Cold Weather Golf Tips

Playing golf in cold weather can be tough. Or we can look at the positive side of things. Winter golf can be the most rewarding and enjoyable golf you play all year. You have the chance to play and compete while everyone else is stuck at home.

However, playing golf in cold weather requires a slightly different approach. Good preparation is a vital key to playing golf well during winter and on cold weather days in spring and summer. Read on for our 14 best cold weather golf tips to get the most out of your game.

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How to Play Golf in Cold Weather

1. Be Prepared

The right thing you can do is to be ready for anything. There’s nothing worse than having it get cold and windy and not having a jacket to keep you warm.

Wear appropriate clothes

To play golf well in the cold weather, you must stay warm. When you are stiff and cold, you cannot swing well as you can do on other days. It increases the risk for injury and high scores.

The key to proper dressing is to wear layers, not oversized coats and jackets. Playing in a big coat or hoodie won’t work. It’s nearly impossible to hit a perfect swing when you are not wearing proper clothes. Remember not to overlayer.

Upper body:

Have a set of slim tight or Under armor clothes underneath your polo. Then depending on the conditions, you can add on a sweater, windbreaker, vest, or raincoat. Always try to keep more gear when planning to play golf.

Lower body:

Add a pair of rain pants or long john thermals, along with waterproof golf shoes, rain gloves, hand warmers, thick socks, and a beanie. These will help you stay warm and dry while playing golf, and don’t forget to bring an umbrella.

2. Warming Up

Try to spend more time warming up. It helps to avoid injury and makes you ready to hit your first tee shot. Try to do some stretches and light exercise at your home before getting to the course.

It helps to get the blood flowing and spend some time warming up at the range with your golf gear.

3. Walk Your Round of Golf Instead of Cart

It may sound like crazy advice. If you want to stay warm, you have to leave the cart behind. Walking the course will help to stay warmer than freezing between the shots. Plus, it will make it easier to locate the golf ball.

4. Take Extra Club

The ball will not go as far in cold weather. Therefore, you should plan each golf shot as if it was 5-10 yards longer than the actual distance and take more golf club. Instead of hitting 8 iron, pull out the 7 iron.

5. Steady Tempo

Maintain a steady tempo and good balance when you swing the golf club. This means that you’re hitting solid shots that will stay on one line and fly farther. Don’t try to overpower or rush the golf swing and get off-balance.

6. Keep Swinging

If you can’t rotate your arms, try to practice swinging in your backyard or garage before getting on the course. Practice 30-60 times every day to get proper body rotation to create a perfect swing. Keep the body loose.

7. Adding Loft

During cold weather, the golf ball is not going to roll or fly as far. To help you cover this lost distance, adjust the driver and woods by increasing loft. Loft makes it easy to hit the ball slightly straighter.

8. Change Golf Balls

It is a simple but effective way to play golf. Softer golf balls travel less and spin more. When you switch to a firmer ball, it does spin and covers more distance. If you have any visibility issues, try changing the ball with a yellow one to make it easier for you to locate it.

9. Carry More Than One Towel

Your towel will get pretty messy in the cold weather after your clubs pick up all the mud. Carrying a second towel helps you in case of getting caught in a downpour.

10. Waterproof Bag

You don’t want your gear to be wet during the rain or snow. Having a waterproof bag ensures to keep all items dry, including clubs and clothes.

11. Be Mentally Prepared

Winter golf will not be the same as summers. It’s necessary to have realistic expectations while playing the game. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you don’t hit the ball farther. Your scoring average will increase for multiple reasons.

12. Keep The Golf Balls Warm

It may sound silly, but it’s true. A cold golf ball doesn’t fly much farther than a warm one. Try to keep the ball in your pocket at all times. Take another ball, and rub them together, so they stay warm.

13. Winter Golf Rules

It is essential to understand the difference between summer and winter rules. You are going to play in sloppy and wet conditions that make the game hard and not enjoyable. Let’s see some rules that make winter golf easier for players.

Casual water

Playing the game after a rainy day increases the chances of running into some casual water. If water comes out from the ground or the golf ball lands in a puddle, here’s what to do:

  • Start by marking the golf ball with a tee and find the nearest point of relief where it’s no longer close to the hole.
  • Drop the ball after establishing the point.
  • Now, you can clean the ball, place it nearby and follow the procedure.

In case of any doubt, ask your playing partner before taking action.

Preferred lies

It allows you to place, lift, and clean the golf ball. Sometimes, mud on the ball makes it nearly impossible to play without cleaning it.

Make sure to have complete knowledge of this rule before you play in any event or tournament. When you clean the ball, you cannot move it more than six inches. You also can’t take the ball from the rough to the fairway.

For some reason, if you are not allowed to remove mud from the ball, remember this rule. If mud is on the right part of the golf ball, it will tend to drift left. If the must is on the left part of the ball, it will tend to drift right. You can plan for this.

Embedded ball rule

The embedded ball rule applies to all weather conditions. During wet conditions, the golf ball is likely to plug into the turf, making it hard for players to find it. In this scenario, you do get some relief.

If you find the embedded ball, take it and clean it. Now, place the ball within one club length no closer to the hole. Somehow, if you don’t understand this rule, you can ask your partner about it.

14. Don’t Be Too Serious, Have Fun

The last tip of cold weather golf is to have fun. Please don’t be too serious out there, as it only makes the game more challenging. Even the pros don’t have a good game in the winter.

Play to have fun and remember why you are still there on the course because you love the game.

These are the 14 winter golf tips that will make it easy for you to enjoy the game even in bad conditions. The biggest key for cold weather golf is being prepared.

Be prepared for the new rules, conditions, and how the golf ball reacts when it’s wet and cold outside. Follow these tips, and you’re ready to play your best winter golf.

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