Ecco S Lite Golf Shoe Review

ecco s lite golf shoe review (1)

Ecco is a popular name thanks to their incredible work in producing the best hybrid golf shoes in the market. They always produce versatile shoes capable of withstanding various weather conditions and provide maximum support.

S-Lite is their latest golf shoe release for both men and women looking for a light hybrid show to take their game to the next level. According to them, the show uses cutting edge engineering combined with comfort to ensure their customers get the best golf experience ever.

S-lite doesn’t leave behind the Ecco nature of using Yak Leather for the upper part to ensure water repellant and breathability for more comfort.  The Yak Leather is fine-grained leather that ensures extreme strength for the shoe as well as lightweight.

You don’t have to worry about playing for a long period on wet conditions with S-Lite. It comes with a new E-DTS outsole design ensuring you get good grip and flexibility.

It has over 100 traction studs and 800 traction angles providing you with more confidence even when playing on slippery grounds. It is also aligned with soft textiles for a comfortable feel and breathable properties.

The base of the shoe is 66% thinner than the previous TPU outsoles thanks to their new multi-injection process. The Fluidform technology gives the shoe a unique shape creating a balance for cushioning and rebound comfort.

It doesn’t need stitching or glue to achieve maximum flexibility and durability because the upper and outsole are all crafted in a one-piece shoe.

For those who care much about their look on the course, S-Lite has taken care of that too.

The upper section comes with an elegant diamond-shaped embossing keeping it stylish, breathable, and lightweight.

The style is enhanced even further with a contrasting molded leather heel for extra support as you pull out your swing.

The rich coloring used in the shoe with a splash of color around the heel makes this an immediate attractive shoe for every golfer.

There is a range of different color options so that you can choose your best with sizes ranging from 3.5 to 12.5.

Nobody feels left out since every player’s desires are taken care of in terms of size, color, and gender.

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Ecco S-Lite is indeed the best shoe for those who want some lightweight design and good breathability for summer golf games. The thinner outsole provides extra flexibility as you feel more connected to the ground with great stability thanks to the wonderful traction studs. Every golf player should try this shoe and experience the comfort and support needed for better performance in the game.

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