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best golf clubs guide

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Golf Clubs: Questions & Answers

Every year, it’s a good idea to refresh on the basics of golf and today we compiled a question and answer guide you can scroll through looking for interesting topics that provide value to your golf game. If you enjoy, we appreciate any shares on social media as a way to help us out for the time invested in this

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best golf drivers for seniors

Best Drivers for Seniors (Golf Club Buying Guide)

Best Golf Drivers for Seniors (Buying Guide) One of the benefits of getting old is that you have the opportunity to play more golf. And for many senior golfers, you get the opportunity to travel and play different courses in warm states like Florida or California. But with the benefits come the downfalls and one particular downfall you’ll experience is

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Ping G410 Driver Review – Plus & SFT Versions (Release Date)

Ping G410 Driver Review – First Look Ping is launching their G410 Driver in 2019 and it’s highly anticipated, with new and improved technology from their G400 and G400 Max Drivers. The new drivers will have two options (1) Ping G410 Plus and (2) Ping G410 SFT. The SFT is a draw bias driver to help golfers fight a slice.

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mizuno st190 golf driver review

Mizuno ST190 Golf Driver Review (2019 Release)

Mizuno ST190 Golf Driver Review Mizuno is set to release their new ST190 Driver to the public in 2019. It will be the best driver Mizuno has made to date and will see it grow in popularity on the different professional golf tours. As soon as it hit the USGA conforming driver list, it was in the hands of tour

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ping g400 max driver review

Ping G400 Max Driver Review

Ping G400 Max Driver Review Ping launched the G400 Max Driver in 2018 with a 460 CC head which is larger than the 445 CC head on the G400 Driver that launched 6 months prior to the G400 Max release. Comparing the two side by side you can notice a size difference visually at address. The bigger head gives the

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best golf shafts review

Best Golf Shafts: Reviewing the Top 4 Driver Shafts (Buying Guide)

  Best Golf Shafts for Drivers Picking out a new driver is lots of fun. In fact, 2019 saw the release of the TaylorMade M5 and M6 golf drivers and Callaway released their 2019 Epic Flash Drivers. Last year in 2018, Titleist launched their T2 and T3 Drivers. But one overlooked factor when buying a driver is your golf shaft!

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