Golf is one of the most interesting and expensive sports to play. You need to have a variety of products at your disposal. Starting from tee time to your golf clubs to divot tools, all of these will cost you a substantial amount of money. When it comes to choosing the best products, wouldn’t it be great to get some guidance?

Why use a golf umbrella?

When you choose to play golf, you know that you have to spend a good amount of time at the golf course. And when you are outside for a long amount of time at a stretch there is a good chance that you might get stuck in the rain, or have to bear the scorching heat.

An umbrella is a handy accessory to have in your bag. You might not even realize the importance of a good golf umbrella until it’s too late.

Playing in the rain can make the game tougher for you, and scoring becomes almost impossible when your grips are wet and you have a waterlogged bag. But if you have a good umbrella with you then the course can become easier for you.

A good golf umbrella will help you stay dry and still score well. But if the umbrella you have is a cheap one that gets destroyed in the rain or turns upside down, it will just make matters worse for you.

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Golf Umbrella Essentials

There are some important factors that you need to keep in mind before choosing a golf umbrella. You need to take into consideration if it provides good wind resistance, gives you proper rain protection, can last you for a long time or not, the handle shape, etc.

Wind Resistance

You wouldn’t want your umbrella to get blown upside down or get flown away by a gust of wind. If this happens, it will simply end up hampering your game. But even among the options available, there is a gradient when it comes to providing wind resistance. You need to be able to decide if you want something that can stand up to a gentle breeze or if you want something that can withstand a stiff wind.

It is wise to choose a double-canopy umbrella to provide wind resistance. This can provide you with the best experience. Double-canopy umbrellas have two layers of fabric, where the top layer overhangs the bottom layer slightly to keep it from leaking, and the gap helps the air to escape. This will stop the umbrella from turning upside down when by a gust of wind.

Rain Protection

The basic purpose of an umbrella is to provide you protection from the rain. But most of the umbrellas fail to provide you proper protection. You would want to have an umbrella that is properly waterproof and doesn’t leak or drip over you.

Choosing a larger canopy size would provide you with better rain protection as it would cover more surface, but it also means that it will be much heavier and could be more burdensome.

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Unlike your golf clubs, your umbrella should be a long-term investment. You should always go for high quality shafts and stretchers to make sure that your umbrella can withhold pressure. Different materials and construction in the canopy can have a great impact on the performance and durability of your umbrella.

Shape of the handle

Going for a standard hook-shaped handled umbrella is not something that you would want choose for your golf umbrella. A straight handle can provide you with an advantage, especially if you use pull carts.

Pull carts generally have an umbrella stand that is either built-in or can be easily attached. A hook-shaped handle wouldn’t be ideal for these stands but a straight handle would be.

The size of the handle and the opening on the cart’s umbrella stand are other things to be considered. If the grip is oversized or if it is too small then it won’t fit properly on the stand and will not stay secure.

Best Golf Umbrella Options

Gustbuster Pro Series

As the name suggests, this umbrella does provide you good resistance against gust of wind. This umbrella features a double canopy design that permits air passage and can be effective in even up to 55 mph wind. It also has an extra-strength fiberglass shaft that is light but robust.

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Titleist Jet Black Tour Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

This umbrella has a double canopy design that prevents the umbrella blowing upside down in high winds. It also comes with UV protection for hot and sunny days.

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Weatherman Golf Umbrella

Weatherman umbrellas are big, and comes in 62” and 68” models. They are built with industrial-strength fiberglass, Teflon-coated fabric and UPF 50+ protection. This brand was conceptualized by a meteorologist and performs accordingly.

Weatherman also comes with an app that can tell you when you need to bring an umbrella. It also uses a Bluetooth to let you know where your umbrella is.

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UV-Blocker Golf Umbrella

This brand puts an extra emphasis on skin protection, and is an effective umbrella to protect you from the harmful UV rays. It has a double canopy vented mesh system that helps the heat escape and will keep you cool and dry. It is also recognized by the Melanoma International Foundation as effective in skin cancer prevention.

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