The Impact Laws of Golf (What to Know)

The Impact Laws of Golf (What to Know) What do you understand by impact? It’s the act of hitting something, right? Precisely. The same is true for golf impact laws as well. The impact laws dictate how your golf club interacts with the golf ball and the result of it. Not every one of your impacts will produce the same [...]

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Best Oblique Exercises for Golf Swing Core Strength

Best Oblique Exerices - Golf Core Strength Best oblique workout routine for core strength or abs for golfers: #1: Forward Lunge and Twist with Golf Club This is an excellent way to enhance the mobility of your body by extending your hip glutes. This exercise will improve your core's stability and joint coherence when you hit the ball. The steps [...]

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Golf Ball Position Guide

Golf Ball Position Guide Your golf ball position when at impact is just as important as your stance, your swing, or club selection. When the ball position is not right, you’ll notice that you’re not getting the distance you desire. Moreover, even if you get the distance you want, you may not get the accuracy you’re after. For many golfers [...]

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Stop the Chicken Wing – Golf Swing Fault

Stop the Chicken Wing - Golf Swing Fault Today's guide focuses on the chicken wing, and we're not talking about the kind you eat but the golf swing chicken wing position that your arms create in the follow through. Learn why it's important to stop the chicken wing in the golf swing in the article below as well as several [...]

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Golf Swing Lag – Why It Matters

Golf Swing Lag - Why It Matters So, you’ve been wondering about what golf swing lag is. How can you master it? Why are people going crazy over it? We know many players who get the wrong idea about what the golf swing lag might be and ruin their already good swing. To address and solve all the issues, we’ve [...]

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Best Golf Simulator (2022 Review)

Best Golf Simulator (2022 Review) Golf simulators have made lives easier for more people than you would imagine. Just think of the PGA professional! A lot of them have top of the line simulators in their houses to make the indoor stay enjoyable. That’s not always the case with regular players. Golf simulators usually cost a good amount of money [...]

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Back Exercises for Golfers with Back Pain

Back Exercises for Golfers The most common injury a golfer experiences is back pain, especially pains in the lower back. This is caused by the constant pressures and forces on the body systems from swinging the club and twisting of the body during the golf round. This consistent swinging of the golf club causes the muscles in the body to [...]

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Getting Stuck in the Golf Swing (Complete Guide)

Getting Stuck in the Golf Swing (Complete Guide) You may not have heard the term before but you’ve certainly experienced it. Almost all golfers go through the struggle during their initial days. However, we feel like there’s not enough content or discussions on the topic. So, we decided to create our own. In this post, we’re going to learn what [...]

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How To Hit The Golf Ball Higher

How To Hit The Golf Ball Higher We all would love to hit the golf ball high. Don't you just get goosebumps watching the pros doing it? You probably watch in awe as Bryson Dechambeau or Viktor Hovland handle beautiful approach shots to the green with long and high golf shots, right? Their golf balls seem to take an eternity flying, [...]

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Best Indoor Chipping Nets for Golfers

Best Indoor Chipping Nets for Golfers Chipping is one of those golf shots that look quite simple but actually aren’t. It requires quite a bit of practice to master. You need to set aside time for the driving range or the course to truly dial in your skills. Well, what if you don’t have the time? What if you work [...]

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