Best Women’s Hybrid Golf Clubs

Every female golfer should carry at least one hybrid golf club in their bag. The hybrid club is essential for a variety of golf shots like tee shots, hitting from the rough, and long distance shots in the fairway.

Today we will review the best women’s hybrid golf clubs so you can see the different technology being added to these clubs to help women golfers hit longer, straighter golf shots.

It’s quite impressive how club distances for female golfers have improved as technology has improved. The hybrid will quickly become one of your clubs favorite to use on the golf course once you buy one of these options outlined below.

Golf Hybrid Review Checklist:

  • Callaway X Hot Women’s Hybrid
  • TaylorMade Rocketballz Rescue Stage 2
  • Titleist 818 H1 Women’s Hybrid
  • Mizuno JPX-EZ Rescue Club
  • Ping G400 Women’s Hybrid
  • Cobra King F8 Ladies Hybrid

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Callaway X Hot Hybrid

X Hot Hybrid is one of the hottest ladies’ hybrid clubs ever made by Callaway. Callaway X Hot Hybrid is a perfect choice for those who want to improve their golf swing as well as achieve great distance. There is a lot of technology behind the club’s design, which together with the specs, makes it one of the best hybrid golf clubs for women.

Speed Frame Face

The Speed Frame Face of Callaway X Hot Hybrid is excellent for achieving great distance. The graphite shaft gives the club super lightweight enabling you to swing with a resounding speed and procession. The technology helps optimize CG as well as give forgiveness for accurate shots.

Project X Velocity

Callaway has paid more attention to the weight of the X Hot utility. The light Project X Velocity shaft is of good quality giving it great stability.

Curved Sole

From all the clubs made by Callaway, this is the most curved club making it easier to hit from a variety of lies. The sole makes it more playable and the best in the market.

The War Bird Sole

The modernized War Bird Sole, which is familiar across different clubs made by Callaway, is designed with a dynamic shot shaping, which is good for improving swing efficiency from any angle.

The club is able to contact the ball in different lies and still give you a great swing. This technology makes the club the most versatile women’s hybrid golf club in the market.

Configured for distance

Everything about the club is made with distance in mind. Starting from the height, weight, loft, to the Speed Frame Face, all are designed specifically for powerful trajectories and optimized distance.

X-Hot is with no doubt a game changer for those who want a mixture of balance, distance, versatility, and accuracy.

Callaway X Hot Hybrid Price:

The sale price for Callaway X Hot Hybrids for women is $179.99, which is not bad compared to its performance.

Click here to buy this golf club on Amazon

TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Rescue

TaylorMade combined all the technology from their original RocketBallz Rescue to come up a more Ballz-ier RocketBallz Ladies Stage 2 Rescue. See all the details here.

The new club comes with an improved Speed Pocket design offering faster flex hence promoting faster ball speed for incredible distance.

The Crown Design

Crown Design is the biggest technological improvement in this TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Rescue is the Crown Design which has utilized the ball accurately at address with a triangular focused design.  The breakthrough technology is a great boost for the clubface COR.

Speed Pocket

The speed pocket in the sole is great for higher ball speed allowing for more distance as well as changing the head’s impact dynamics.

Thick-Thin Crown

The Thick-Thin Crown design creates lower CG promoting higher launch for greater distance with low spin.


The weight of the club is located right behind the speed pocket. It is designed this way to move the center of gravity lower and forward hence produce faster ball speed, low spin, and higher launch.

Taylore Made Hybrid Price

Compare to other hybrid clubs of its statue, RBZ Stage 2 Rescue is also very competitive with a price tag of $190.99. Compared to its performance, the price is fair enough.

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Titleist Women’s 818 H1 Hybrids

The new Titleist Women’s 818 H1 Hybrid is an incredible club that allows you to take a dead aim like never before.

The design is incredible for golfers with sweeping delivery. The high launch, the forgiveness, and easy distance position the club as a scoring club, and not a rescue club.

Titleist 818 H1 Hybrid portrays great technology with the introduction of SureFIT CG combined with SureFit Hosel to deliver maximum shot-shape combination.

Active Recoil Channel™ 2.0 is improved with a flexing polymer insert to produce effortless distance with a faster ball speed making this the most consistent hybrid ever made by Titleist.

The increased MOI offers incredible forgiveness and stability thanks to an optimally positioned deep CG to pull out any shots in front of you.

Hybrid adjustability of the club is on a new level. The club is specifically designed to deliver maximum custom fitting adjustability. The SureFit Hosel gives up to 16 independent lofts and lies setting to increase center face contract, together with SureFit CG for shot-shaping accuracy.

The club is true to Titleist mission of delivering precision with the highest quality materials and high manufacturing standards.


  • Weight: the club comes with five weight options from 10g to 18g with 14g being the standard.
  • Lofts: 17° (RH only), 19°, 21°, 23° (RH/LH) Cobra Women’s F-MAX Superlite Hybrid
  • Length: the length of the club lies from 38.5″ to around 41″


The Titleist Women’s 818 H1 Hybrid goes at a price of $169.99

Click here to buy it on Amazon & see reviews

Mizuno JPX-EZ Rescue

Mizuno JPX-EZ Rescue is designed with a larger, confidence inspiring footprint. The club is capable of producing a higher flight with a soft landing.

The confidence enables every player to square the ball to the target easily. The hybrids by Mizuno are specifically engineered to favor women, coming with low weight, increased confidence and a greater distance.

MOI Design

The JPZ-EZ comes with an extended shockwave sole from the center of the sole to the toe and heals. This ensures more weight to increase MOI and lower the center of gravity hence resulting in unsurpassed forgiveness and higher ball flight.

Large Footprint

The club comes with an extended footprint design together with a larger head size to inspire confidence for an excellent distance. This is ideal for average golfers who find it hard to hit well and achieve proper flight. The larger and flatter heads give the club an easier launch and a better speed flight.

The Shockwave Sole

The Shockwave Sole aids the performance of the club by lowering the center of gravity. The club contracts and expands at impact to increase stability hence a higher ball flight. The Waffle Crown design also allows more weight to be located low in the club head.


The standard price for this hybrid club is $169.99. You can learn more about it on Amazon and see current pricing.

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Ping Women’s G400 Hybrid

One of the best women’s golf hybrids is the Ping G400, which is available on Amazon here.

The club is made with a combination of maraging steel faces with CG optimization to give more distance and incredible forgiveness. Ping Women’s G400 Hybrid is an ideal choice for women looking mid-to-long distance shot.

It gives a hot ball speed which launches the ball further with internal weighting to keep the ball on the line and under control.

Maraging speed face

It is made from steel, which is the world’s strongest and best quality alloy. The maraging steel material enables the ball to move at faster speeds with further shots that go higher and straighter.

Cascading Sole

The cascading sole allows the ball to engage at impact as well as increase face flexing resulting in a higher launch.

CG engineering

The progressive CG locations in this club offer versatility to enable golfers to gap their sets properly. The hybrids are designed to help golfers launch the ball higher and increase forgiveness. The club also comes with a new center of gravity to help in weights for achieving higher launch, higher peak trajectory, and steeper landing.

Thin Crown

The club comes with the thinnest crown in the market. It comes in ultra-thin 17-4 SS crown with 48mm weight savings. This increases MOI and optimizes OG location. The crown also has bolder Turbulators that reduce aerodynamic drag and create more airflow for a great distance.

The main aim of this hybrid is to launch the ball higher with an easy hit head enabling it to land steeply and stop on the green.


Ping women’s G400 Hybrid goes at a price of $179.00. You get free shipping if you buy on Amazon!

Click here to buy this club on Amazon

Cobra King F8 One Length Hybrid

Cobra shows how a shorter length for its King F8 hybrid can be ideal for everyone including women and new golfers.

The 17-4 stainless steel head is designed in a nice rounded shape which makes it stand out from its predecessors. The length ensures you don’t need a long swing and this means you’re going to achieve more accuracy.

Forged 455 Stainless Steel Face

The face is Forged 455 High Strength steel with full-width white lines for the alignment. The thin, high-strength steel construction is made to maximize deflection increasing the ball speed and distance.

Improved Clubhead Shape

The club is made with a lower skirt moving the CG lower and further to increase the launch. The skinner hosel is made to save weight which is later repositioned for more forgiveness.

The grip comes with a built-in Arccos sensor enabling you to pair with Cobra Connect app on your phone and track your performance.

It comes with three lofts at 19° 3H, 22° 4H and 25° 5H and a fixed hosel.

The club is indeed ideal for players with mid to low swing speed for those who want to go the one length route. It will give you a higher trajectory and steeper descent to carry the ball far enough and stop immediately it lands on the ground.


Cobra King F8 One Length Hybrid goes at a price of $169.00.

Click here to buy the King F8 Hybrid on Amazon

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