Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review

Driver-Epic-Speed-Frame (1)

This years Epic Speed Driver features a new Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame for enhanced ball speed. Previous versions had the Speed Face and the Jailbreak technology but this combines the two into what Callaway is calling the AI Speed Frame.

The result?

The new design has a stiffer connection between the crown and the sole which has added more contact points to create additional horizontal and torsional stiffness.

In other words, it reduces the loss of energy due to deflection and helps transfer more energy to the golf ball.

The new Callaway Epic Speed Driver is also the most aerodynamically advanced, helping it top the list for fastest driver in the 2021 lineup of drivers being released.

Its cyclone design helps reduce drag on the downswing increase clubhead speed around 1mph.

The center of gravity in this driver is more forward built, creating faster ball speeds and also a little forgiveness. Of the three Callaway drivers being released in 2021, the Epic Speed has the most forward positioned center of gravity (CG).

Forgiveness is also created from the AI Face Technology as well as the slight draw bias.

Launch angle and spin rates are pretty comparable to what we saw in last years 20202 Callaway Mavrik. In terms of comparison to other drivers, it’s a low spin rate which could help your ball roll farther upon landing, getting you extra distance.

When it comes time to pick out your club loft, the Callaway Epic Speed driver comes in 9 degree, 10.5 degree, and 12 degree options. If you have trouble getting height on your drives, consider increasing your launch angle and this can be helped by having a higher lofted setting such as the 10.5 or 12 degree loft angle.

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