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Golf GPS Watches vs. GPS Handhelds vs. Laser Rangefinders vs. Phone Apps

Golf GPS Watches vs. GPS Handhelds vs. Laser Rangefinders vs. Phone Apps Today we are comparing GPS devices (watches, handhelds, rangefinders, and apps). We’ll analyze each of these four technologies golfers can use to get info, and their pros and cons. You’ll also learn about what to look for when buying a GPS device. Time is what we want the

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Free Bushnell GPS App Review

Free Bushnell App Review Below we will highlight the Bushnell golf app that comes free with your Bushnell GPS devices & watches. You can download the app for free in the Apple and Android store depending on which mobile phone you have. The app offers additional benefits to enhance your golf experience and allow you to do some cool things

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7 Best Golf Rangefinders with Slope Reading

7 Golf Rangefinders with Slope Reading Golf rangefinders are amazing technology devices that can help us play golf with better accuracy by knowing the distances to the hole as well as hazards. The slope reading rangefinder takes it one step further by displaying elevation adjusted distances. This allows us to get the true distance to the flag when factoring in

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What to Look for Buying a Golf Rangefinder (Guide for Beginners)

What to Look for Buying a Golf Rangefinder In this guide we are going to help you learn what to think about when purchasing a golf rangefinder. There are many different golf rangefinders on the market and many fall under the same brands, who create multiple models that offer different features. It can be confusing and intimidating if you’re new

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Top 5 Golf Rangefinders Under $250

Top 5 Range Finders Under $200-$250 Welcome to our review guide of affordable golf rangefinders that still provide top of the line features and technology. A rangefinder is a handy tool you can use on the golf course to measure yardages to the pin as well as targeting bunkers, hazards, and lay up distances. In turn, this distance information can

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10 Best Golf Accessories You’ll Love Using to Play Golf

Top 10 Golf Accessories to Buy (Review) The following are the most popular golfing accessories available in the market. We have pulled a wide list of golf accessory items for you from rangefinders to golf balls to other miscellaneous golf equipment you’d find useful to keep in your bag. You should also check out our free golf tips newsletter by

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