Best Golf Irons For Women (Top 7)

Choosing the right set of golf irons is very crucial for a female golfer looking at increasing distance and clubhead speed.

These irons make up for your slow swing speed or any other golfing skill you’ve been working on.

The best golf irons designed for women will provide higher ball speed, forgiveness, and launch, among other things.

However, with so many options available in the market, choosing the set of golf irons that are perfect for you as a female golfer might be daunting.

Not to worry, to make your buying journey easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best golf irons for women.

So, let’s get to business!

Best Women’s Golf Iron Sets

#1. Callaway Golf Women’s Mavrik Iron Set

The Callaway Golf Women’s Mavrik Iron set is designed for female golfers who require extremely fast ball speeds.

The combination of artificial intelligence and flash face cup technology will provide the female golfer some spectacular outcomes. Whether you are a low handicap female golfer or a high handicap female golfer, the Mavrik may be a good choice for you.

Callaway uses top-of-the-line materials in all of their clubs, as is customary. They kept the urethane microspheres in this iron because they wanted to improve feel without compromising distance. These new irons provide extremely rapid ball speeds.

There are two versions of the Mavrik Max: standard and lite. The UST Helium shaft weighs 50 grams in regular form. The shaft of the lite irons weighs 40 grams. Even the slowest swinging women may achieve the distance they need with the Mavrik Max Lite.

Key Features

  • High launching and a low center of gravity.
  • High-velocity ball.
  • Flash face cup technology.
  • The shaft is light in weight.
  • Built-in Artificial intelligence.

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#2. TaylorMade Golf M6 Women’s Iron Set

TaylorMade is known for its cutting-edge technologies. In this case, the addition of the proprietary Speed Bridge composition in these TaylorMade irons is proof of that.

The Speed Pocket and Bridge can increase ball speed. The M6 irons’ additional stiffness in the clubhead also helps in improving speed.

With its Inverted Cone Technology, the clubface is suited to produce greater ball speed. Also, its lower center of gravity increases both ball speed and launch angle which makes these Irons awesome for improving playability and forgiveness. And that gives a forceful, penetrating ball flight, even at low clubface impact.

Key Features

  • It has an Inverted Cone Technology which produces great ball speed.
  • A low center of gravity increases ball speed and launch angle.
  • Speed Bridge and Speed Pocket improves ball speed.

#3. Cleveland HB Iron

Cleveland’s HB Iron set for women is a full hybrid set. For golfers who require forgiving clubs, hybrid irons are ideal. If you find yourself with a lot of your golf shots in the rough, you’ll appreciate how simple it is to get the women’s HB irons back into play.

The Cleveland HB Irons are designed to assist golfers to obtain better outcomes out of the rough by providing a higher launch, longer distance, and better performance.

The Turbocharged Face also aids in giving women golfers more clubhead speed than ever before. We know that increasing clubhead speed will result in a significant increase in distance.

The hollow structure aids in the irons’ forgiving nature. You will have no trouble getting this set of irons to function the way you need it to, even if you are new to the game of golf.

Also, from the pitching iron to the longer irons, the HB Iron set has a progressive design that gets wider. Not only does this help with distance, but it also helps with accuracy.

Key Features 

  • It’s very easy to get out of the rough.
  • The thin face helps to gain extra distance.
  • A hollow structure that aids forgiveness.
  • A turbocharged face that improves speed.
  • Irons are designed to progressively help with accuracy.

#4. TaylorMade SIM MAX OS Irons

When it comes to women’s golf irons, finding a great option for a slower swing speed is considerably easier than finding a fantastic option for a faster swing speed.

Generally, high-swing-speed female golfers are uncommon therefore getting the right equipment can be challenging.

However, The TaylorMade SIM MAX OS irons are a terrific option for players looking for ball speed, performance, and a forged-like feel.

The SIM MAX OS irons are somewhat bigger and feature broad sole technology for added forgiveness.

They’ve also used the Echo Damping technique, which gives the player a much better feel as they get closer to hit.

Also, SIM MAX OS will be an ideal pick for you if your irons are your least favorite clubs in your golf bag. This is TaylorMade’s first set of cavity back irons, and it feels quite similar to forged iron.

Overall, when it comes to feeling and performance, the SIM Max is an excellent choice.

Key Features 

  • The Speed Pocket technology ensures that the golf ball can fly a long distance.
  • Echo damping effect which improves feel and overall performance.
  • Feels like a forged Iron
  • It has a low center of gravity which improves distance.

#5. Wilson Staff LaunchPad Golf Irons

The line between budget golf clubs and golf clubs that are simply cheap and poorly manufactured might be blurry at times.

However, Wilson Staff LaunchPad Golf Irons provides a solution to this.

The ladies with a greater handicap to novice will have the best results with these irons. Their lightweight design aids in increasing your distance.

These LaunchPad irons are a cross between a hybrid and a traditional iron. It’s an excellent choice for enhanced distance and launch due to the hollow structure of the clubhead and thin face.

On short game shots, you won’t feel like you’re hitting with a hybrid. The wedges and shorter irons provide a good amount of feel and spin.

Key Features 

  • The sweet spot is large and responsive.
  • For a female golfer, the weighting is ideal.
  • Shorter wedges for a good amount of spins.
  • For more distance, a thinner clubface is used.

#6. Cobra Airspeed Irons

Cobra golf irons for women are an excellent choice whenever you need a set of golf irons at a reasonable price.

This high-performing golf iron is ideal for players who swing slowly and require a lightweight club. It’s ideal for new golfers.

They are low-profile, deep-undercut irons that have a premium chrome finish, and excel in terms of durability and look.

Also, Cobra Airpseed irons are highly forgiving and easy to use if you are a player who needs a more forgiving golf club in the long irons.

With a golf iron as light as this one, you can achieve a lot more ball speed and clubhead speed. This is because not only is the shaft lighter than the usual club but the grip and clubhead are lighter as well.

Specialty wedges are included in the package to provide even more versatility and shot control around the greens. If you’re a beginner golfer, these irons will come in handy when it comes to launching the ball up in the air.

Key Features

  • Extremely light.
  • Wedges are very versatile.
  • The offset Hosel gives a higher launch and straighter shots.

#7. XXIO Women Eleven Iron Set

The XXIO brand is gaining traction around the world, but the majority of the players that benefit from it appear to be female. The XXIO irons were designed to be as light as possible while yet offering feel and distance.

This design’s double undercut cavity enables some of the fastest ball speeds you’ll find coming from a woman’s golf iron.

These golf irons are beneficial to female golfers who require a little additional launch on their iron shots.

Getting that extra ball flight helps ensure that a shot lands properly on the green and comes to a stop where it should.

Key Features 

  • The smooth design gives a soft feel for female golfers.
  • Double undercut cavity which improves speed.
  • Very Lightweight

What To Look For When Buying Golf Irons

Here are a few things that you should look out for before deciding on the best set of irons to buy:

The Makeup of the Set

Long iron hybrid clubs are easier to strike.

If you’re combining brands, check the lofts (a 6 iron might be lower lofted than your 5 hybrids, could leave a gap in your bag)

When it comes to wedges, always go with the matching AW if it’s available.

Size And Weight Of The Club Head

Select a club that’s designed for females. It should have a low center of gravity and tungsten weighting.


The club’s appearance is important. Select something that gives you confidence when you’re standing over the ball. Most game improvement irons have a minor loss of feeling; if you are a lower handicap player, keep this in mind.

Shaft Options

A 50-gram graphite shaft is standard on most women’s golf irons. Consider a men’s shaft if you’re hitting a 7 iron 140 yards or more. If you’re having trouble with swing speed, consider a “light” alternative (40 gram).


Choosing the perfect golf iron set is so vital. It will make your round of golf much more enjoyable.

Fortunately for you, the above golf club manufacturers have created the best types of irons to help women players get to improve more on their golf game. As a result, even the average female golfer has the chance to maximize her distance potential with the perfect golf iron.

Get the golf iron that’s perfect for you and you’ll be smashing your golf goals this season.

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