Nike Golf Shoe Review

Today we review the top 5 golf shoes by Nike Golf. You’ll learn about the technology built into each shoe as well as comfort, performance, and price.

Nike has been one of the premier shoe brands and their line of golf shoes is no different. You’ll get a quality, comfortable, and durable golf shoe when you purchase from Nike Golf.

Here are the Top 5 Nike Golf Shoes we are reviewing:

  • Nike Golf Air Zoom Precision Golf Shoe
  • Nike Tiger Woods 2017 Golf Shoe
  • Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoe
  • Nike Explorer 2 Golf Shoe
  • Nike Tiger Woods 2015 Golf Shoe

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Nike Golf Air Zoom Precision Golf Shoe

nike zoom golf shoes

Nike is well-known for the super soft, supple design of its golf shows and the Air Zoom doesn’t disappoint when it comes to design and technology carrying the company’s legacy even further. They come with waterproof construction, removable spikes for versatility and cushioning for added comfort.


Nike employs flywire technology in making the Nike Golf Air Zoom golf shoe which eliminates the space between the foot and the shoe for performance lockdown and support. Another great technology that Nike employed in their Air Zoom is the Cham Zarma Tri-Lok spikes.

They come in two different variations that are, male fitment on spikes and female receptacle on the shoe. The shoes have one-piece locking ring prevents any dirt and debris from getting stuck in the shoe hence easy spike changes.


The Nike Air Zoom golf shoe combines everything starting from technology to design to give the player the performance they deserve. It is suitable for advanced golfers who understand the connection between the best shoes with stability and high swing speeds. This shoe will keep you planted to the ground and ensure stability regardless of the conditions.


The shoe goes for around $92 on Amazon which is a great value since you receive a quality shoe which is going to serve you for a long time on the golf course.

Check the price of the Nike Air Zoom Precision Golf Shoe

Nike Tiger Woods 2017 Golf Shoe Review

tiger woods golf shoes

The 2017 version of Nike Tiger Woods Golf Shoes are exceptional to what Nike has produced before starting from the looks, grips and technology all coming together to bring something new to golf.

Design and Technology

The shows are designed with a unique dual-strap Velcro closure and pull cord for tightening. The strap provides a super locked-down feel and an incredible fit. This strap is designed to keep the player secure through the swing for a better experience.

They also feature exposed NIKE Flywire cables hence adapt well to your foot giving them dynamic support. The shoes are easy to slip, and you don’t have to trouble yourself tying any laces as they slide right in and you then cinch up the pull cord for a custom fit. You can tie it loose or tight according to how you prefer them to be. The straps perfectly close over the tongue for a stable fit.

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Shoe Fit

Unlike what you’re used to with Nike, these look a little wide. They have a good length and width for a perfect fit. They might smug at first, but the synthetic material loosens up as soon as you start walking with them. They come with extra padding around the ankle for extra comfort.

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Shoe Comfort

The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic leather which makes them durable and lightweight. The material also ensures flexibility for maximum performance on all terrain. It is waterproof, and you can play with them even on wet grounds.

Additionally, Nike TW 17 golf shoe comes with comfort and quality underfoot made from a soft Phylon foam mid-sole to provide cushioning while steel is keeping the shoe lightweight. The heel also has classic Zoom Air unit that feels springy under the foot hence comfortable for every golfer walking the course.

The shoes also feature a high-performance outer sole. It starts with a carbon fiber sole plate. This aids the transfer of power on the golf swing for a confidence swing and a better gaming experience. The TPU is laid over the sole plate for proper traction and grips. It also comes with replaceable spikes for stability and proper traction.

Nike TW 17 uses Champ Zarma Tour golf spikes with the Tri-Lok system adding to its stability, performance and comfort. Everything about this shoe is perfect starting from the aggressive outsole to the quality of the material used.


At a price of $170, you get great value for your money considering you find great traction, top-notch cushioning and highly durable material.

Check the Tiger Woods Golf Shoe Price on Amazon

Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoe Review

nike lunar command golf shoes

Due to its high performance, Nike Lunar Command 2 has been used by loads of Nike’s PGA tour players who enjoy everything in the shoe starting from comfort to traction.

Lunar Command 2 golf shoe features the Flywire technology providing an interesting visual detail. It is a conservative looking shoe with a simple design suitable for everyday golfing. Let’s get into the review.

Golf Shoe Comfort

The comfort of Nike Lunar Command 2 starts with the midsole which offers the perfect balance between soft and firm. Its squishiness absorbs shock, and the firmness keeps you connected to the ground. It also comes with ample padding around the heel for increased comfort and supple leather uppers that ensures you stay focus on the game.

Shoe Traction

Lunar Command 2 comes with seven removable spikes with an aggressive pattern in the sole giving you a stable base to pull out an incredible swing. You are guaranteed a stable swing without sliding. The cleats and the sole are designed with Champ Spikes which has a slight swirl to the lugs. It has a very flexible rubber sole for added traction and comfort.


The shoe is made with a waterproof material keeping your feet dry all the time even if you stand on water. It also comes with a one-year waterproof warranty.

Golf Shoe Fit

If you haven’t had a shoe with Boa before then, you should try the Lunar Command 2 golf shoe. These are stainless-steel laces which are controlled by the dial on the tongue for a superior fit.

With Boa the shoe tightens perfectly and uniformly across your foot by only twisting the dial. You don’t have to trouble yourself with pulling your laces tight at the expense of the comfort of your foot.

A single click moves the laces a few millimeters giving you a perfect fit and an even distribution of pleasure across the top of the shoe.

You also don’t have to worry about your shoe getting loose or the laces untying during a golf round. Shoes with Boa shoelaces will make your life simple with the ease, comfort and precision.

Nike Lunar Shoe Price

Nike Lunar Command 2 goes at a price of $135 with an additional $20 for shoes that come with Boa, and that’s an amazing value considering all the features and the performance.

Nike Lunar Command 2 ensures maximum comfort, waterproof protection and an excellent grip. Every golfer will be delighted by the Boa fitting system which has made these beautiful shoes even great. With these shoes, you’re not only working on improving your game but your looks as well.

Check the Price of the Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoes

Nike Explorer 2 Golf Shoe Review

nike explorer 2 golf shoes

If you’re looking for a versatile shoe to add to your golf shoe collections, the Nike Explorer 2 golf shoe will be the best option. It combines stylish comfort with ultimate performance and high-quality waterproof material.

The upper part of the shoe is built with water-resistant synthetic leather. These ensure maximum protection from weather elements and guarantee durability. The genuine leather construction is put in place for breathability, durability and waterproof.

Shoe Comfort

The shoe comes with full-length Phylon midsole that ensure its lightweight, comfortable and has a stable feel. It features lots of EVA Foam pellets compressed, heat expanded and cooled to create a low profile, cushioned design. The heel also comes with additional padding to enhance support and give the player an incredible feel.

The pull tab on the tongue provides easy on and off hence the player doesn’t have to waste too much time on the shoe.

Shoe Traction

The outsole of the Nike Explorer Golf Shoe is made with an aggressive rubber to ensure green-friendly traction. The integrated traction pattern of the shoe provides enough grips on different surfaces.

The outsole also comes with raised nodes around the edges that increase stability and smooth traction for better swing and more power. The geometric design also enhances traction, and a perfect ground feel for a stable swing.

Nike Golf Explorer Shoe Price

Nike Explorer 2 retails for about $150 and you won’t feel cheated thanks to its quality, traction and good performance.

Check the price of the Nike Golf Explorer Shoe on Amazon

Nike Tiger Woods 2015 Golf Shoe Review

nike tiger woods 2015 golf shoes

The Nike Tiger Woods 2015 golf shoe is a collaboration between Nike and Tiger Woods to make a comfortable and lightweight shoe. The shoe was a game changer with incredible features and the inspiration from Woods. Nike TW 15 ditches the conventional golf shoe look to come up with a unique look with a runner like comfort.

The upper part is made smooth with a perfect fit. The shoe is made with a membrane inside; hence it’s upper part is completely waterproof. This means golfers will not have to carry an extra shoe in case one gets wet or be forced to play with their feet soaking wet. It has average breathability since the membrane doesn’t let air in or out.

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Flexibility and weight

Flexibility is another incredible thing about TW 15. It flexes enough to ensure maximum comfort throughout the game. The Power Platform makes the shoe very easy to bend.

The Free-inspired outsole makes it super flexible. This is because the sole is made with foam and not plastic like the older TW models.

The show is also made with a Flyweave upper making it lightweight hence easy to put on and will not weigh you down during a golf round. The Flyweave technology is the newest addition in TW collection and makes the shoe exceptionally lighter than the previous models.

The Dynamic Flywire System makes the shoe really stable.

Golf Shoe Fit

The shoe fits greatly with its width made of sock line upper. The heel lockdown is great, and you won’t experience any heel slippage because the upper wraps around the heel and the ankle collar comes with some contour inside.

The cushioning for TW 15 is minimal and is only provided by the sole/midsole and thin, but that doesn’t have to bother you since you’ll be walking on the grass anyway.

Shoe Traction

Nike Tiger Wood 2015 golf shoe comes with four soft spikes and three quasi spikes to save weight and bring the player closer to the ground. While you’re not likely to experience any issues with traction wearing these shoes, some extra traction is good on wet conditions.

It comes with some added grip to the toe, and the heel hence protects the player from slipping. The shoes will help you plant solidly to the ground pushing up against gravity and maximize power.

Tiger Woods 15 Golf Shoe Price

While the TW 15 comes with a bit higher price of $200, it does not fail to live up to its signature. The great job done in making the shoe ensures great value for your money.

If you plan on buying a new pair of golf shoes, the TW 15 is a must try. With the traditional design, breathability and comfort, you will be convinced that Nike indeed put a lot of thoughts when designing their sportswear.

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