How To Get Rid of that Dreaded Slice

For many golfers the thought of a sliced drive or iron shot is enough to drive them crazy. All golfers have hit a shot before where it starts to the right of their target and then continues to move even further right.

For some it only happens every now and again but for a lot of golfers that slice appears on a regular basis.  If you are a victim of the slice don’t give up hope just yet.

Below we will look at the common factors that cause golfers to hit a slice and we will also explore options on how to get rid of that dreaded shot.

From a technical standpoint there are numerous different reasons as to why a player hits that dreaded slice, but before you get caught up thinking about your golf swing too much it is important to understand the physics behind the dreaded slice.

There are two common factors that determines the direction of where the golf balls flies, the one is club path and the other is clubface angle in relation to club path. Hitting that dreaded fade can be caused by either one or a combination of those factors.

Understanding why one hits that shot is important, once you have that established then a plan can be made in order to fix the dreaded slice.

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Golf Club Path and Club Face Angle Explained

If you were to draw a straight line from the target and back through the golf ball then that would be the line that the golfer has to swing along in order to have the correct club path.

Since the golf swing is a rotating motion the club will go inside that path on the way back, and it will go inside it again on the way through but through the impact zone the club will line up with that imaginary club path. The clubface angle is the angle of the middle of the clubface in relation to the target.

If the clubface points to the right of the target then it is open and vice versa. The dreaded slice can be caused by both of these factors or by a combination of these factors. If your club path is in to out with an open clubface then the ball will start right of the target and move towards the right.

If your club path is out to in with an open clubface the ball will start left of the target and move towards the right. It can also be that your club path is spot on but if the clubface is open at impact it will also cause the ball to slice to the right.

By understanding these principles and by looking at your ball flight one will be able to determine what the causes are that makes the golf ball slice off to the right.

For those that are still unsure the direction of your divot will also indicate club path. If the divot points left of the target then the club path was out to in and vice versa. The most common causes of the dreaded slice can be seen in the picture below.

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How to Fix the Dreaded Slice

Now that we know what causes the golf ball to slice fixing the problem becomes much easier. If club path is the culprit that causes the ball to slice then the best way to practice on the driving range is stick two tees into the ground about a foot behind and a foot in front of the ball.

Stick the tees all the way in so that if you were to draw an imaginary line from the target back through the ball then the tees need to be on that line. When hitting the ball the goal is to take the club back over the tee and to swing through over the other tee in front of the ball. This is a great drill that will help to correct the path of the club.

Club face angle might be the reason for hitting that dreaded slice, if your clubface tends to be open through impact then it means that your hands aren’t releasing properly.

For the hands to release correctly it almost needs to feel like you are hitting the ball like a topspin forehand in tennis.

A good drill to do is to swing the club halfway back and halfway through while hitting soft little shots, at first the ball is going to squirt out to the right, use your hands to roll the clubface over in order to straighten the shot out.

Resource: Check out our step by step practice plans

There could be many other factors that contribute to hitting that dreaded slice, but if you get a good grasp on understanding why it happens then that is already half of the battle won right there.

Give these drills a go, the answer to getting rid of that slice might be as simple as that.

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