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fairway wood buying guide

Fairway Wood Buying Guide 2021

Fairway Wood Buying Guide 2021 Fairway woods are an essential part of every golfer’s club selection. They are designed for distance and can help you reach long holes when irons won’t work. Fairway woods can help you improve your scores. On the flip side, they can be harder to control compared with irons and hybrids so you’ll want to choose

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callaway epic flash star

Callaway Epic Flash Star Review (Driver, Fairway, Hybrid)

Callaway Epic Flash Star Review The Callaway Epic Flash Star Golf Clubs are explicitly made for golfers who wouldn’t mind paying an average price for a club that comes with all the current technological aspects. The club is made with all the signature technologies of Callaway and comes in a lightweight package. All the features, the technology and the specs

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cobra f9 speed fairway wood

Cobra King F9 Speedback Fairway Wood Review

Cobra King F9 Speedback Fairway Wood Review 2021 In 2019, Cobra revealed a new line of drivers and fairway woods called the Cobra King F9 Speedback and this fairway wood as well as the driver version, quickly stood out as a leader in the club equipment category. Below in this Cobra King F9 Speedback fairway wood review, we will look

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taylormade m6 fairway wood

TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood Review

TAYLORMADE M6 FAIRWAY WOOD REVIEW Speed Pocket Slot Speed pocket On the sole of the TaylorMade M6, the Speed Pocket slot has been tweaked. As a result, when you connect the ball by the lower portion of the face, you will get superior ball speed. It has also been slightly twisted to ensure the high speeds. The improved slot flexibility

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cobra f7 fairway wood review

Cobra F7 Fairway Wood Review

COBRA F7 FAIRWAY WOOD REVIEW Design From address, the King F7 fairway wood is a medium size that falls in between pear and round with a medium depth face. You could classify the footprint as “traditional standard”. The woods have a crown with a very elegantly glossy black, but blue and silver crowns are available as well. As for the

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best womens fairway woods review

Top 5 Women’s Fairway Woods Review

Top 5 Women’s Fairway Woods #1: Callaway Women’s X Hot Fairway Wood The Callaway Women’s X Hot is a perfect Fairway Wood for women who prefer consistent swing speed and a good driving distance. It comes with a 19-degree trajectory and a graphite shaft. The X comes with a Forged Speed Frame Face Cup which increases the ball’s speed with

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