Best Women’s Putters – Review Guide

Picking out a new putter is a hard decision when there are so many different options on the market today. You also may wonder which golf brand is best when making putters and which putters will fit your putting stroke best.

We’d recommend getting custom fit for a new putter since it makes up almost 50% of your shots on the golf course.

But if you don’t want to spend the time and money getting fitted, here is a review guide sharing some of the best women’s putters in the game of golf.

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Review of the Best Women’s Putters

#1: Women Odyssey White Hot RX 2-Ball V Line Putter.

Starting from very best in the market since long odyssey Hot RX 2 V Line Putter.

  • Odyssey putters have the most wins in the LPGA Tour Season
  • Odyssey putters are heavier to help you keep it straight
  • Helps you control your speed by controlling the pure role faster because of its dual layer injected molded inserted with a soft core.
  • V-line fang and head shapes, that helps you in alignment and accuracy.
  • Choice in grip option with its standard rubber or super stroke grip option.

All these features make odyssey one of the best putters of modern era as it helps you control speed, start rolling faster, better alignment and accuracy. All these options boost your confidence too when using it.

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#2: Evnroll ER 7 putter

EvnRoll is the brand you may not have heard of, but they have been making big waves in the putter market. This unique putter design is all about the face. They call it the sweetest face in golf. Here’s what to know:

  • Variable depth grooves help you keep the ball speed consistent across the face, even on hits outside of the middle.
  • Grooves are parabolic which means they are slightly curved to help on off center shots, bringing the ball back towards your intended line

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#3: Odyssey Jailbird Mini SS

The Odyssey Jailbird Mini SS is the part of the O-works putter series. It features the micro hinge face that helps get the ball rolling end over end faster, avoiding skips and hops off the face.

I certainly felt that this putter performed really well when testing it. There are so many putters in the Odyssey range series and so many different color options but this particular putter comes in a beautiful, slick red color.

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#4: Ping Vault 2.0

Vault is the premium putter range from Ping. It is their most expensive putter they produce, and it features a lot of high tech engineering and designs.

  • Ping vault 2.0 comes in a lovely stealth black finish in its piper model
  • Also available in platinum which is a traditional silver look
  • Or you may love the copper head as well which looks really nice
  • Very simple white alignment aid on it

The key feature in Ping Vault 2.0 Putter is the true roll technology they use. It really aims to maximize ball speeds across the face to ensure that consistent distance whether you get it right in the middle or a little bit from the heel or toe.

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#5: Scotty Cameron Select Newport

What would you say about Scotty Cameron? Well he is the world’s most famous putter designer, a real craftsman in his studio in California. Most of the Scotty Cameron putters are named with California cities like Newport, Huntington Beach, etc.

Things to Know About the Newport Design:

  • Traditional of Scotty Cameron putters
  • Classic Heel and toe style putter
  • Modern very high OMI designs with bigger mallets
  • Little cherry bombs in the back
  • The insert put into main body gives a great feel

Scotty worked very hard on getting the vibration dampening perfect to give you wonderful feedback on putts on all distances.

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#6: TaylerMade Spider Tour

TaylerMade Spider Tour came to prominence when it was used by the likes of Jason Day and Dustin Johnson to win an awful lot of golf tournaments and money.

  • An alignment aid on top to help you square up putts.
  • It stops the putter twisting on impact.
  • Pure role grooves 45 degrees to get the ball a bit of topspin so it quickly starts spinning end-on-end
  • Very forgiving putter
  • Well liked across the PGA and LPGA Tour

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#7: Callaway Women’s Hot Pro 2.0

Callaway Women’s Hot Pro 2.0 produces wonderful sound that will satisfy you when you hit it accurately at a proper place. Its main feature is high velocity, momentum and inertia mallet that gives you a lot of confidence.

Laser technology is used for achieving a tight level of tolerance. Callaway Hot Pro 2.0 works best on downhill putts.

One of the best features what I like to tell you about this putter is that you can choose from three different shaft lengths according to your adjustment.

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#8: Pine meadow PGX Women

Pine meadow PGX women’s is one of the best in business when it comes to faster surfaces. When you are on greens, Pine meadow PGX women’s putter is recommended for you as it creates a contrast because of it’s white finish.

This will help you focus on alignment lines. What I love about this putter is, it comes with a custom PGX head cover.

With all these features you just need to take care of one thing before selecting it and that is its grip. If you have relatively small hands, then this grip could be too large for you to handle.

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#9: Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Fast Back 2.

Titleist Scotty Cameron select fast back 2 is manufactured after complete research and reviews from tour. You can call it a tour favorite because of its u unique plumbing neck that is added to the original design.

The putter has a thinned top line and a reduced face height to make it smoother. This mid-rounded mallet will increase your confidence with its amazing feel and look.

Another important element that has been added to the putter is an aluminum part that makes it heavier at the top and helps you balance and get a better feeling of sound.

With all its features I recommend this putter as a high MOI and stable performing putter.

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