Best Drills to Get Better at Golf Fast

I’ll keep the intro short and sweet. Practice the below golf drills I share with you and you will see quick improvement in your skills which will translate to lower golf scores out on the course over time.

It takes a few rounds of golf after working intensely on these practice drills, but you’ll start to see it in your scores if you stick with it.

These are my go-to golf drills when I need to see quick results.

Drill #1: The Circle Putting Drill

A classic drill that involves setting up various tees or ball markers around the hole from the same distance to create a circle around the hole.

Practice at each tee for 50 reps, hitting sets of 5 or 10 golf balls at a time. Go around to all 5 tees in the circle, completing a total of 250 putts. This will take an hour or longer but your putting will get better fast from this putting drill.

Start with 3 foot putts and complete the 250 rep practice session 4 times in one week, totaling 1,000 putts from 3 feet doing the circle drill.

The following week, come back and do 1,000 putts from 4 feet by doing the 250 rep practice session for 4 days out of the week.

Move around in a circle, hitting 5o putts at each tee from 4 feet to get good at different breaks and types of putts (uphill, downhill, flat).

Repeat this drill in Week 3, now from 5 feet away.

After these 3 weeks of practicing this golf putting drill, you’ll have 3,000 putting reps under your belt and you’ll be much improved from putting at distances 5 feet and closer. No more missing short putts on the golf course my friend.

Drill #2: Alternating Shots Driving Range Drill

Stop the random, meaningless practice at the driving range. Today, you’ll begin using focused practice with purpose.

To get started with this driving range drill, you’ll need to grab a score card from a local golf club that has the distances for all 18 holes.

On the driving range, you are going to simulate a golf round out on that golf course.

If the first hole on the scorecard says it is a 380 yard Par 4, then start by pulling out your driver for the first shot on the driving range.

Hit your driver out into the range with focus on imaginary fairway you create in your mind by picking out boundaries in the driving range that the ball must stay between. Going outside these boundaries serves as a tee shot hit into the rough, or worse.

After you hit driver, guess how far you actually hit it on the range using distance markers out in the range.

Let’s say you think it went 240 yards. Simulate like it’s the 1st hole on the golf course, a 380 yard Par 4, so you’ll have a 140 yard shot left to the center of the green.

Pull out your 140 yard club next, whether it’s a 9 iron or 8 iron, etc., and find the correct target on the driving range to aim at to simulate the 140 yard green you expect to hit.

Track on the scorecard if you hit the fairway and if you hit the green. Write “Fairways” on one line and write “Greens” on another line on the scorecard. Then make checkmarks and X’s for successes and fails.

Simulate the entire 18 hole golf course on the driving range, alternating shots between your driver and whatever iron or wedge you have left to cover the next shot on the Par 4, Par 5, Par 3, etc.

After doing this golf drill several times over several buckets of balls and several days, you’ll find yourself more focused on the golf course to hit fairways and greens and you’ll see better results.

These simulations will serve you well and you’ll perform better on the golf course.

Drill #3: Up & Down Chipping

The final golf drill I want you focusing on for 3-4 weeks is the up & down chipping drill.

This golf drill will be like the putting drill above where you’ll do a high volume of reps over 3 weeks to build skill fast with your wedge and putter, increasing your success around the greens when you need to get up and down for a par save.

“Up” stands for the chip shot, and “Down” stands for sinking the putt in the hole. It’s a one, two combo. Hit the chip shot close to the hole, then go sink the putt. The goal is to only have to chip once and putt once, totaling two strokes.

If you screw up the chip, you may find yourself chipping again or left with a hard to make putt, which then results in two-putting or even worse, three-putting.

To get started, find a hole on the practice green and then find a spot in the rough to chip from towards that hole you selected.

Set down 1 golf ball.

Set up to the chip shot and focus on where you want to land the ball, visualize it rolling the rest of the way to the hole and ending up close to the hole so you leave yourself an easy putt to finish a successful “up and down”.

Hit the chip shot, then grab the putter and go attempt to sink the putt.

Come back to the same spot and repeat, hitting one chip, then go try to make the putt. Do this for 25 reps, building muscle memory for how to hit the chip shot from this particular distance from the hole.

Next find a new location in the rough to change up the distance. Repeat the drill for another 25 reps.

In total, move around to 5 different locations so you complete 125 up & downs in total.

Come back 4 times this week and repeat this same drill getting 500 reps of practice in.

Record how many successful up and downs you complete out of the 125 reps during your practice session. Calculate the percentage, which is your success rate.

For example, if you successfully hit a chip and then made the putt to complete the up and down a total of 50 times out of 125 attempts, this would be a success rate of 40%.

Each week, take your total score and find the total percent out of 500 reps. Try to beat this score in week 2, week 3, etc.

You’ll quickly get better at both chipping and putting in real scenarios, which translates well to the golf course when you find yourself in similar situations and need to get up and down. These simulations on the practice green and volume practice will make it feel natural out on the golf course to get up and down.

Overall, do these 3 golf drills for a few weeks and you’ll see fast improvement to your golf skills and your overall golf scores.

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