ECCO Golf Shoe Review

ECCO Golf Shoes have made their mark on the golf industry with innovative and stylish designs that accommodate the serious golfer looking for the best equipment and the weekend warrior looking for something comfortable to wear for his next 18 holes.

There are several types of ECCO Golf Shoes to choose from and this is where the brand really shines. ECCO is most known for their unique take on the spikeless golf shoe, currently seen on models like the BIOM Hybrid 2.

With their patented waffle cleat sole, ECCO revolutionized the golf shoe, making the statement that the old way of design for the golf shoe was no longer valid.

Gone were the days where thick leather was at the heart of the golf shoe. ECCO made the decision that the thick leather, that was incredibly difficult to break in, was not going to be the foundation of the ECCO Golf Shoe.

Instead ECCO created a shoe that was flexible, comfortable to walk in during and after a round, and gave the golfer the stability through the swing that they were accustomed to with a spiked shoe during their day at the club.

ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe

ECCO’s latest version of their staple shoe, the BIOM HYBRID 2, is a true upgrade from previous versions. The BIOM stands for BIOMechianical Optimization.

In layman’s terms, the BIOM gives the golfer the stability of a running shoe in the package of an ECCO golf shoe. The last thing that a golfer wants is for their feet to slide within the shoe.

The BIOM design incorporates technology for the sole of shoe that locks the foot in place, providing the best and most stable foundation for the golfer.

In a variety of pleasing colors, the BIOM Hybrid 2 is the perfect choice for the golfer looking to improve their footwear.

ecco golf shoe

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ECCO Men’s BIOM G2 Golf Shoe

If you are looking for a spiked sole and a shoe that reflects current designs that you would find on the PGA Tour, then the BIOM G2 is the ECCO Golf Shoe for you.

Utilizing the BIOM technology that ECCO has installed in running, hiking and training shoes from their other shoe lines, the G2 offers a sleek look, a sole with spikes and the traditional strength associated with the ECCO Golf Shoe line.

The outer, upper section of the shoe is made from soft, supple Yak leather, providing a small break-in period that conforms to the foot and allows the golfer to quickly feel confident in their footwear.

ecco golf shoe 1

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ECCO Men’s Cage Pro Boa Golf Shoe

For the golfer who would like the spiked sole of the G2 but the unique design of the BIOM Hybrid, then the Cage Pro Boa is the model for you.

The Cage Pro Boa works extremely well in wet weather and in golfing areas that may see more rain of the course of a year than typical.

What sets these shoes apart from the other ECCO models is the inclusion of the Boa lace system. Offering an adjustment dial on the upper tongue, the Boa quickly tightens the Cage model for a secure and custom fit.



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ECCO Men’s S-Drive Golf Shoe

ECCO’s newest design is the S-Drive Golf Shoe that is stylish in the way of a running shoe but offers the waffle cleat design found in ECCO’s most traditional models.

The hook for the S-Drive shoe is the asymmetrical closure system that according to ECCO “gives a revolutionary, snug fit, resulting in astounding support, stability and comfort.”

The S-Drive comes in two styles, the first looks like a running shoe with a soft, breathable outer shell.

The second, the S-Drive Perf, takes on a more traditional look, with their typical Yak leather exterior.

ecco s drive golf shoe


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