Best Chipping Distance Control Drill to Land on Target

In this video I’ll show you a simple golf chipping drill you can do to work on distance control. In other words, how to land the golf ball on the exact spot on the green that you picked out with your eyes as you set up to the chip shot.

Start off using a simple training aid, the circle ring, which has a 6 foot diameter (3 foot radius to the hole).

Set the ring down on the green where you want to land your chip shots. The goal is to land the golf ball within this ring to give feedback you carried the ball the correct distance.

If you don’t have a chipping ring training aid, you can set down a folded up towel or wash cloth as the target spot to land golf balls on top of.

Start in the fringe. Set down 10 balls so you can get several practice chips in before picking up the balls and restarting the drill.

Hit one ball at a time and count how many you hit the target directly on the fly. Rolling the ball into the target doesn’t count. This is about distance control on carrying the ball in the air the correct distance you are trying to hit the ball.

After doing this drill a few weeks you’ll find much better control over your wedges and distance control when chipping around greens.

Challenge yourself by setting a goal like getting 10 chips to hit the circle zone or towel on the ground before moving to a new distance in the rough / fringe.

Move around different locations to adjust the distance away from the landing zone as well as to change up the grass from fringe to rough and how it impacts your chip shot.

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