Best Golf YouTube Channels to Follow

YouTube is one of the best places to learn about the golf swing and take tips from online golf instructors. It also has many entertaining golf YouTube channels as well who pull golf pranks or put up compilation videos of amazing trick shots.

Other golf YouTube channels are course vloggers who go play some of the most amazing golf courses around the world for you to watch and see what they’re like. This gives you an idea of where to vacation next for a round of golf.

Check out the top YouTube channels below we believe are worth hitting the big red subscribe button.

Nick Foy Golf

First on the list is our very own YouTube golf channel. I upload golf videos daily covering different Q&A we get from our email list audience as well as comments on videos.

Recent Videos:

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  • Golf Q&A
  • Golf Course Vlogs Playing Awesome Courses
  • Collabs with Other Golf Accounts
  • Collabs with LPGA / Golf Babes
  • Golf Drills, Tips, Instruction

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Me and My Golf

Piers and Andy run a very educational and entertaining golf YouTube channel. They cover the golf swing with easy to understand videos making it beginner friendly to help you fix your swing faults.

You’ll find golf course vlogs, driving range instruction, club reviews, what’s in the bag, and many more types of videos to immerse yourself into if you’re a true golf fan looking to spend hours on YouTube learning.

With over 500,000 subscribers it’s one of the best YouTube Channels in the golf niche.

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Golf Holics

Golf Holics is growing quickly with over 60,000 subscribers and this rapid growth is due to their entertaining golf course vlogs. The guys running this channel play some of the best golf courses in the US like Kapalua in Hawaii and TPC Scottsdale & Quintero in Arizona, as well as many courses around San Diego and Los Angeles.

Not only are these golf course vlogs exciting to see first hand what the courses look like up close, but they also play them with some very entertaining people like Brodie Smith, various golf babes like Paige Spiranac, and other golf influencer accounts you probably follow already on Instagram / Social Media.

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Peter Finch Golf

Peter Finch Golf is another popular golf YouTube Channel to follow. He is a top online golf instructor with education videos to teach you about the swing, your putting and chipping, as well as other important golf tips.

Additionally, you’ll be kept up to date with club reviews watching him smack the latest, newest driver, iron sets, and testing wedges and putters.

Like Golf Holics and our own channel, Peter has fun playing golf courses and doing reviews of them so you can see what a course is like before deciding to go play it on a golf vacation.

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