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best golf mats indoor chipping practice

Golf Mats: Reviewing the Best Chipping Mats for Indoor Practice

Best Golf Chipping Mats: Review One of the best investments I ever made was buying a golf mat to practice chipping and full swing golf shots indoors. Even though it’s synthetic turf and not the same as real grass, it still is better than hitting off of your carpet. There are many things to consider when purchasing a chipping mat

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golf simulator home made diy

How to Build a Home Golf Simulator

Build Your Own Home Golf Simulator If you’ve ever dreamed of building your own golf simulator to practice your golf game at home, then this guide is for you! I am going to show you how to find the parts to set up your own golf simulator so you can have fun practicing from the comfort of home with friends

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best golf chipping nets review

Best Golf Chipping Nets Reviews (Buying Guide)

Best Golf Chipping Nets Reviews (Training Aid Buying Guide) In this chipping net review, we will share the 9 best golf practice nets to buy on Amazon if you want to build a strong short game from home. These golf hitting nets can be set up easily indoors as well as outdoors and they’ll work perfectly with real golf balls

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diy golf training aids indoor

Home Made DIY Golf Training Aids for Indoor Practice

Home Made Golf Training Aids for Indoor Practice Practicing golf indoors is often necessary when the weather turns bad, especially in the winter time when most states and cities experience freezing temperatures and snow on the ground. In this article I’m going to share some common items you can find from home to use as golf training aids. These home

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golf rangefinder review gps

Best Rangefinders and Golf GPS Systems

Best Rangefinders and Golf GPS Systems With widespread use of smartphones and GPS devices, the average amateur round of golf has been transformed.  Precision is no longer just for the professional. You can easily know the distance to upcoming hazards or to the center of the green for less than $200.  It has created a significant advantage for those who

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indoor golf putting green mat

Indoor Putting Green Review: Putt-A-Bout 9 Foot Mat

  The Putt-A-Bout Indoor Golf Putting Mat Review Who said you can’t get better at putting from home? I absolutely love working on my golf game from the convenience of my house and it’s why I invested in the Putt-A-Bout Indoor Golf Putting Mat. It’s one of the great training aids a golfer can use during winter to practice putting

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