Cobra King F9 Fairway Wood Review

There are two things you can’t really miss when you look at a Cobra King F9 Speedback Fairway Wood for the first time. The bold and bright yellow paint is one thing. The second is the precision-milled face used for the first time with the F9 fairway wood.

fairway f9 wood

CNC Precision Milled Face

The CNC milled face has become a signature with Cobra golf equipment in recent years. This is a result of Cobra studying the results and performance and seeing the benefits of using a precision milled face.

It all started with the driver originally, but the F9 fairway wood however, also uses the CNC precision-milled face for the first time ever. The rising sun pattern used on the F9 speedback driver is mirrored on the CNC-milled face of the Fairway Wood.

With the milled face design, precise 2.5 MPH ball speed increases are provided. This is a far better and unbeatable option compared to the traditional hand polished faces you’d find on competitor fairway woods.

Considered as one of the best fairway wood designs in the market of woods that hit in 2019, the F9 Speedback has shown to produce towering shots off the fairway deck and from the tee. The technology behind the product shows the effortless way of elevating the ball by the F9 Speedback.

Speedback Technology applied to the Cobra King F9 Fairway

So how did Cobra engineers apply the speedback technology featured in the F9 driver to the fairway wood as well?

First, the center of gravity is moved deeper and lower with the utilised low tungsten back weight of the F9 Speedback fairway. The Baffler rails that have been re-engineered also help to keep the center of gravity low and deep.

The end result is enhanced turf interaction that delivers better ball speed and club at impact.

What makes this possible? The low and back fixed position of the 15g tungsten weight, which is what makes all the difference. The ball becomes easier to launch in the air when the center of gravity is pushed way down.

Having this feature means maximum forgiveness and towering high ball flights. The front of the head (club face) is where turf interaction occurs with the fairway wood. The light tungsten weight does not interfere since it’s pushed to the back.

The addition of a little bit of a fin to the fairway wood helps you get through the turf with minimal resistance. This is especially helpful during times when your club bites deeper than expected into the ground.


Cobra Baffler Rails Updated

The Baffler Rails, long a signature of Cobra driver, are given an update with the speedback technology. The feature is also made a part of the F9 Fairway woods.

The baffler rails show progressive height. The lower lofted fairways have shallower rails while the higher lofted fairways have rails that are steeper and more pronounced.

Promoting better turf interaction is the purpose behind the Baffler technology. The design also  meant to  adjust accordingly to the various attack angles.

Innovative Crown Design

The F9 features a different crown. The absence of wrinkles in the smaller contour sets it apart. The smaller head club size, however, may not really make a big difference with speed swings whether the crown has creases or not.

The clubhead of the Cobra F9 Speedback Fairway features a “360 Aero” polymer crown. The crown and sole trips relatively positioned to the airflow direction around the clubhead enhance club speed. Aerodynamic drag is also minimized with this feature.

Additional head speed might not happen because of the design. However, the reduction of drag compensates for the lack of head speed. A player’s fast effort will always result in faster swing speeds.

Increased forgiveness coupled with higher launches becomes possible with the crown made of ultra-lightweight carbon fiber. Being lightweight means discretionary weight is saved up high resulting in deep and lower CG.

The lightweight carbon structure of the crown is provided additional rigidity with the design of the PWR Ridge. Ball speed is maximised with the promotion of more energy brought on by the crown design.

Simply put, impact does not lose energy with the stiff PWR Ridge crown design. This innovative design is also used on the driver.

Cobra F9 Speedback Fairway Specs

  • Available in two colors: yellow and avalanche
  • Available in 3-4 fairway designs; neutral position is 14.5 degrees, adjustable from 13 degrees to 16 degrees
  • Available in 4-6 fairway designs; neutral position is 18.5 degrees, adjustable from 17 degrees to 20 degrees
  • Available in 7-8 fairway designs; neutral position is 22.5 degrees, adjustable from 21 degrees to 24 degrees
  • Available stock shafts include the Fujikura ATMOS Blue 7 (R, S) and the UST Helium 60 (R, L)
  • The Available stock grip is Lamkin Crossline that is Cobra Connect enabled

Look and feel

Everything seems to be going strong for the Cobra F9. The fairway model is no exception. The benefits given by the Cobra F9 Speedback Fairway makes it as one of the elite options for fairway wood clubs in a golf bag.

The midsize head is brilliantly created. The fairway may lack the power (the longest at 10 yards) in terms of carrying distance and ball speed. However, it would be unfair to judge the overall performance of the F9 fairway based on numbers alone.

The feel and look of the Cobra F9 have delighted many players. The swings are very stable. The accent of white and yellow on the heel and toe of the fairway wood is fairly subtle. Yet, the same black appearance of carbon fiber and composite is what you get when you set the club at address.

Consider the available shot bias and extra lofts in the hosel dials. Consider also the wide and wonderful array of shaft choices. Best of all, the Cobra F9 Speedback Fairway is an amazing all-rounder that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

More often brand preconceptions are the things that can stop a player from giving newer brands a try. Yet, many excellent club manufacturers have entered the golf equipment industry in the last couple of years.

A player putting emphasis on brand loyalty over performance may well hurt his/her game.

If a new fairway wood is what you are on the lookout for, the King Cobra F9 should be given a try. You’ll find the performance, club speed, and forgiveness form high launch are three features not worth passing up. Go get yours today.

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