How to Stop Hitting Fat Golf Shots

How to Stop Hitting Fat Golf Shots Hitting fat golf shots is a problem many players face with their mid irons. It’s as embarrassing as any golf shot can get. You may be hitting amazing tee shots with your drivers but hitting less than 50 yards with your irons rather than hitting the green. Fixing a fat shot is easier [...]

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Ball Striking: How to Cover the Golf Ball

Ball Striking: How to Cover the Golf Ball So, you’re wondering what does it mean to cover a golf ball, right? You may have heard the term on TV or your friends talking about it at the course. In this post, you’ll learn exactly what it is and why is it important. But before that, a fun fact. Covering the [...]

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Most Forgiving Sand Wedges

Most Forgiving Sand Wedges Although all wedges in your bag are essential, the sand wedge is the most valuable. It has a standard loft angle of between 54 and 58 degrees and has a maximum range of around 100 yards. It’s instrumental in the short game and is the best wedge for beginners and high handicappers. The sand wedge provides [...]

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Golf Swing Sequence (Correct Method)

Proper Golf Swing Sequence A golf swing is one of the most important aspects of a golf player’s career. If you can’t get the swing sequence right, you may be struggling with your shots. No matter what kind of shot you are targeting, you need to correct your swing sequence first. In this guide, we’re going to look at the [...]

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How to Hit the Golf Ball Further

How To Hit The Golf Ball Further Hitting the long shots is much more than just an ego thing (though it feels oddly satisfying letting one rip through the sky to oblivion). Long balls, Improve your score and allow you to play better golf. Get you to the sweet spots on the course (or not, depending on your accuracy) for [...]

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Most Forgiving Lob Wedges

Most Forgiving Lob Wedges The lob wedge will have the highest loft among the clubs in your bag, usually 58 to 60 degrees, with some having lofts that go up to 64 degrees. A shot made with a lob wedge allows the ball to travel very high and roll a relatively short distance upon landing. The lob wedge can come [...]

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Golf Swing Follow Through

Golf Swing Follow Through Golf is a sport of strange meticulousness. It requires certain muscles of your body that you never thought existed. In your journey to master a proper golf swing, you’ll get familiar with those muscles. Among the various parts of the golf swing, certain elements play more important than others. The follow through is one of them. [...]

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Shallow Golf Swing (Why & How to Do It)

Shallow Golf Swing If you play golf, you must’ve heard about shallowing the club or shallow golf swings. It’s a phenomenon every golf player chases throughout their lives. Some achieve mastery over it while some fail miserably. There’s no doubt the shallow golf swings are amazing for getting your score lower. You can hit the ball farther and do it [...]

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Best Face Balanced Putter to Buy in 2022

5 Best Face Balanced Putters to Consider in 2022 There is a lot of golf equipment today to help you improve your game and your overall score. Moreover, some equipment can help you with one of the most tedious tasks in golfing - putting.  Thankfully, there are various putters available today that can assist you with the task of putting. [...]

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Golf Ball Flight Laws to Master

Golf Ball Flight Laws to Master Understanding the golf ball flight laws is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. How the ball curves according to your club face angle and the swing path will determine how close to the target you’ll land. In this post, we’re going to dive deep into all types of ball flights [...]

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