Callaway Rogue X Irons Review

In this review we will share what we like about the Callaway Rogue X irons and explore the different features and technology that Callaway packed into these Rogue X irons to make them one of the best irons of 2019.

Callaway is a leader in golf club design making the hot list for drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters.

And the Rogue X irons were one of the top selling which further validates why today’s review of them is worth reading and considering adding them to your bag.

callaway rogue x irons review

Who is the Rogue X Iron For?

Callaway understands that one iron won’t suit all players. So the Callaway engineers set out to create multiple head offerings in the same line of irons, the Rogue family.

The Rogue X iron set is built for beginners and mid handicappers. It offers forgiveness as well as maximizes distance making it a great fit for golfers who are seeking longer distances to improve their game while still getting a forgiving shot on off-center hits.

But it also is a great iron set for advanced and low handicap golfers. In fact, better skilled golfers can unlock even more potential from these irons due to their ability to strike the ball more squarely than the average player.

Callaway’s Rogue X Irons Features

Longer Distance

The X lofts on this set are jacked and Callaway altered the center of gravity by strategically locating the tungsten weights in the face.

As a result, these irons maximize launch and spin to help you hit longer golf shots which can make the game easier. For example, playing a pitching wedge from 130 yards instead of a 9 iron can be game changing distance.

Forgiveness = Your Friend

The sole on the Rogue X is built wider than the standard Rogue irons to add forgiveness. It also features a top line that is thicker to increase confidence when golfers stand at address looking down at the top of the iron head.

The Rogue X also features more offset to help golfers make solid contact with the golf ball easier. This adds to the overall forgiveness and friendliness of the X irons.

Face Cup Technology

Just like you’d find in the normal Rogue iron set as well as the driver and woods, Callaway used Variable Face Thickness to maximize COR and ball speeds throughout the face of the club.

This means that mishits on the heel or toe are still going to produce similar distance thanks to the altered thickness throughout the club face.

360 Face Cup technology is a game changer and has been added to the Rogue X irons also. It adds ball speed so you get longer distance from your shots in fairways and rough.


The Rogue X irons still provide improvements to assist with accuracy. But Callaway built the Rogue X for distance and power hitters which means they sacrifice some accuracy in that aspect.

If you’re looking for a balance of accuracy and distance then you may want to check out the standard Rogue irons.

Shafts on the standard Rogue irons are slightly shorter to help you with straighter more accurate shots while the Rogue X have the longer shafts to increase distance.


The Rogue irons are made with a thin top line which normally you’d associate with a harsher sound from the ball making contact on the thin face. But The Rogues are built with urethane mircospheres behind the face to create a solid yet soft feel.

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