Best Rangefinders and Golf GPS Systems

With widespread use of smartphones and GPS devices, the average amateur round of golf has been transformed.  Precision is no longer just for the professional.

You can easily know the distance to upcoming hazards or to the center of the green for less than $200.  It has created a significant advantage for those who are looking to drop their scores.

So if you are looking to break your personal best, here are the best golf GPS devices and the best golf GPS phone apps for your smartphone.

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Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS

bushnell neo gps golf

Widely known among the best GPS golf devices on the market, and for good reason, is the Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS.  With over 35,000 preloaded courses, the Bushnell packs a major punch in a handheld package.

Great thing about the Bushnell Neo Ghost is that it is large enough to fit in your pocket but small enough to attach to a wristband holder you can easily wear throughout your round.  The Neo Ghost also has customizable screen that can show hazards.

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GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder

golf buddy golf gps system

Smaller than the Bushnell, the GolfBuddy Voice 2 can be put in a wristband, belt band and attached to a clip that will tie to your bag.  Touting a battery that will last through two rounds before charging, the GolfBuddy is water resistant for days at the course where you get caught in the rain.

Coolest feature of the GolfBuddy? It’s ability to clip the device to your hat, then press a button for an automated voice to relay the distance to the middle of the green.  Doesn’t matter where you are on the hole, a quick tap will give you the distance to center.  The GolfBuddy Voice 2 definitely belongs in the category of best golf GPS devices.

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IZZO Swami 5000+ Golf GPS

The Swami is a unique addition to the best golf GPS devices community because of its 1.8” inch screen and a length close to 4 inches.  This allows for easy reading of front, back and center of green distances.

But the Swami takes the distance feature a step further.  It features yardage needed to layup for hazards and the necessary length to carry a dogleg.  The 4000+ features over 28,000 downloadable courses and allows for adjustable editing of course layout.  The Swami is waterproof and features a rechargeable battery.

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For those that don’t want the responsibility of carrying a GPS, there are a couple of phone apps that mimic the best golf GPS devices. I prefer the Golf Shot app.

GolfShot is the best Golf GPS app due, in part, to a database that has over 40,000 courses.  But it is what the app does with those courses that sets it apart from other imitations.

One of the most interesting and practical features of GolfShot is the 3D overhead view of the hole you are currently playing, displayed on your phone screen.  In addition to seeing a vivid recreation of the hole, GolfShot calculates advanced stats as you play automatically.

So as you work through your round, you can see up-to-the-minute stats like fairways hit, putts per hole and greens in regulation.  The great thing about GolfShot is that the app is less than $30.  Terrific value for an incredible product.

Hole19 GPS Rangefinder and Scorecard

Lauded by The New York Times, the Hole19 GPS app features over 40,000 downloadable courses and a similar interface to GolfShot.  The only difference?  It’s free.

Now there is a premium subscription option that will run close to $50 a year and unlock features that compare closely to GolfShot and raises its profile to one of the best golf GPS app on the market.

With Apple Watch integration, Hole19 offers online options that allow you to watch friends playing elsewhere.

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