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blade vs cavity back irons

Blade vs Cavity Back Irons

Blade vs Cavity Back Irons Golf irons have been a fundamental part of the sport since the mid-19th century. For the majority of players, iron golf clubs are the primary choice for their higher accuracy and longer lifespan. In this post, we are going to take a look at two main kinds of golf irons. Namely, blade irons and cavity

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taylormade sim max iron review

TaylorMade SIM Max Irons Review 2021

TaylorMade SIM Max Irons Review 2021 TaylorMade has shown a lot of consistency when it comes to producing golf equipment, and 2021 has seen them make a name in the irons market with their new SIM Max Irons series. With the new series, TaylorMade had assured golfers that they no longer have to choose between distance and feel. The SIM

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callaway mavrik irons review

Callaway Mavrik Irons: Are these the Best Yet? (2021 Review)

Callaway Mavrik Irons: Are these the Best Yet? Callaway just released new fantastic irons, the Mavrik Max iron series. The new irons, which come as a replacement for the Rogue series, seems like something that is going to fly Callaway’s flag high following the attention they’re already attracting. So, what’s the new Callaway Mavrik Max Iron series all about? As

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best golf irons

Best Golf Irons in 2021

Best Golf Irons in 2021 (Review Guide) Every golf season starts off with a fresh feel and for many golfers, picking up the latest set of clubs that recently released is also a fresh feel. Who doesn’t love getting new golf clubs, irons, drivers, wedges, putter, etc? In this guide we will be highlighting the newest and best golf irons

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taylormade gapr review

TaylorMade GAPR Club Review (Fills the Gap Irons and Woods)

TaylorMade GAPR Review GAPR, which is pronounced as “gapper” is the newest type of club release in the market by TaylorMade. The GAPR line consists of the GAPR HI, GAPR MID, and GAPR LO. It’s intent is to fill the gap between your golf irons and your fairway woods. TaylorMade has manufactured each of these clubs (GAPR Hi, Mid, Low)

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wilson staff d7 irons review

Wilson Staff D7 Irons Review (2021)

Wilson Staff D7 Irons Review (2021) The Wilson Staff D7 irons are a great replacement to the 2017 Wilson Staff D300 irons. As a norm with every replacement type of clubs, you’ll no doubt expect to see some similarities, changes, and improvements starting from its look, to the performance aspect. This new look came with no bling and had eliminated

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