Chunked Golf Shots: What’s the Golf Swing Fix?

Simple Ways to Avoid Fat Golf Shots - End the Chunk Hitting fat golf shots can be quite embarrassing! Especially when in group play and not by yourself! When you chunk a golf shot, only to realize that the ball has only traveled a short distance, it can be demoralizing. It can also cost you extra strokes to your scorecard [...]

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Pulled Golf Swing: How to Stop Pulled Golf Shots (Best Tips & Drills)

Guide To Understand The Pulled Golf Shot Pulled golf shot is another common golf mistake that professionals and amateurs make. However, to avoid a pulled golf shot, you must effectively find ways to address your alignment, grip, stance, swing, and ball positioning. Other tips to help you understand pulled golf shots are in this guide. What is a pulled golf [...]

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The Reverse K – Golf Swing

The Reverse K - Golf Swing You’ve been looking for a way to make consistent contact with the ball. Or perhaps you just want to increase the distance your ball travels every time you hit it. In that case, you’ve come to the right place. By the end of this post, you will have all you need to know about [...]

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Golf Swing Takeaway Drills to Practice

Golf Swing Takeaway Drills to Practice We put a lot of emphasis on many parts of the golf swing but the Takeaway is the most overlooked. When having golf instructions, we focus on execution. Forgetting that the short window in which the player starts to swing is very crucial. Little focus is usually awarded to the takeaway because it is [...]

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What Muscles Help Hit Farther In Golf?

What Muscles Help Hit Farther In Golf? Golfers often seem to look for ways to hit longer and accurate shots. The length of the shot depends on the speed you can generate with the clubhead. Improving your physical conditioning will impact your golf swing. So, how do you improve? It’s simple, working out the muscles you need while playing golf. [...]

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Golf Swing Speed – Why a Fast Golf Swing Matters

Golf Swing Speed: Everything You Need to Know! Your comprehensive guide to golf swing speed. What does golf swing speed mean to you Importance of swing speed How much swing speed do you need Different ways to improve golf swing speed Choosing the right golf equipment Perfecting your golf swing technique Tracking your progress Myths surrounding golf swing speed In [...]

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Golf Swing Basics: How to Swing a Golf Club

The Basics of the Golf Swing: What to Know If you are someone who is just getting started with golf and are struggling with your game right, then you are bound to feel frustrated. Do not get overwhelmed or let the frustration creep in. There is a lot of information available for you to understand the basics of the game [...]

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Best Hip Rotation Exercises

Best Hip Rotation Exercises Hip rotation exercises are important for golfers looking to improve the quality of their downswings. Significantly, the hips supply you with power and control accuracy to keep the clubface square. However, when you improve your hip rotation skills, you find it easier to maintain square, solid contact with the ball. Additionally, rotation in your hips aids [...]

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