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Golf Hybrids and rescue clubs have become a standard addition to the golf bags of pretty much all golfers. At first golf hybrid clubs were used by high handicappers that struggled to get their golf ball airborne, but nowadays even the best players in the world have added a hybrid to their bag.


Hybrids feature heavily among women’s professionals, multiple players on the LPGA Tour carry either 2 or 3 or even 4 hybrids in their bags. Hybrids are a must have if you want to get rid of those hard to hit long irons.

Hybrids are easier to hit, they launch at a much higher angle and offer an all around user friendly experience. If you are going to invest in a hybrid then it is important to choose a hybrid that fits perfectly into your current bag.

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1. Titleist 818 H1 Golf Hybrid

Titleist are renowned for manufacturing high quality golf clubs. Unlike most manufacturers they aren’t simply known for being the best at making a certain category of clubs, golf clubs that carry the Titleist name are all industry leaders.

Titleist delivered another industry leader with their 818 H1 hybrid, it is packed with technology, features a sleek traditional design and can be custom fit exactly to your liking. The 818 H1 features both SureFit and Active Recoil Channel technology.

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The 818 H1 was engineered for maximum custom fitting adjustability. Customization is achieved through the adjustability of the SureFit Hosel and the SureFit CG (Centre of Gravity).

The SureFit Hosel provides 16 independant loft and lie settings and the SureFit CG can be adjusted to promote either a neutral, fade or draw ball flight.

Being able to optimize the CG increases the average MOI by 10% from the previous 816 H1 model, the result is forgiveness that can’t be compared to any other club on the market.

Active Recoil Channel 2.0

All Titleist hybrids feature a new active recoil channel, this generates faster ball speeds through the improved flexing of the polymer insert in the channel. The results are a hybrid that produces consistent, long carry distances.

The H1 is very well suited towards the golfer that is looking for a high launching forgiving hybrid. If you prefer the look of a fairway wood over the look of a hybrid then the H1 will definitely suit your eye.

The H1 is available in 5 different loft options (19°, 21°, 23°, 25°, 27°). A traditional design combined with state of the art technology, you definitely can’t go wrong by adding one of these hybrids to your bag.

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2. TaylorMade M3 Rescue Golf Hybrid

Taylormade’s M3 series of drivers and fairway woods have already made waves in the golf equipment industry over the first couple of months of 2018. Their M3 series of rescue clubs will certainly get their time in the spotlight as well.

The M3 rescue features all the technology of the M3 driver that golfers are raving about.

The trademark technology that is included in the M3 is TaylorMade’s adjustable sliding weight, and their speed pocket technology. The design also features a two-tone crown that will assist players to align themselves up consistently towards their intended target.

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Crank it. Slide it. Stripe it.

The M3 rescue features TaylorMade’s signature adjustable sliding weight technology. Adjusting the sliding weight will allow you to find the setting that produces a ball flight that suits your personal preference. Instead of changing you swing to suit the club, change the club to suit your swing.

Speed Pocket

The M3 rescue features a new and improved speed pocket. The improved speed pocket provides enhanced flexibility which produces higher ball speed and more distance on strikes that are low on the face.

Two-Tone Crown

TaylorMade’s M family of clubs all feature a signature two-tone crown cosmetic. The science behind the shape of the crown is to encourage proper alignment, alignment is key if you are seeking consist well struck golf shots.

Taylormade is renowned for making the best golf drivers on the market, but the M3 rescue doesn’t play second fiddle to their drivers. It is a well designed golf hybrid that features all the technology of their drivers in a small compact version. The M3 rescue is available in 3 loft options (19, 21 and 24 degrees). If you are looking to add an explosive modern looking hybrid to your bag then the M3 is without a doubt the way to go.

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Callaway Rogue Golf Hybrid

Callaway has always been a giant in the golf club manufacturing business, but in recent years they have stepped it up a notch and at the moment they are arguably the nr1 golf club manufacturer in the world.

Callaway’s Epic range of drivers introduced the world to Jailbreak Technology. After all the success they had with Epic, Callaway decided to implement Jailbreak Technology into both fairway woods and hybrids, that’s when the Roque range was born.

The Rogue hybrid is without a doubt the most technologically advanced hybrid available on the market today. It features Jailbreak, Hyper Speed Face Cup and Internal Standing Wave Technology. If you are looking to add a state of the art hybrid to your bag then look no further than the Rogue.

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Jailbreak Technology

For the first time ever Jailbreak is now available in a hybrid, the Rogue hybrid has two steel Jailbreak bars installed into the clubhead in order to stiffen the body. As a result more impact load is placed on the face of the club which promotes ball speed and distance.

Hyper Speed Face Cup Technology

All Rogue hybrids feature an extremely thin Carpenter 455 steel face, in combination with Jailbreak the face produces very high ball speeds.

In addition to Jailbreak and a thin face all Rogue hybrids also feature Callaway’s Face Cup technology, this technology produces additional speed on both center and off center strikes.

Regardless if you find the middle of the clubface or not, with a Rogue hybrid in hand you will always be able to generate high ball speeds for maximum distance.

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Internal Standing Wave Technology

Included in all Rogue hybrids is Callaway’s Internal Standing Wave technology. This technology was pioneered in their irons in order to position the centre of gravity with extreme precision. The centre of gravity in all Rogue hybrids is positioned low and forward in the clubhead in order to promote high-launch and low spin, the perfect combination when hitting a hybrid.

Without a doubt all Rogue hybrids are industry leading clubs that are packed with state of the art technology. Rogue golf hybrids are available in 5 different loft options (17, 19, 21, 24, and 27 degrees).

With 5 different loft options you will be able to find a Rogue hybrid/s that fit perfectly into your bag. At the moment Callaway are leading the way in golf club innovation, with that in mind you can’t go wrong by purchasing a Rogue hybrid.

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