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golf ball marking

Golf Ball Markings

Golf Ball Markings If you’ve been around golf long enough, you might have noticed personal brandings, company logos, or simple marker lines on the golf ball. Have you ever stopped to think about what are they supposed to mean? Well, golf ball markings are there for a reason. And it’s not just for identification. Many players believe that it helps

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golf ball spin rate list

Golf Ball Spin Rates (Highest and Lowest Spin Golf Balls)

100+ Golf Balls Ranked by Spin Rate In this post, we have dug into the research to find all the different golf ball brands that manufacture balls and tried ranking them by their average spin rate projections. We broke the lists into 3 categories, a high spin rate list, a medium spin rate list, and a low spin rate list.

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do range balls fly shorter in golf

Do Range Balls Fly Shorter? (Your Golf Questions Answered)

Do Range Balls Fly Shorter? One of the best places to work on your golf swing is the driving range. And when you visit the driving range to hit balls, you’re going to notice that most driving ranges use golf balls with a stamp “range ball” on it. Range balls typically do not fly as far as your golf balls

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snell mtb black review

Snell MTB Black Golf Ball Review

Snell MTB Black Golf Ball Review The name Snell might not sound familiar, but for those who have been following the releases of the best golf balls in the market, you must agree that Dean Snell has contributed in making some of the best golf balls for beginners and amateur players. His MTB golf balls have proven this based on

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erc golf ball review

Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball Review

Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball Review The Callaway ERC Soft golf ball is the new ball in town that’s catching everyone’s attention and creating a fuss among golfers. Being the first ball to put on the initials of Ely Reeves Callaway, the Callaway founder, you likely expect a lot when it comes to its characteristics and makeup. It launched in

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anti flip golf swing training aid

Kirkland Golf Balls Review (Costo Golf Ball Worth the Money?)

Costco’s Kirkland Golf Balls Review One of the more recent excitements in the golfing world was the release of Kirkland Golf Balls by big brand Costco. We normally think of Costco as a big retail store where you can buy food and items in bulk at discount, but so allows you with golf balls too. Kirkland is the signature golf

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