Golf Shoes: Best Brands for Comfort and Style

In this guide we are going to break down the different popular golf shoe brands so you can see the best options available for buying new golf shoes. We will review the best golf shoe brands for both comfort and style. It’s important to feel good in your golf shoes and look good at the same time!

3 Best Golf Shoe Brands (Review)

There are hundreds of sporting brands out there who offer their own collection of professional looking golf shoes.

And although some brands specialize in specific styles, the three brands we talk about today offer a variety of options that will meet a range of golfer’s requirements, whatever your preference may be.

So, in no particular order let’s get into our top three men’s golf shoe brands!

#1 – Under Armour Golf Shoes

Under Armour are a well-established sports brand known for a wide range of collections for both indoor and outdoor sporting, as well as casual fashion. But when it comes to finding a comfortable golf shoe, this is our go-to name that offers comfort and practicality in spades.

The range of Under Armour golf shoes is pretty extensive, and Clarkes offers a variety of them ranging in size and fit to suit all feet, but what makes them so special? Of course they offer the high design standards one can expect from any Under Armour product, but they also benefit from unrivalled features that mean you can get the very best out of your footwear whether its summer, winter, wet or dry. Here are just some of the reasons why Clarkes range of Under Armour golf shoes are worth your time and attention:

  • Affordable
  • High quality durable material
  • Waterproof and non-waterproof options
  • Flexible build
  • Additional support for comfort on the longest days
  • Price match guarantee
  • Wide variety of options for every type of golfer

To shop the full range of Under Armour men’s golf shoes take a look at Clarkes Golf shop.

#2 – Nike Golf Shoes

Nike have made a positive name for themselves amongst keen golfers over a number of years, leading to an increase in their range of professional golf shoes.

Combining experience and industry expertise, those truly serious about improving their golfing game need look no further than Nike as their go-to brand of shoes.

With a wide range of both spiked and spikeless golf shoes, Nike have implemented innovative technology and features to not only compliment your golfing experience but enhance it.

And the best part?

These additional features haven’t led to an unsightly men’s golf shoe. In fact, at Clarkes Golf, they stock a huge range of colourways, styles and designs to suit all tastes.

If you value any of the following, we recommend paying Clarkes a visit to shop their collection of Nike golf shoes:

  • Unique designs
  • Professional features
  • Spiked golf shoe options
  • Price match guarantee
  • Wide range of sizes and fits

Take a look at Nike’s full collection of men’s golf shoes now.

#3 – Footjoy Golf Shoes

Last but by no means least, FootJoy is the men’s golf shoe brand that has catered to the experts for many years.

If professionalism is your core driver, then there really is no other brand to consider as FootJoy are famed for their incredible comfort, supporting fit and stability meaning you can look great and outperform your peers.

Known for their fantastic design with unique cushioning – meaning your foot and ankle remains supported throughout the day – it’s no wonder that FootJoy are a premium brand.

But the high quality materials and innovative design mean that they are a worthy investment for any serious golfer.

Choose a golf shoe that works for you

Whether you’re a novice or a well-seasoned golfer, the chances are that when it comes to your footwear, you already have certain criteria in mind. Do you value comfort to support your feet during many hours of walking from course to course?

Perhaps your priority is a stable shoe with a spiked sole that can stand the test of time.

Whatever it is, the first and most important part of choosing your next pair of golf shoes is to establish what you feel is most important for you and narrow down your options to align with those needs.

Clarkes Golf have been supplying FootJoy golf shoes for many years, with an impressive range on offer including both spiked and spike less golf shoes in a plethora of colors. Here are just a few of the things that make FootJoy a worthwhile contender for your next pair of golf shoes:

  • Premium design
  • Assortment of styles including spiked and spike less
  • Unrivalled cushioning
  • Impressive ground coverage
  • Waterproof options available
  • Price match guarantee

Many of these men’s golf shoe brands are available from Clarkes Golf, offering style, affordability and innovative technology so that you never need to sacrifice your game again.

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