Golf Gloves Buying Guide

Golf Gloves Buying Guide Golf gloves. We’ve all seen them. But no one seems to talk about them. It’s one of those gears that have become so normalized that no one notices them anymore. But a good golf player always does. The proper glove can improve your scores more than you would think. The key is to find the right [...]

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17 Golf Recovery Tips After Playing 18 Holes

Best Golf Recovery Routine for Golfers In this article we share the best recovery tips after a round of golf takes a toll on the body and back. Hydration strategy for optimal performance Refueling Physical Psychological  Tip #1: Hydration Hydration can affect the performance of golfers. Performance can be adversely affected with only 1 percent dehydration. Dehydration limits the capacity [...]

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Beginners Should Learn These Golf Swing Tips

Every Beginner Golfer Needs To Pay Attention to These Top Golf Swing Tips There’s no question that golf is a challenging sport. It takes years of practice and hard work to perfect your swing and make those long putts. Not to mention, the game can be quite frustrating at times. But that’s all part of the fun, right? If you’re [...]

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How to Crush Fairway Woods Everytime

4 Tips to Make Better Contact with Fairway Woods If you're struggling to hit your fairway woods and are looking for some golf swing tips to help you improve ball striking with your fairway woods, then check out this video above and the following tips in today's article! #1: Correct Your Setup for the Fairway Wood For fairway woods, [...]

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How to Hit Golf Irons Pure (Work on this)

Golf Irons Ball Striking Tips to Hit Pure Iron Shots Start By Analyzing Your Setup and Turn Back Imagine a straight line running down your chest to the ground between your two feet in the middle of your stance. This line is the line the body will rotate around as we turn back and rotate the shoulders 90 degrees. [...]

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Best Golf Irons For Women (Top 7)

Best Golf Irons For Women (Top 7) Choosing the right set of golf irons is very crucial for a female golfer looking at increasing distance and clubhead speed. These irons make up for your slow swing speed or any other golfing skill you've been working on. The best golf irons designed for women will provide higher ball speed, forgiveness, and [...]

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Golf Exercises with Bands

Golf Exercises with Bands Why is exercise and fitness essential in golf? The answer is simple: because it’s extremely important for your game.  If you haven’t trained your body for what it’s supposed to do, your chances to be on the road to become a promising golfer are pretty dim. Undeniably, you understand your body more than anyone else but [...]

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3 Pitch Shots to Learn: Chipping 101

How to Hit 3 Types of Chip Shots with One Wedge Start off setting some golf balls down on the fringe of the practice green. We will start off with the simple, basic trajectory chip shot that flies mid-level. Next we will show you how to hit the high flop shot and the low bump and run chip shot. [...]

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12 Health Benefits of Playing Sport Golf

Top 12 Health Benefits of Playing Sport Golf Participating in a sport or physical activity regularly has several benefits. Doctors often advise their patients to participate in sports to stay in shape and reduce weight and enhance their cardiovascular and blood circulation. Nutrition and eating habits, in addition to regular physical exercise, help to improve everyone's health. In addition, joining [...]

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How to Fix a Slice in 5 Easy Steps

How to Fix a Slice in 5 Easy Steps Step 1: Close Your Open Club Face A slice is caused when the clubface is left open. The severity of the slice is caused by how open the clubface is relative to your swing path. Start with fixing your grip to help close that club face as you swing the [...]

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