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eyeline golf putting alignment mirror

Eyeline Golf Putting Alignment Mirror Review (Training Aid)

Eyeline Golf Putting Alignment Mirror Review (Training Aid) The Genuine Eyeline putting alignment mirror is a very helpful golf training aid for correcting issues with your putting stroke like improper alignment at address as well as a crooked putting stroke. The mirror will give you quick feedback to help you gain control over your putting stroke and strike more accurate

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Impact Ball Review: Best Golf Swing Plane Trainer (Practice Aid)

Impact Golf Ball Swing Plane Trainer Aid When my brother became a golf instructor, one of the first golf training aids he purchased to use with his students was the Impact Golf Ball Swing Plane Trainer. In short, it’s a blue and yellow golf ball with indents for your arms as seen in this photo. The goal is to hold

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orange peel balance trainer golf

Orange Peel Balance Trainer Review

Orange Peel Balance Trainer Review One of the big power generators in your golf swing is balance. When you achieve the proper balance, you can harness more energy from the ground up and transfer it into your golf swing to create exceptional distance with your golf clubs. Today I’d like to share a golf training aid designed to improve your

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puttout pressure putt trainer review

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer Review (Worth Buying This Training Aid?)

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer Review Today I’m excited to share a new putting training aid I’ve come across that will help you build distance control in your putting as well as handle putts under pressure better. The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is a uniquely designed putting aid but it simulates the exact distance your golf ball would roll past the

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pelz golf putting tutor review

Putting Tutor Review: Dave Pelz Putting Aid (Read This First)

Pelz Golf Putting Tutor Review There are a lot of great putting devices out there for golfers to use to check their alignment and fix issues with their putting strokes. We have reviewed a number of them on our golf blog. Today we’re reviewing the Pelz Golf Putting Tutor which is one of the best putting alignment training aids we’ve

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speed stik review golf

Speed Stik Review

What is the Speed Stik? The Speed Stik is a golf training aid that was created to help you increase your swing speed. If you tend to release the golf club early or flip the club with your hands/wrists, this swing training aid is designed to help combat it. How Does the Speed Stik Work? The Speed Stik is a

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