FootJoy Pro SL Review (2020 Best Golf Shoe)

FootJoy Pro SL & Pro SL Carbon Golf Shoe Review FootJoy has been a darling when it comes to the shoe manufacturing industry. The company has taken pride in making one of the best golf shoes in the market. Their newest releases, Pro/SL Carbon golf shoes, are surely going to live up to that name they have created with other [...]

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Golf Practice: Your Guide to Drills, Routines, and Schedule

Types of Golf Practice Ready to learn about golf practice? In the guide below you'll learn how to structure your golf practice routine so you get the most benefit for the time invested practicing your golf game. From the driving range to the chipping and putting green, implement these tips to improve your golf practice effectiveness. Let's first start with [...]

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Golf Chipping Tips

Golf Chipping Tips Have you ever wondered what separates the professional golfers from the amateurs? Chipping. The short game of a pro golfer is something to admire as they can control their wedges to chip each shot close to the hole for easier putts. You might have guessed Driving which is also true. Pro golfers can hit long drives, much [...]

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How to Build a Backyard Putting Green

How to Build Your Own Backyard Putting Green If you turn on the HGTV home improvement channel you're going to see some pretty awesome backyard designs time to time. Some of these home improvement episodes feature families who love golf and want to build their own backyard putting green for entertaining guests and personal use. The big question is how [...]

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Golf Putting Tips for Beginners

Golf Putting Tips for Beginners As a beginner to the game of golf, the easiest skill to improve first is your putting. Putting is also the most important aspect of your golf game in terms of lowering your golf scores. Without putting the ball into the hole, you have no golf score. In this guide we are going to share [...]

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Driving Range Tips for Beginners

Driving Range Tips for Beginners The following guide below is full of the best driving range tips for beginners we've compiled to help you in several ways such as: Fixing flaws in your golf swing Learning the feel of a new golf club Improving your swing consistency Practicing situations you face on the golf course Building muscle memory in the [...]

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How to Choose Your Golf Outfit (Fashion Tips for Golfers)

How to dress to impress – What should be part of a great golf outfit? Have you ever experienced a time when a restaurant or a special location forbade you to get inside, due to the way you are dressed up at that moment? Well, the same type of experience could happen when entering a golf course. Never heard of [...]

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Golf Launch Monitors Guide 2020

How Do Golf Launch Monitors Work – Everything You Need To Know While players still need their coaches and trainers for guidance, technology is also creeping in to find space in this highly innovative game. Golfers are now relying more on high-tech gadgets to track their performance. Launch monitors are one of the gadgets that have found their way in [...]

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Best Golf Irons in 2020

Best Golf Irons in 2020 (Review Guide) Every golf season starts off with a fresh feel and for many golfers, picking up the latest set of clubs that recently released is also a fresh feel. Who doesn't love getting new golf clubs, irons, drivers, wedges, putter, etc? In this guide we will be highlighting the newest and best golf irons [...]

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