Golf Elbow Exercises to Avoid

Golf Elbow Exercises to Avoid #1: Bench presses:  All these exercises place pressure on the flexors of your elbow and can further irritate your elbow's lateral tendons. When you do bench presses, your upper body holds the entire weight. For this, the pressure of the bench will worsen the elbow symptoms of the lifter by requiring higher forearm pronation, adding [...]

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Wrist Action in the Golf Swing

Wrist Action in Golf Do you know that your wrist plays a vital role in your swing and distance? Proper wrist action is important if you want to improve your distance and the direction of your shot. With bad wrist action, you have a hard time getting the ball in the hole. Many golfers ignore the wrist as they generalize [...]

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The Correct Golf Swing Impact Position

The Golf Swing Impact Position Watching a professional’s impact position can make it seem like it is very easy to accomplish. However, when you get onto the field to try it out yourself, you will realize it can be difficult. You need to be guided through how it needs to be accomplished. When you are getting into the right position, [...]

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26 Best Golf Practice Drills

26 Golf Practice Drills that Lower Your Golf Scores For every golfer out there, the ultimate goal is to get better. And getting better means lowering your score. But how would someone do that without proper golf practice drills? Golf is a sport that requires precision, passion, and dedication. In this post, we’re going to look at the 26 best [...]

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How To Break 100 In Golf (The Ultimate Guide)

How To Break 100 In Golf For any beginner in golf, it is a dream to break 100. Some first-time players put undue pressure on themselves to break 100 due to which they end up damaging their game instead of improving. To achieve your target of breaking 100, you can start by examining your current level and setting realistic achievable [...]

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How to Control Golf Ball Trajectory?

How to Control Golf Ball Trajectory? Most golfers think controlling golf ball trajectory is something that is for professionals or experienced amateurs. When you have this valuable skill, you can hit the ball low and high on command. It will prepare you to deal with new conditions that may arise on the course. Many players think trajectory control is far [...]

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How to Get Rid of Tension in the Golf Swing

How to Get Rid of Tension in the Golf Swing Golf, like any sport, makes players tense and nervous building and this builds a lot of pressure. Whether you are golfing for fun with friends or for a tournament, we all feel some kind of pressure. It is this pressure that makes us tense. How you handle this pressure to [...]

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How to Swing on Plane?

How to Swing on Plane? Golfers often do not realize that the swing plane is a part of their success or failure as golf players. It is something that many golf pros and commentators talk about a lot but forget to provide subtle details about how to swing on plane. That's because it's difficult to know if your swing plane [...]

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Driver Loft

Golf Driver Loft Guide If you're looking to effectively maximize your driver's performance especially for distance, your driver loft is very crucial. Choosing the right driver loft is an important aspect of your golf game. Furthermore, your choice can either mar or make your performance. Picking a driver loft that is too high or too low will result in a [...]

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How to Master Weight Transfer in the Golf Swing

How to Master Weight Transfer in the Golf Swing If you want to become a better golfer, one of the first things you must do is master weight transfer in the golf swing. When it comes to hitting the ball, your arms can only provide so much power. This is why it’s so important to develop a good weight transfer [...]

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