The Best Golf Shoes To Buy in 2023

Looking for the best golf shoes to purchase in 2023? Asking yourself which golf shoes should I buy?

No worries, we got you covered with today’s top 5 recommendations for shoes you can rock with style on the golf course including:

  • ECCO golf shoes
  • Adidas golf shoes
  • Nike golf shoes
  • Callaway golf shoes

Guide to Buying Golf Shoes

Why is picking a good golf shoe important?

Golfers are known to be very finicky about their equipment since the game is all about tiny margins. There is one piece of equipment that every golfer uses on every shot: the golf shoes.

Advances in technology in golf shoes have meant that golfers can now extract more traction, stability, and balance from their shoes while being more comfortable than ever before. And did we mention you can even purchase waterproof golf shoes now days?

Before we jump into the 5 best golf shoe recommendations, be sure you download our golf skills assessment test to take and monitor your improvement over time.

Reviewing the Best Golf Shoe Options 2023

ECCO Cool Shoes

ecco golf shoes 2017

The ECCO Cool Golf Shoes are top-notch shoes that are sure to perform at the highest level on the golf course. A lot of care has gone into their design. The shoes are made from Gore-Tex technology that will ensure 100% waterproof protection while allowing your feet to breathe through the fabric.

The shoes have been made from Dritton leather so that they last longer and include a special sock design allowing the users to wear these shoes without socks if they so wish. These are spiked shoes (Zarma II golf spikes) so you will not be using them off the course.

Buyers are advised to be a little careful with the sizing though as that can sometimes be a little odd for ECCO shoes.

Amazon Link: ECCO Cool Golf Shoes

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Adidas Adicross Classic Shoes


The Adidas Adicross golf shoe from Adidas are not only the best golf shoes you can buy but also one of the best looking in our opinion. They do not have the traditional golf spikes and so can be worn from the course to the bar or wherever else people go from golf courses!

They have the classic Adidas sneakers look but do not compromise any of the performance you expect from quality golf shoes. The sole is synthetic and contains 90 traction lugs placed strategically to provide sufficient grip in all playing conditions.

These are very lightweight, durable and extremely comfortable.

Amazon Link: Adidas Adicross Golf Shoe

Callaway Men’s Balboa Trx Golf Shoe

calaway best golf shoes 2017

Callaway is a very respected Golf brand and it is no surprise to have their footwear in a best golf shoes list. The Callaway Balboa Trx Shoes are very much what modern golf shoes try to be. They are lightweight, water-resistant, durable and have a sole that is specially designed for the golf course.

The shoe comes with SLIM-Lok removable cleats that improve traction, get the player close to the ground and helps in efficient translation of power through the swing. There is a breathable mesh liner to keep your feet cool and a soft midsole to keep you comfortable after a long hard day golfing.

Not too much to dislike about these shoes which are pretty much brand new to the market and state of the art in their execution.

Amazon Link: Callaway Balboa Trx Shoes

Nike Golf Lunar Control Vapor Shoes

nike lunar control vapor best golf shoes

The Nike Golf Lunar Control Vapor  golf shoe is the shoe that Rory McIlroy wears while playing on the tour. Yes, they are that good. Nike has engineered each and every part of these shoes to be the best golf shoes on the planet.

These golf shoes are very light, sturdy and exceptionally comfortable to wear. The outsole has been designed using Nike Articulated Integrated Traction that will provide you enough grip for any playing condition.

There are medial and lateral Phylon wings to provide ample support to your feet while the decoupled heel and forefoot also ensures a smooth transition through the golf swing.

The upper part of these shoes is made with a waterproof material while there is an additional waterproof membrane under the footbed as well.

The shoes are available in a variety of colors which will appeal to both the subdued and the more flamboyant among you.

Amazon Link: Nike Golf Lunar Control Vapor

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