

A good golf push cart should be one that won’t occupy much of your space when folded. You don’t have that much space so the least you need is a push cart that will occupy the entire car trunk.

Easy to ride

You are going to use a lot of energy playing, and you don’t need to spend most of it pushing your golf cart. You should, therefore, get one that will give you a smooth ride and make your work easier. There are great golf push carts out there that you won’t notice you’re pushing thanks to there ease of movement. A cart with a good wheelbase is sure to give that smooth ride.

Easy to open and close

You don’t want a push cart that will give you a difficult time opening or closing. You probably don’t have all the time. Choose one that you can easily fold and unfold. Also, ensure it has a good latching mechanism so that it doesn’t open when you don’t want it to.


Choose a cart that is stable enough so that it gives you an easy time riding even when the terrain is not even. Go for one with a wider wheel or a 4-wheeled cart.


You should get a golf cart that will serve you longer to guarantee value for your money. This starts with a sturdy handle, strong tires and a cart strong enough to endure all the folding, dropping and anything that comes its way.

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Reasons to Buy a Golf Push Cart

Improves performance

Golf bags are heavy and can strain your back and shoulders. If you have to carry it for longer hours, you won’t have any energy left to play. Using a push cart is a good way to preserve some energy because pushing the cart is much easier than carrying a bag. With a push cart, you’ll have more energy left to concentrate on the game, and you’ll be able to perform better.

Prevent injury

People who have push carts are less prone to injury or health issues. Golf bags can stress the lower back and strain your muscles. The bag also compresses a lot of force around your spine. Carrying it most of the time can expose you to spinal issues later in life. You also get fatigued having to drop and pick your bag all the time hence reduce your performance.

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A golf cart is wide enough to guarantee more storage. When you set out for the golf course, there are many things that you need to carry apart from the clubs. You don’t need an extra bag if you have a push cart. You will have enough space to store all other items including clothes, gloves, water bottle, among other items.

Types of golf carts

Golf Pull Cart

Golf Pull Carts are also known as the trolley. They are the smallest and the simplest types of golf carts. They come with two wheels that propel when you drag them behind you. They are suitable for golfers who do not have a lot of gears to carry because they don’t have a lot of storage space. They are also lightweight and the cheapest in the market.

Golf Push Carts

Golf push carts take the design of baby stroller with most of them coming with three or four wheels. They are the most popular types of golf carts. They are easier to control, lightweight and give more storage space than the pull carts.

What makes them the best golf clubs in the market is the fact that they are easy to move around and give enough storage room for those with more gears. Because they are a little bigger than the pull ones, they occupy more space when folded hence not suitable for people with limited space.

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Golf Electric Carts

Golf electric carts, also known as electric trolleys, are the newest technological improvement to the pull and push types.

These types of carts make work even much easier for golfers since they eliminate the need to push or pull the cart thanks to their electric motors. Because you don’t have to pull or push, you are going to spend very little energy moving your golf gear.

These carts come in two models; the battery-powered models and the gas-powered models. Some models feature GPS or A.I-driven technologies that can move around the course without you having to touch them. These carts are way much expensive than the pull or push types.

Features to Look for in a Great Push Cart

Ease of Use:

This is the first thing you should consider when buying a push cart. You don’t need a push cart that will give you a difficult time folding or unfolding. Make sure you can easily use the latches or any other mechanism feature incorporated in the cart. It should be easy to fold so that it fits easily in your trunk and have all the attachments and the fasteners in place.

Push Cart Accessories:

Another important thing you should consider when buying your golf push cart is the accessories.

Go for one that comes with more accessories and additional features to make your golfing experience better. To get the most out of the accessories and features, go for the latest models in the market.

Wheels and Brakes:

Because golf courses have rugged terrain, you should get yourself a cart that features larger wheels for a smoother movement. Larger wheels will give you an easy time pushing the cart hence you won’t use a lot of energy.

The parking breaks are also important. Check how they lock the wheels when parked. To be on the safe side, choose the ones that have brakes locking all the wheels that ones that lock only one wheel.

Travel Flexibility:

Ensure you choose a push cart that you can easily travel with whether on air travel or in the trunk of your car. It should be foldable enough to fit in your air travel bag and small enough to fit well in your car trunk.

The weight is also an important factor as far as portability is concerned. Pushing a heavy cart can weigh you down and reduce your performance. Ensure your cart is still light even after adding your gear.

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Top 7 Best Push Carts

In this section we will get into the reviews of each of the top 7 best push carts for golfers to buy. You can skip below to a specific golf push cart by using this list to guide you:

  • Bag Boy Tri Swivel 2
  • Bag Boy Quad Plus
  • Sun Mountain Micro Cart
  • Clicgear 8.0
  • Clicgear 3.5
  • Spider 3 Wheel Push Cart with Seat
  • CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Push Cart

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Bag Boy Tri Swivel II

push cart bag boy

Tri Swivel II from Bag boy is one of the best push carts in the market coming with a swivel tech technology. This wonderful cart is sure to bring out the best in your golfing experience with incredible features. One of the best things about the cart is that it’s a 3-wheeled cart with a swiveling 360-degree front wheel that you’ll love.

The cart is made with a sturdy aluminum frame which also makes it lightweight and one of the easiest carts to maneuver around. It comes with a durable and comfortable handle grip for better service. The wheels are large enough to enable it to move easily along the golf course terrain and are spread apart for stability.

The cart gives you ample time folding and unfolding and will occupy a small space in your car trunk. The swiveling technology might take you a longer time to get used to, but once you master everything, you’ll love the cart.


  • Easy to pull around the golf course
  • It’s made with a breaking mechanism allowing you to lock the front wheel
  • Has adjustable handle to suitable for every golfer’s height


  • Somehow bulky when folded
  • It’s expensive

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Bag Boy Quad Plus

bagboy quad push golf cart

The Quad Plus is another high-end push cart coming from Bag Boy. The popularity of this fancy cart comes from the fact that it’s one of the easiest to use carts in the market. It offers every golfer the convenience they deserve thanks to the ease of folding and unfolding and is easy to push around the golf course.

Its four wheels ensure maximum stability and are also wide enough for the same purpose. It comes with adjustable front wheelbase making it the best-performing push carts ever created. It also comes with a beverage holder ensuring you can carry your favorite drinks around.


  • It’s easy to fold and unfold
  • Light and stable hence easy to push
  • It comes with a high-quality design ensuring durability


  • It’s quite expensive
  • Not as stable as it should be
  • It’s a bit large when folded

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Sun Mountain Micro Cart

sun mountain golf push cart


Sun Mountain Micro Cart is not left behind when it comes to the best push carts in the market. It utilizes the 4-wheel technology to make it more stable and easy to push around the course. The cart folds into small equipment that easily fits in any car trunk for convenience, and it’s also very light. The folding and unfolding process is simple.

The cart is sure to give you the top performance since it’s easy to push on any slope without it falling over. All the features, the ease of use and the performance combined, make this indeed one of the best push carts you can award yourself with.


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • It’s lightweight
  • Saves a lot of space when folded


  • Not one of the stylish designs in the market

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Clicgear 8.0 Golf Push Cart

clicgear model 8.0 golf cart

Clicgear 8.0 cart is designed to take sturdy to a new level. The cart comes with four wheels and is easily noticeable thanks to its big size. The 4-wheel design gives this cart the balance making it easy to push around the golf course along any terrain without worrying about it falling over.

Even though this cart is a little big, it still folds perfectly into a small bag that is highly portable. It has a new step guard that indicates how to fold the cart making the folding time a fun time. You can easily adjust it to your desired height and push it comfortably.


  • It’s a stable cart
  • Appears steadier and durable


  • It’s quite a heavy model
  • It’s very expensive

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Clicgear 3.5+ Push Cart

clicgear 3.5 golf push cart review

Clicgear 3.5 + is another impressive push cart with the best innovative designs. This model comes with some improvements from the previous 3.5 model. Some of the improvements include a larger storage net, a newer break system, cup holder, a new strap system and an umbrella holder bracket. Along with the new features, the model comes at a lower price than the 3.5 model.

It still has the previous rugged look, solid built and steady performance. The straps are easily adjustable, and you can adjust to your desired length. The folding and the unfolding process are not that easy, but the company accompanies this cart with instructional videos of the folding and unfolding process.


  • Comes with a sleek design
  • It’s steady and stable


  • Not easy to fold and unfold
  • Bulky when folded and a little heavy

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Spider 3 Wheel Golf Cart with Seat

spider 3 golf push cart

The comfort-fit padded seat included in this cart gives it a unique design and one of the best carts in the market. The seat ensures you get something to seat on especially if you play in those golf courses with no benches.

Apart from the seat the cart also comes with additional accessories such as tee holder, drink holder, scorecard, scorecard slot, and ball marker.

The 3-wheel and the non-swiveling design of the wheel give the cart maximum stability. It is lightweight and durable thanks to its aluminum tube frame which also gives it a sturdy look. It also comes with a soft-grip ergonomic handle which you can adjust to your preferred height.


  • It’s affordable
  • Comes with a soft-padded seat
  • It’s stable


  • Has a complex folding and unfolding process

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CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

caddy tek golf push cart review

This review cannot end without introducing you to the most affordable push carts in the market. CaddyTek SuperLite from Deluxe comes with incredible features and great performance. It’s suitable for golfers who want a budget-friendly push cart without compromising on quality.

This cart is the easiest to push around the golf course with its weight going to only 12.2 lbs. It is stable and secures thanks to its patented brake system. The cart features three wheels with the front wheel appearing a little smaller than those at the back. It is easy to maneuver and will give you a humble time moving around the golf course.


  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s the cheapest in the market
  • Comes with additional accessories such as beverage holder, umbrella holder, and mesh net


  • It can seem a bit off-balance
  • The brakes are sometimes hard to operate

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