Best Golf Shoes 2023 Review

Welcome to our 2023 Golf Shoe Buying Guide where we review the best golf shoes models on the market. Every golf season you need a new pair of golf shoes to withstand the mileage you’ll put into them walking a golf course.

Plus, who doesn’t like new shoes? Rocking new golf shoes is also a fashion statement to make you look stylish on the golf course in addition to comfort.

Best Golf Shoes to Buy in 2023:

  • New Balance 1701 Spiked Golf Shoe
  • Adidas Adipower S Boost 3
  • Adidas 360 Traxion Golf Shoe
  • Sketchers Go Golf Elite 3 Golf Shoe
  • Sketchers Go Golf Fairway Shoe
  • Sketchers Go Golf Pro 2 Shoe
  • Sketchers Go Golf Drive 2 Shoe
  • Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe
  • Sketchers Go Golf Elite 2 Golf Shoe
  • New Balance NBG2004 Golf Shoe

New Balance 1701 Spiked Golf Shoe


The New Balance 1701 is a feather-light shoe with looks like an athletic silhouette. It features everything a high-quality shoe should have with a classy look and the comfort every golf player should have. It comes with incredible features which we carefully picked up and reviewed to help you make a wise choice.

Ndurance rubber outsole

New Balance wants to make sure every golf player is as comfortable as possible that’s why it made this shoe with a patented rubber outsole with an advanced spike system to protect the feet. Every golfer will, of course, love to feel the stability and comfort and that’s why the sole comes with a larger sole area.

Cushioned EVE foam midsole

EVE foam midsole not only ensure increasing arch support but also keep the feet fresh all day long. It is soft enough to offer maximum comfort and sturdy enough to provide strength.

Water-resistant microfiber leather upper outsole

It doesn’t matter the kind of weather condition you’re playing on. The golf shoe will ensure your feet are perfectly dry thanks to its water-resistant upper outsole.

Champ Slim-Lock cleat system

The Balance has paid close attention to the quality of the cleats by working with the Champ Slim-Lock cleat system. The high-performing cleat system ensures the shoe wears well and you can easily replace it.


  • Waterproof exterior keeps the feet dry
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Slim-Lock cleat system makes wear off perfectly and easy to replace


  • It’s a little bulky
  • A stiffer than what is expected from a golf shoe

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Adidas Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoe

adipower boost 3 golf shoes

Adidas has been one of the leading manufacturers for athletic items, and you don’t expect anything than the best from their brands. Owing to the features and the high performance of the shoe, it is with no doubt perfect for golfers of all levels.

The first thing that will attract you in this Adipower S Boost 3 golf shoe is the color and the model.

However, that is not enough to make the shoe great. We, therefore, dig a little deeper to find the features that come with the shoe.

Climastorm water-repellent protection

The Climastorm system is the technology behind waterproofing which ensures the exterior of the shoe is made in a way that doesn’t allow any moisture to creep into your feet. This ensures your feet remain dry all day long for maximum comfort.

Energy Sling Technology

This technology ensures the shoe helps you transfer power from one leg to another. The Boost also allows the energy to transfer from the back to the front of the foot for maximized distance. The bounce foam layer also aids response and increased power.

Rounded Toe

This is another incredible feature of the Adispower S Boost 3 shoe that gives enough room for the foot to expand. The midsole layer ensures increased stability.

Advanced Puremotion outsole

Puremotion outsole utilizes the unique waffle sole to ensure the golfer is connected to the ground for stability.


  • It has the best waterproof exterior
  • Comes with broader foot base for flexibility
  • Waffle spike sole ensures you are perfectly grounded and balanced


  • Not ideal for golfers who want rigid spiked sole
  • Too flashy exterior for traditional golfers

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Adidas 360 Traxion Golf Shoe

360 traxion golf shoe

Adidas still makes it in the list of the best golf shoes in the market, and this new addition to their collection is a very lightweight shoe. Many golfers won’t like anything to weigh them down while enjoying some incredible swings in the course. The shoe ensures you get exactly the comfort you want.

Nevertheless, the lightweight is not the only amazing thing about Adidas 360 Traxion shoe.

It also comes with very many features that make it one of the best golf shoes ever made. Here is a breakdown of its best features.

Climastorm waterproof technology

Adidas employs Climastorm technology in most of their golf shoes to keep off water from your feet. It also has a breathable feature to ensure your feet are comfortable all day long.

Bounce midsole

Everybody likes stability and support while on the golf course. Adidas 360 Traxion doesn’t disappoint since it comes with the Bounce midsole to ensure you do not experience any pain when you have to wear your shoes for a long time.

Microfiber upper layer

The strong upper layer is made from microfiber that ensures breathability and protection. It also ensures flexibility with every stride.

Spikeless Puremotion outsole

This feature ensures the outsole promotes balance, stability, and grip. The main function of the Puremotion is to provide you are perfectly grounded during a swing for stability.


  • Bounce midsole ensures stability and comfort
  • Climastorm waterproof technology keeps the water out and ensures breathability
  • The Adiwear traction system keeps you to the ground for a steady swing


  • Has no traditional flared spike
  • Synthetic-mixed outer layer is not suitable for golfers who love leather

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Sketchers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe

elite 3 sketchers golf shoe

Sketchers Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe is another top selection golf shoe worth considering heavily before you make a purchasing decision.

The comfort that comes with this shoe makes it an incredible pair to wear for the golf course and have a wonderful day. Its lightweight enables you to walk for long hours around the course and never feel any weight dragging you back.

However, those are not the only things that make this shoe worth your attention. By the time you finish reading its features, you will be on your way to get one for yourself.


H2GO Shield waterproof protection

Since most golfers have to wake up early morning to practice and sometimes have to play on the wet ground, waterproof protection if the first feature they will check in their shoe. The waterproof technology will not only keep your feet warm all day but will also ensure breathability for maximum comfort.

Resamax cushioned insole

This technology ensures you have a stable landing area as you walk the course. The low drop design keeps your feet close to the ground and ensures your feet are balanced inside the shoe.

TPU bottom plate on Outsole

The TPU bottom plate ensures grip and stability as you pull out your best swing. You never have to worry about slipping since Go Golf Elite 3 shoe is very secure.

5Gen interior cushion

Patented 5Gen interior cushion ensures maximum comfort with an incredible softness level to keep you feeling good all day.


  • H2GO shield ensures your feet are dry the entire day
  • The stylish leather material gives the shoe an elegant look
  • Patented Resamax provides maximum stability


  • It’s a little soft for golfers who prefer a rigid shoe
  • Not ideal for players who prefer flared spikes

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Sketchers Golf Men’s Go Golf Fairway Golf Shoe

sketchers golf fairway shoe

Sketchers Go Golf Fairway shoe is designed in a special way to handle walking 18 holes in any weather condition and still ensure maximum comfort. Apart from being lightweight and stylish, the shoes are also very comfortable and durable. However, everything is not finished yet without reviewing the technological features of the shoe. So let’s see what makes this shoe every golfer’s choice.

Golf Shoe Features

The Goga Max technology-infused insole

The Goga Max technology ensures comfortable landing of your feet as you walk the course. It is soft and durable enough to ensure you stay comfortable all day and get value for your money.

The 5GEN cushioning midsole

This technology ensures reduced pressure on the arch of the foot for maximum comfort. You will never get your foot injured when you wear them for long, and you can walk as long as you want.

Goga Matrix cushioned outsole design

The Goga matrix outsole ensures you get maximum support for maximum balance. The technology also ensures added value for your shoes thanks to their durability and high-performance.

Breathable Upper Layer

The upper layer is covered with mesh layer surrounding the foot to ensure breathability, so you don’t sweat or experience cold temperatures.


  • The breathable interior keeps the feet dry
  • Cushioning technology for comfort
  • Affordable and stylish


  • Not ideal for those looking for traditional, rigid leather
  • Doesn’t have advanced features

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Sketchers Performance Men’s Go Golf Pro 2 Golf Shoe

golf pro 2 shoe by sketchers (1)

For sketchers to have more than three types of their shoe feature in the best golf shoes 2023 review should ring a bell in your ears. This means that Sketchers is one of the best shoe manufacturers you can count to get high quality golf shoes.

The Performance Men’s Go Golf Pro 2 Golf Shoe features a low-profile designed loved by every professional golfer.

The low-profile design ensures maximum comfort preventing tiredness so that you stay active all day long. Below are some of the most amazing features that come with the shoe.

5GEN Midsole

5GEN technology allows the midsole to be lighter and responsive. It also features a shock-absorbing design with a hard surface and ensures a better swing foundation.

The Spikes

The spikes of the shoe come in a molded plastic and are designed in a diamond shape for better traction. The outsole area is more spiked for better grip on wet surfaces and tall grass.

The Tongue

The Sketchers Go Golf Pro 2 comes with a padded tongue making it one of the best in the market. It is also paired with lightweight laces for more comfort.

Lightweight and comfort

Weighing only 15.3 ounces, the shoe is light enough to ensure you’re extremely comfortable throughout the game.

Goga Mat Insole

Goga Mat technology makes the feet feel like yoga mat allowing a medium-fit for comfort. This sets it aside from other golf shoes which are either too thick insole or too thin.


  • Excellent comfort
  • H2GO waterproof technology to keep the feet dry
  • Great traction on wet ground and thick grass


  • The spikes can be uncomfortable on firm grounds
  • The heals are too robust hence may require some time for you to break in

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Sketchers Performance Men’s Go Golf Drive 2 Golf Shoe

golf drive 2 shoe review

The Go Golf Drive 2 is the 2nd generation from Sketcher’s Go Golf Drive line. Just like its predecessor, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance and comfort.

The only notable difference with the 1st generation is that Go Golf Drive 2 is spikeless while the other one is spiked.

When it comes to features, it also stays up to the expectations of the golfers in several ways. Let’s have a look at those features and see if it’s worth spending on.

Goga Mat Insole

Just like in the 1st generation, the Goga Mat technology is also designed specifically to provide a medium-level cushion for excellent comfort. The spikeless sole makes it flat and comfortable.

Next-Gen Resalyte® Midsole

The Resalyte Midsole makes the shoe flatter and lighter for maximum comfort. It doesn’t provide shock-absorbing quality which differentiates it from its predecessor.

Rubber Studded Traction Sole

The rubber studded sole ensures maximum traction to provide support. The traction makes it stable and comfortable.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Good traction
  • Excellent breathability


  • Doesn’t provide enough traction on thick grass or muddy ground
  • It is not fully waterproof

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Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0

best golf shoes 2019 adidas

Adidas maintains its good name as one of the best companies for footwear by providing a series of quality shoes. And now the Men’s Tech Response 4.0 raises its name among golfers as one of the best golf shoes for 2023.

With maximum comfort and breathability as well as stable traction, you wouldn’t ask for more. So, what are some of the features that make this shoe worth buying?

Climastorm Material

The Climastorm technology on the upper part of the shoe enables superior breathability. The material also makes the shoe light and durable for maximum comfort and great value for your money.

EVA-Foam Cushioned Midsole

The midsole have a bounce-foam technology for shock absorbance, comfort and cushioning.

Wider Forefoot

It comes with a bigger and rounder toe box for maximum comfort enabling better walking and excellent stability for a great swing.


  • Spikeless-spiked design for good traction
  • Wide interior room for stability
  • Decent breathability for comfort


  • Not waterproof
  • An inconsistent grip on thick grass

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Sketchers Go Golf Elite 2

sketchers pro 2 elite golf shoe review

Sketchers are really making their buyers proud with an endless list of excellent golfing shoes. The Go Golf Elite 2 golf shoe is another beautiful addition in their list with excellent technology and performance.

So, what are some of the key features that make this shoe stand out from the rest?

H2GO Shield Waterproof Lining

The shoe is fully waterproof and will not get your feet wet no matter the amount of water on the ground. This makes it stand out from the rest of spikeless golf shoes that don’t have the same technology.

5GEN Insole

It comes with the same insole as that of Go Golf Pro 2 with the Resalyte insole of the Drive 2. This type of insole provides maximum comfort setting it aside from its competitors.

Durable Grip Spikeless Sole

The sole of the shoe used molded Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) plastic for studs as opposed to rubber. It is spread throughout the bottom sole for balanced traction.

The Tongue

It is padded with a thin pad for better stability for the lightweight laces as well as comfortable forefoot.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Maximum comfort and breathability
  • Spikeless sole for decent traction


  • They don’t do well as fully spiked shoes

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New Balance Golf NBG2004

new balance golf shoe review 2019

New balance is another great manufacturer in footwear and making another appearance in the list for the best golf shoes gives you a reason to trust them for your golf shoes. Their NBG2004 golf shoe comes with 7 molded plastic spikes on the sole.

They are made with a sporty, modern design making them stand out from their competitors. Take a look at their features, and you’ll have more reasons to buy a pair.

REVlite Midsole

This technology gives the shoe an innovative foam compound for lightweight, cushioning and responsiveness.

The Spikes

The outsole comes with a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material providing maximum comfort. The seven spikes are placed in the shoe with a precise calculation to make it stable.


The shoe is fully waterproof with a 2-year waterproof guarantee. This makes it the best choice for rainy weathers and wet grounds for maximum traction.


  • Maximum traction
  • Comes with a low profile design for maximum comfort
  • Foam-fitted tongue for stable, lightweight laces
  • Fully waterproof


  • Not enough traction on firm grounds
  • Not so breathable

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Golf Shoes Questions and Answers

Q: What are some of the best features a golf shoe should have?

The qualities to look for in every golf shoe depend on your needs and the situation. Considering the technological advancement coming in this years shoes, there is a lot to expect from the best golf shoes. Here are some of the most common features to look for.


You need a good foundation for your swing, and this is only possible with good traction. Good traction is an important anchor to the ground to aid the motion of your swing.


Comfortable shoes are not only a requirement for sports but also for everyday need. Golfers do a lot of walking in a round of golf. Comfort starts with proper sizing, the kind of material used and the hardness.

Breathability also ensures your feet do not sweat hence ensure comfort. Your shoe also undergoes heavy friction during a swing. You need soft and flexible sole to withstand this and hence a comfortable swing.

Shoe resistance

You’re going to experience different conditions such as various weather conditions. When faced with wet weather conditions, you need golf shoes made from waterproof materials. You need to consider the kind of shoes fit for the course climate conditions.

Shoe style

Different golf shoe manufacturers offer different styles. Different golfers prefer different styles which range from a classic, elegant and sophisticated look. There is also modern and sporty look. No matter the style you consider, you should think about its functionality as well.


As years go by, golf shoe manufacturers are coming up with various technological advancements. Whether you prefer spiked or spikeless shoes, you should always look for the technologies especially on stability.

Q: Should I go for spiked or spikeless golf shoes?

Golf shoes are available in both spiked and spikeless sole. However, for a person who is not too experienced with different types of golf shoes, you need to see the differences between the two and decide on what will work better for you.

Spikeless shoes

Spikeless soles have a low profile and light hence more comfortable. They have rubber studs hence provide enough traction. What most golfers won’t like about them is that they have less grip and not so stable on rough surfaces and tall grass. The sole material does not provide enough waterproofing hence will not be good for wet grounds.

Spiked shoes

Spiked shoes offer the best traction on any surfaces and provide more waterproofing abilities. On the negative side, they are not so comfortable and are relatively heavy. They are also more high profile as compared to their spikeless counterpart.

Considering all the advantages and the disadvantages that come with these kinds of shoes, what you prefer will depend on your style. It is not easy to tell which is better and which is not.

Q: Do I need the shoelaces in a golf shoe?

Golf shoelaces are very important for the fastening system, and many manufacturers modify them to meet the current technology and design of the golf shoe. They have developed mechanical lacing systems that prevent loosening as well as improve stability.

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Q: What are the best materials for golf shoes?

There are different materials used to make golf shoes, and your choice depends on your preferences. Here are some of the common materials used by most manufacturers.

Leather Material

Leather is the most common material used in making golf shoes thanks to their durability nature. Unlike the early versions which were a bit stiff, today’s leather shoes are much softer and supple for easier movement.

Synthetic Material

Synthetic materials are the best alternative to leather, and they are much cheaper than leather material based shoes. Their downside is that they lack breathability hence not so comfortable. They also show earlier signs of wear and tear than leather hence not so durable.

Waterproofing compounds

Since most golfers play on wet conditions, there is a huge demand for waterproof shoes. Most waterproof golf shoes are made with Gore-Tex material to keep your feet dry and blister free. They also keep your feet warm during winter periods.

Q: Should I own different pairs to suit different kinds of golf course and weather conditions?

This can weigh your budget down, but the answer is yes if you can afford it. This is because different golf courses have different surfaces and you play in different weather conditions.

You need spikeless shoes for dry summer conditions because of their breathability and lightweight nature. They are, however, not so waterproof hence not suitable for wet climate.

Spiked shoes are great for muddy and wet grounds due to their high traction ability. They are not so comfortable on hot climate since they are not as breathable as the spikeless ones.

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